Top 10 Business Marketing Jobs and Salaries in 2022

There are unique opportunities for professionals who seek to build a career in business marketing jobs with high salaries. In itself, business marketing is the art of promoting your business products or services to either consumers or another business.

By the way, businesses that provide services to other companies is called Business-to-business. On the other hand, business-to-consumer is when a company offers products or services directly to consumers.

So, entrepreneurs with a great business idea have the opportunity to create jobs and pay high salaries. On the other hand, with a business marketing degree, you can also secure jobs with high paying salaries.

After finishing with a degree in business marketing, what jobs can you apply for with big salaries? This article expounds on the available opportunity in a business marketing career and the average annual income.

top 10 business marketing jobs and salaries

What is Business Marketing?

Perhaps the official Business marketing definition will be the way companies and organizations promote their businesses to improve their profit.

In some instances, business marketing can be regarded as industrial marketing.

The effectiveness of an organization’s marketing strategies is observable in the profit-generating results.

In other words, whether a B2B or a B2C, the endpoint is getting more positive results for the business to advance.

Furthermore, jobs in business marketing can become an opportunity for many career starters to begin their journey to excellence.

Below are some essential skills that a would-be business marketer should have:

10 Highly-Effective Skills for Business Marketing Jobs

Basically, a business marketing professional must possess critical customer service and marketing skills.

More specifically, they should also have a grasp on the brand identity of the specific products and services of the organization.

1. Communication skills

A graduate student of marketing should brush up the skill of communication is indispensable. Moreover, this communication involves not only speaking but also reading, writing, as well as presentation skills.

2. Listening skills

Communication does not end with giving people information; it also comes with a good listening ability. Similarly, no matter how professional you are, if you are not a good listener, you will bore people. Business marketing professionals must value communication as a two-way channel, giving and receiving.

3. Teamwork skills

In addition to communication, marketing a business involves the ability to collaborate with others. By implication, the job will require teaming up on projects and campaign with some highly specific duties.

4. Leadership skills

Over time, teamwork often shows who among the team member can play the role of a leader. Therefore, leadership skills are practically indispensable in a work environment. Also, these essential skills enhance your performance in business marketing jobs with excellent salaries.

5. Event-planning skills

Event-planning skills is one unique set of skills to land business marketing professional jobs with fat salaries. More so, event planning is crucial to the company’s marketing campaigns and social gatherings. Without some of these skills, many applicants will not qualify for jobs in business marketing.

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6. Interpersonal skills

Business marketing students with excellent interpersonal skills have a better chance to land jobs with high salaries. Essentially, many companies are looking forward to maturing applicants who can relate profitably with others.

7. Creativity skills

Without creativity, an employee will just end up in the number, without making any meaningful impact. Besides, due to the vastness of the business world, it takes ingenuity to bring up unique but workable ideas. Furthermore, creativity is vital for visual communication, product design, logo, themes and slogans in marketing.

8. Intuitive skills

Similar to creativity is the ability of a think intuitively. In some cases, the business marketer may have adequate hands-on each matter. However, in other cases, the unexpected happens, and it takes an intuitive person to find a way out quickly. And if anything wants to mess up, you can learn how to respond accordingly promptly.

9. Storytelling skills

An uncommon skill that can give anyone an edge in a highly competitive environment is storytelling in communication. In other words, a marketing professional must be able to tell a compelling story to hook the audience. This skill is indispensable in selling any product or service to the target audience.

10. Energy

Best business marketing professionals are also known for a feeling of vibes and energy around them. This skill is needful in commanding the attention of other people. More so, everyone responds well to a strong communicator. On the other hand, weakness or lack of energy and enthusiasm will fail to convince your potential buyer.

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[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”What is business marketing?” answer-0=”Business marketing is the art of promoting products and services directly to consumers or to other businesses” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”How do I start marketing my business?” answer-1=”There are many avenues for starting business marketing, including online and traditional methods” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”What is a business marketing degree?” answer-2=”A business marketing degree is a formal education on business marketing, which qualifies one for the role of business marketing” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”Why is business marketing essential?” answer-3=”Business marketing is essential in raising awareness about a product or service across the target market” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

10 Business Marketing Jobs and their Salaries

The effectiveness of the highlighted skills above shows which business marketing jobs are available and their salaries. However, some natural skills also may come into play.

The natural skills may include interests, character, and personality traits from temperament.

However, take your time to develop some of the identified skills any applicant should have. Besides, take time to convince your employers of your value.

Apart from experience, these related jobs in business marketing motivate many employees to reach out for higher goals.

Below are some of the most highly paid business marketing jobs with their respective salaries?

1. Brand or Product Manager

A brand manager is one that oversees all business affairs of a product or service through research, sales and marketing.

On the other hand, market research analysts, sales representatives and trainees may form a team with the brand manager.

These experts essentially use their knowledge of the market to push the company’s products and services towards acceptability and profit.

Also, they coordinate advertisements and the development of innovative ideas.

An effective brand or product manager must possess exceptional presentation and persuasive skills to convince the audience.

Moreover, he will also need these skills, especially when pitching an idea or new product to the executive of a firm.

AVERAGE SALARY: $89,823 per annum

2. Event Planner

Social or formal events require business marketing professionals that know their onions.

For instance, organizing events like conferences, alumni gatherings, wedding, pieces of training, and promotional events require the services of a business marketer.

