Top 15 Animation Colleges in the US [2020 Hotlist]

One of the most prominent skills among Generation X is the creation of animations. There are many animation colleges in the US where students can learn skills that guarantee success in today’s society.

Who will not know the legendary ‘Tom and Jerry,’ ‘Lion King,’ ‘Snow White,’ ‘Tangled,’ and ‘Mickey Mouse’ by Walt Disney?

Furthermore, in advertising media, Animation is a means of continuously communicating various concepts and increasing opportunities.

As a result, the world is fast becoming a digitized one. We are moving from the days of 2D animations to more sophisticated 3D animations.

Besides, we are moving from short animation cartoons to full award-winning 3D movies. People strongly believe in Animation’s power in bringing their concepts, ideas, and thought to realities.


Animation and its Effects on Business

The animation is a combination of creativity, storyline, imagination. Also, they contain deep meanings expressed via storyline talent that has 3D or 2D effects.

Energy helps significantly transform emotions by showing diverse thoughts, ideas, and concepts in marketing and business.

Other areas of application mainly include entertainment, education, movies, gaming, and others. Similarly, these industries use animation videos due to their fast and extensive communication prowess.

All the components of the Animation speak volumes about the idea in the mind of the artist. For instance, Animation’s lively colors, themes, and artistic features influence the audience’s attention and buying decision.

Besides, good animated videos and images trigger the audience’s interest and entice them to visit your website. Animation videos apply to businesses for the promotion of products.

In terms of the cost, do you know that animation projects can cost up to hundreds of millions in execution?

Records have it that ‘Tangled’ came top of the most expensive animated movies with a cost above $270million. Such projects are some of the reasons why studying in any of these animation colleges is highly lucrative.


top animation colleges in the US


Types of Animation Courses in Colleges

There are various types of animations, which keeps this field highly proficient for young people. Here are the top options:

  1. Traditional Animation: This type of animation technique is the one with hand-sketched frames. Classic animations are applicable in advertisement and media promotion before and during production.
  2. 2D Animation: the two-dimensional (2D) animation involves combining artistic techniques to produce an illusion of flow in a 2-D environment. Besides, the skills are useful in media design on flat surfaces as in cartoons. These computer-created images in 2D Animation are, therefore, clear and accurate.
  3. 3D Computer Animation: 3D imaging are also a product of creativity with the help of computers. In straightforward terms, 3D animations make use of three-dimensional appearance and photo-realistic illustration.
  4. Motion Graphics: Motion graphics are applicable in a more significant scope for creating images and text. Besides, this technology applies real movements of real humans in a digitized environment. Similarly, the created images and motions make illusions movement through innovative thoughts.
  5. Stop Motion Animation: In this animation technique, artists take specific photographs of an object in a sequence of various positions. These positions will make an impact on motion after proper screening.


The Top 15 Animation Colleges in the US

Below are the best 15 US colleges where you can acquire skills in Animation. Besides, the US animation colleges have a lot of materials and creativity to inspire would-be animators.

1. Ringling College of Art and Design

Ringling College is one of the best colleges for Animation in the US. Besides, Ludd M. Spivey founded the College in 1931 to express his creative adventure informal training.

This private College in western Florida focuses on the creative arts.

Furthermore, this college issues a bachelor’s degree in artistic subjects like Visual studies, Entertainment design, and illustration.

The Ringling College campus accommodates several sound stages, woodworking equipment, editing suites, and campus galleries.

Besides, the college curriculum includes a combination of studio work and broadminded arts instruction. Visit Ringling College to build your artistic and Animation skills.


2. Rocky Mountain College of Arts and Design

Phillip J Steele, an educator, founded the Rocky Mountain College of Arts and Design in 1963. Besides, the College awards a bachelor’s, master’s, postgraduate certificate, and doctorate degrees.

However, the College of Animation has no provision for accommodation for students.

Moreover, interested students can apply for online programs in this school.

In other words, Rocky Mountain College of Arts and Design is one of the best schools in Animation in the US. You can begin your application.


3. Laguna College of Arts and Design

Laguna College of Arts and Design is a private institution that has been in operation since 1961.

