Google Conference Scholarships for International Students

Google stands as one of the top companies that can help you get closer to your future through various scholarships. Some of these Google scholarship offers may be specific to women. But this article will discuss Google conference scholarships available to tech students across five major world regions.

Google upholds the diversity of experiences, attributes, and views that can drive the world’s desired change. Therefore, the company is committed to providing opportunities for enthusiasts to network and climb the ladder of success in their careers.

Moreover, the sponsored conferences allow you to network with the industry and peers toward a successful career. Besides, Google provides potential applicants with detailed information on how to apply for such scholarships.

Google Conference Scholarships help break down the barriers and experience difficulties by underrepresented groups in tech and business.

More so, successful scholarship applicants can freely attend leading conferences in tech and related fields. However, the eligibility for these Google scholarships depends on the region of application.

After carefully reviewing all submitted applications, Google awards the scholarships to the most qualified persons. Successful applicants get notifications according to the specific timeframes of the selected region.


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Google Conference Scholarships for Africa

Google conference scholarships apply to international conferences in Africa, where applicants must meet the requirements below.


Eligibility Requirements for Africa

  • Firstly, active studentship in a recognizable African university needs travel funds for an international conference.
  • A student of computer science, computer engineering, or a related technical field to the conference theme
  • Besides, acceptance of paper presentation at the approved top-tier computer science conference in Google’s interest area.
  • Paper acceptance for complete publication while workshop papers are not acceptable.
  • Sole authorship or joint first author of the accepted paper




However, form submission should be latest by the deadline of the targeted conference.

Also, Google reviews applications throughout the year and responds within four to six weeks of application submission.

Moreover, Google makes payments through the applicant’s university, while students may claim expenses using its procedures.

For inquiries, contact [email protected].


Google Conference Scholarships for East Asia

Google sponsoring students in Asia to attend international conferences has specific requirements for all applicants.

Eligibility Requirements for East Asia

  • Full-time studentship in a recognizable university in East Asia and need of conference travel funds
  • Paper accepted for presentation in the leading conference centers on Google research areas of interest.
  • Full acceptance for paper publication with full oral presentation, excluding workshop papers for travel scholarships
  • Primary or principal authorship of the accepted paper




Google reviews all applications in the first week of every month, and all applicants get an email notification on the status. However, selected applicants to get additional information on how to claim the scholarship.

Any questions? Contact [email protected]


Google Conference Scholarships for Europe

Google Scholarships is available in Europe as the Europe Google Conference & Travel Scholarship. Moreover, the conference is open only to women in tech who meet the other requirements below.

Eligibility Requirements for Europe

  • Firstly, a solid academic and professional background demonstrating leadership qualities is paramount.
  • Availability to attend one or more of the core days of the conference.
  • More so, applicants must be residents of Europe, the Middle East, or Africa.
  • Applicants are women not younger than 18 years of age.

Details of the conferences will be released about three months before the conference date. Therefore, applications are open anytime in early 2021.

All applicants will also get a notification of application status by email at the latest four weeks before the conference. However, successful applicants will get additional information on registering for the conference and receiving the scholarship award.


Google Conference Scholarships for North America

Google Conference Scholarships application invites industry professionals and students to apply. However, the North American region prioritizes the historically excluded groups in the tech field.

For example, scholarship categories may include Women, Black/African American/Caribbean/West Indies, native American/First Nations, and Hispanic/Latin.

Eligibility Requirements for North America

  • A solid academic and professional career with excellent leadership abilities
  • Availability to attend the core days of the conferences.
  • Eligibility for one of the three
    • A resident of the US and North American territories
    • A student or worker in North America, or
    • Presence in North America at the time of the conference
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old to be eligible to apply.

Google will publish the list of the 2021 conferences by spring. Also, Scholarship recipients receive the conference details, including the date by email, latest by 2 weeks before the conference.

For more information, contact: [email protected].


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Google Conference Scholarships for India

Google Conference Scholarships are also open to students and professionals in India. However, applicants must meet the listed requirements below.

Eligibility Requirements for India

  • Firstly, applicants must be active students in a recognizable Indian university needing conference travel funds.
  • Full acceptance of the paper in a top-tier computer science conference in Google’s area of interest. Examples of already approved conferences include CVPR, ICML, CHI, AAAI, NeurIPS, STOC, PLDI, COLT, ICCV, EMNLP, WWW, KDD, ACL, Interspeech, and FSE.
  • The paper was also accepted for oral presentation at the leading conference but did not include workshop papers.
  • Primary authorship of the accepted paper




Furthermore, Google reviews these scholarship applications continually and responds within three weeks of applying.

However, ONLY APPROVED APPLICANTS get a response through the applicant’s university, which follows their payment procedure.

Got questions? Contact: [email protected]



Finally, applicants to Google scholarships must adhere strictly to the regional requirements, especially the conference scholarships. Also, applicants must stay in touch with the Google scholarship page to get other related scholarship offers from Google.

However, Buzzvale also publishes regular information on international students’ scholarship opportunities besides Google scholarships. Take advantage of those opportunities.

Do you have specific questions? Drop them in the comments section below while we respond promptly.

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