The duties of the business marketer will include anticipating and preparing for the needs and preferences of participants.

Moreover, this is more reason why students should partake in organizing events while in school.

Event or meeting planning may also include the use of social media to open marketing options in recent times.

Furthermore, it may require some creativity, such as content creation and design. However, the goal is to drive greater effectiveness in jobs in business marketing.

AVERAGE SALARY: $48,922 per annum

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3. Admission Representative

When you call an educational institution to enquire about possible admission, you often speak with an admission representation.

So, in a way, admission representatives are at the helm of giving instructions and guidance to inquirers about gaining formal education.

Therefore, this skill requires a robust research skill in the knowledge of marketing to promote the admission of institutions.

Management and staff of the admission department of institutions bank on the skills of the marketing professions to coordinate open events too.

Such business marketers’ jobs also require presentation and relationship skills while earning good salaries. Check out any of these jobs in business marketing that suits you the most.

AVERAGE SALARY: $42,485 per annum

4. Fundraiser

A business management executive or business marketing professional is also a required position in fundraising.

Particularly for non-profit organizations, there is a need to market their services to the public and then raise money for the work.

The task of the marketing expert may include accessing potential donors, communicating with them and clearly stating the goals.

However, these tasks may not be that simple; a thorough background work will have to go into achieving that.

The business marketers will need both interpersonal and presentation skills to convincingly share the critical services of their organization.

Besides, they may have to organize events and secure sponsorships from both individuals and public entities.

Not all jobs in the field of business marketing require so much experience, read about jobs without experience here.

AVERAGE SALARY: $46,850 per annum

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5. Market Research Analyst

As a market research analyst, students with business marketing major must also have both qualitative and quantitative skills.

Also, the qualitative skills may include analytical, research, and communication skills through a clear presentation of ideas.

They also design and implement consumer behaviour with new products and services.

At the time, it may also require slight modifications here and there to meet the consumer demands through data collection.

Business marketing jobs that include functioning as market research analysts pay good salaries too.

As a result, these businesses thrive well to enhance their profitability further.

AVERAGE SALARY: $63,790 per annum

6. Market Assistant

A market assistant has the responsibility to support the top-level duties of brand managers and analysts.

Besides, they support business operations, including routine tasks for better results. However, many times, jobs applicants for business marketing may have to go an extra mile.

These professionals also engage with other team members in planning and organizing major business events.

Whereas, they must remain very conversant with the market trends and use their knowledge to drive the business forward.

In some organizations, these marketing assistants are next to the heads of brand management to provide necessary updates.

Whereas, the business marketing jobs endeavour to pay market assistants good salaries.

AVERAGE SALARY: $38,760 per annum

7. Media Planner

Studying marketing equips students with the ability to view, read, listen, and analyze patterns across different consumer groups.

Besides, media planners’ work is to determine which method is the most effective in gaining more customers.

Also, an advantage of vying for this role among business marketing jobs is suitability for entry-level graduates.

On the other hand, this job provides new applicants with the opportunity to learn how the business run.

Furthermore, business marketing jobs may demand from applicants with different responsibilities and pay them impressive salaries.

This position can still be instrumental in teaming up with other similar jobs.

AVERAGE SALARY: $51,142 per annum

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8. Social Media Manager

Being a social media manager is perhaps the most notorious of all business marketing jobs that pay high salaries.

In a digital world, social media tools are applicable for pushing business frontiers to create and promote online identities.

Some common online platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and Instagram.

By the way, we wrote an article on how to become a social media manager which you can read here.

At the same time, it enhances marketing strategies through creative and promotional contents. Generally, business marketing jobs pay good salaries to qualified applicants.

Social media managers need to also work hand-in-hand with other business marketing experts for collaborative work for a better future.

Also, expectedly, they must possess the persuasive power that can promote products and services. When it matters, jobs applicants for business marketing positions must show their speciality and uniqueness.

AVERAGE SALARY: $50,816 per annum

9. Sales Representative

It is easy to figure out that business marketing experts can work as sales representatives with good salaries.

Similarly, sales representative jobs can provide the needed platform for building a successful career in business management.

Sales marketing provides access to consumer preferences and market trends for better business decisions.

Besides, these may have to use both verbal and presentational skills to beat the competition.

At the same time, business marketing is one of the executive jobs that promise good salaries to the employee.

ANNUAL SALARY: $48,321 per annum

10. Public Relations Representative

Business marketing needs public relations reps who can manage all public communication tasks at the specifically defined audience.

Besides, the main goal of public relations is to ensure that a company develop and maintain a positive reputation.

In this public communication, there is a need for more than verbal communication but also written communication.

Therefore, public speaking, journalistic writing and other forms of media communication are indispensable.

When applicants of business marketing jobs show these organizational and marketing skills, they get jobs with outstanding salaries.

In other words, they must convince the job employers that they are the best fit for business marketing positions.

At the same time, the business managers have the responsibility to develop a good rapport with all stakeholders.

AVERAGE SALARY: $45,627 per annum

top 10 business marketing jobs and salaries


On a final note, these many business marketing jobs come with outstanding salaries as the applicants meet the requirements.

More so, the degree opens you up to begin your career and gradually climb up the ladder. There are several applicants to the jobs in business marketing, but you need to beat them to it.

Which of the required skills do you think you already have?

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