Moreover, the College trains students to become good animators and designers in both cultural and ethnic worlds.

Furthermore, the Laguna College of Animation offers a curriculum with the help of registered degree programs. These college-degree programs links studio works with academic studies imaginatively.

Consequently, this College’s programs include Animation, video graphics, special effects, graphic design, games, and interactive media design.

The college animation programs aid students’ storytelling skills with in-depth knowledge of modern filmmaking processes.

Besides, the program builds the students’ abilities with ordinary artistic skills and improves fluency in recent digital tools.

Check out the school website to start your application or recommend the choice among animation colleges.


4. University of the Arts

How well do you want to advance your creativity as an animator? If very well, yes, you need to see what film and animation program at the University of the Arts offers.

Film and animation programs at the University of the Arts enhance students’ knowledge of film and animation creation.

Additionally, the program enables us to discover diverse film and animation possibilities.

In other words, the best anime schools provide excellent ways to develop new styles and genres.

Students offering animation programs in this College enjoy the tremendous opportunity of working together with professional animators and filmmakers.

Besides, these students are also open to the benefits of internships and studying abroad. Not only so, but the University of the Arts gives the best of creativity and experience.

UArts is the place of visual and performing arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Apply for the UArts program through the link below!


5. University of Central Florida: School of Visual Arts and Design

There are many animation graduate and undergraduate programs at the University of Florida School of Visual Arts and Designs.

Besides, the degrees in Animation include the Emerging Media MFA – Animation and the Visual Effects track. More so, great animation colleges must be able to inspire artists in the right direction.

However, these specifically tailored programs give students the best chances of assuming an artistic leader’s role.

The primary emphasis of the program is more on narrative film structure and the entrepreneurial aspect of Animation. The courses also foster students’ ability to understand commercial studio functions.

In other words, students will earn an undergraduate degree in Animation, visual effects, graphic designs, or any related field.

However, applicants must show interest in animation creation and visual effects. Then, they must also prove their current success and skills in Animation.

Check out the program below to begin your application.


6. Ohio State University

Ohio University is a public research university in Columbus, Ohio, since 1870.

Students receive training on 3D Animation and modeling. Besides, they will learn how to produce excellent 3D artworks.

The courses teach the students how to combine video production and cinematography principles with 3D computer animation.

However, students offering these animation courses add knowledge of animation camera handling.

Visit the University website. 


colleges for animation degrees


7. New York University

New York University is another big private research University with animation degrees in the US. More so, Albert Gallatin established an NYC-based University in 1831.

The University offers comprehensive courses like drawing and anatomy, which cover traditional animations and computer-based techniques.

The University animation degrees ensure all film and TV students’ requirements for animation and live-action projects.

Moreover, the various programs incorporate traditional Animation, 2D, and 3D animation courses at standard levels.

Visit the school website to get more information.


8. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is also a private research University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Andrew Carnegie founded the institution in 1900. CMU stands as one of the best institutions offering degree programs in Animation.

Besides, CMU has an animation and special effects faculty that trains students on 3D/2D animations’ interconnected components.

More so, students learn the elements of performance capture, rendering, and the unique effect of 3D and 2D imaging.

The faculty combines arts and technology perspectives to discover all components of the digital animation area.

Students also explore the combination of various elements and expertise types to make a realistic computer-animated experience.

Notably, the process is workable with standard repositories and across the courses and collaborative projects.

Kindly visit the website to get further details. The animation colleges offer excellent opportunities to cartoon artists.


9. Full Sail University

Full Sail University is a private University since 1979 at Winter Park, Florida. More so, FSU is a nationally accredited institution by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

Besides, this school runs an animation program that familiarizes students with 3D software tools to create and refine Animation.

The course also focuses on positional Animation and control using keyframing, dependency graphs, and the means to manipulate them.

FSU animation programs educate students on computer animation techniques, and the involved processes are modeled projects.

Furthermore, it builds up the capacity of students to coordinate and plan animation projection.

Moreover, these processes involve the help of traditional techniques in demonstrating their proficiency as 3D artists.  Visit the Full Sail University website.


10. Pratt Institute

Pratt institution of New York is a universal leader in arts education. At the same time, the 1887 private institute has its main campus in Brooklyn, New York.

Pratt’s Department of digital arts and Animation builds exceptional artists and experts in Animation, gaming, and interactive arts fields.

The Digital arts focus more on 2D/3D Animation, Motion Arts, and Interactive Arts. Students will then also learn how to create and non-narrative films using 2D and 3D digital animation techniques.

Besides, the Department trains its students to become the best expert in the creative industries. They teach them to become experts with a commitment to innovative and significant artistic practice.

Check out their catalog of programs and apply for the most suitable one.


11. DePaul University

DePaul University offers creative programs to students with a passion for becoming successful animation artists.

Besides, their students have the option of creative, unique characters and engage in motion graphic animators.

As a private catholic research institute situated in Chicago, Illinois, DePaul University was started by the Vincentians in 1998.

The institution’s animation programs focus more on the Art of Animation, creativity, and critical thinking.

Furthermore, they educate students on drawing innovative connections in linkage with Animation and every other subject of inspiration.

From these programs, students with a meticulous foundation in the art and history of Animation can improve further.

Whereas DePaul students excessively practice traditional Animation, 3D Computer animation, and modeling. If you think this option is the best for you, visit the school website.


12. The California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)

CalArts is the first higher learning institution that grants degrees for visual and performing arts students in the US. From Santa Clara, California, the institution started almost six decades ago in the year 1961.

The College gives maximum and intensive professional pieces of training to the student’s area of career purpose. CalArts offers numerous comprehensive degree programs in visual and media.

Other areas of study apart from Animation include art, music, dance, film and video, theatre, puppetry, and writing.

This renowned institute brings out creativity, unique talents from among its students. So, what would be your excuse?


13. Maryland Institute College of Arts (MICA)

The Maryland College of Arts is a private college for Animation, art, and design in Baltimore, Maryland.

The institution, since 1826, remains one of the oldest animation colleges in the US. Not only so, but it is also one of the best in arts and Animation.

There are numerous undergraduate, graduate degrees, and certificate programs from Maryland Institute College of Arts.

One unique attribute of this school is the flexibility of study. In other words, the College offers some of its degree programs either online, partially, or fully online.

Visit the college website today.


mickey mouse buzzvale

14. Purdue University

Purdue University is a public research institute in West Lafayette, Indiana. John Purdue established the institution in 1869 as a businessperson who donated money and land.

He also gave much more for the establishment of the institution.

Furthermore, Purdue university’s animation programs focus on the six areas of the digital animation process. It also equips them to become research scholars in the animation technology sector.

Visit the institution’s website.


15. Digipen Institute of Technology

Digipen institute of technology started in 1988 with a location in Redmond, Washington. The institute’s Bachelor of fine arts in digital art and animation program is good for any potential animator.

BFA degree programs educate students on the roles that make up the art production channel for Animation and games. Moreover, the program prepares the students for the problems of professional art production.

Besides, it teaches students the different computer animation techniques and all phases of the art production pipeline. The school website also contains the details of the requirements and other information.




In conclusion, Animation is everywhere in the contemporary media landscape. However, more importantly, it is time to turn to some of the US’s best animation colleges.

For instance, we can now see what Animation is doing across several sectors of professional endeavors.

Entertainment, education, product packaging, construction, courtrooms, health care, and others can use Animation.

Do not be left out as an illiterate in Animation. Click on any of the animation college websites above to enjoy the benefits of being a digital animator.

You can also check out some scholarship opportunities that make your career worthwhile. Besides, some of these scholarships require no essay in the application process.


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”What are the best animation colleges?” answer-0=”You may check out the Ringling College of Arts and Designs as well as Rocky Mountain College of Arts and Design” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”How much animation course cost?” answer-1=”The animation course depends largely on the Institutions. But generally, it is quite affordable in comparison to other courses and programs” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”How many years animation course?” answer-2=”In the least, the Animation courses take not less than 2 years to complete.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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