How Many Active Hours is a Part-Time Job per Week?

Nowadays, employees often have to determine what exactly is a part-time job concerning time. In other words, how many hours exactly can you work to prove a part-time job? But, fundamentally, there are no strict rules regarding hourly limits to differentiate part-time from full-time employment.

By definition, a part-time job is a type of employment that usually requires an employee to work for fewer hours. Therefore, a part-time employee works for fewer hours than a full-time employee.

The Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) reported that a full-time employee works 40 hours per week according to the 9 to 5 standard. Meanwhile, a part-time employee only works between 20-35 hours per week.

However, the required hours of part-time employment may vary as the organization eventually determines employment types. This article will discuss some of the vital information you need to know about part-time or freelance jobs.


How Many Hours Can a Student Work on a Part-Time?

Students often ask this common question when trying to get a part-time job to earn or experience an internship. Meanwhile, depending on the field of study, institutions may require students to take up some of these positions. In addition, other interesting factors may influence how many hours a part-time job requires of an employee.

However, the number of permitted hours to work as a student on a part-time basis mostly depends on school policies. For instance, many Australian colleges recommend that international students with valid visas work up to 10-18 hours per week.

Conversely, other institutions permit students to work for an average of 20 hours per week.  This permission only covers when the school session is in a session. Otherwise, there may not be any limit on the hours they can work when the school is on vacation.


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Types of Part-Time Jobs

There are commonly two types of part-time jobs, which includes:

1. Freelance Part-Time Jobs

Freelance, part-time jobs are employment types that often do not require you to be physically present at work. But there is a need to communicate using equipment such as a computer and strong internet.

As a freelance employee, you can schedule your working hours with the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. That freedom to work at your convenience may be what you need to earn more money.

Although freelancing has a lot of advantages, it also securing vital equipment like a personal computer. Also, you need a significant amount of self-restraint and discipline to keep up with time.

Also, it would help if you learned to minimize distraction as you often work under little or no supervision.


2. After-Work/Weekend Part-Time Jobs

Apart from the full-flex part-time job as a freelancer, you can also work as a freelance on weekends. In this case, you may already have full-time employment for weekdays and work on weekends as a freelance.

This type of employment is common and requires some physical presence, primarily available at scheduled times. Note that it is impossible to spend as many hours on after-work or weekend part-time jobs as full-time jobs.


Why a Part-Time Job?

Part-time jobs are a good choice of employment for individuals who love flexibility, especially in other areas of interest. Besides, you may like to explore other areas, use otherwise dormant abilities, or learn new skills.

Who should consider a part-time job? Fresh school leavers, immigrants, interns, college students, stay-at-home mums, or retirees.

These types of part-time jobs allow flexibility to individuals who needs to cater for other things outside work. For instance, you may have other responsibilities such as picking up kids after school and the family’s day-to-day running.

Another reason why people prefer part-time jobs is the need for productivity while waiting for a full-time job. Similarly, retirees can take up part-time employments rather than staying at home, doing nothing.

It is also a common type of job among students who need to earn extra income to support themselves. Simultaneously, they gain additional work experience in their field of study, similar areas, and beyond.


What Part-Time Job Should I Get?

Your ideal part-time job type depends on your reason for choosing a part-time job in the first place. If you choose a part-time job to gain experience, then the position must provide growth opportunities.

Another thing to consider when choosing part-time jobs is their payment or rewards. Some part-time employments likely have low pay, particularly jobs that require little or zero experience or skills.

An example of such a jobs includes working for an online product company like the foodservice industry. Otherwise, high-paying part-time jobs require a specific skill or knowledge.

Above all, how many hours the part-time job demands per week is crucial in determining your job choice.


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Tips in Getting Part-Time Jobs or Working as a Freelancer

If you are considering getting a part-time job, then the following important tips can guide your search.

A. Do Your Research

The first action to take involves listing out employers with open positions for part-time job applicants. Also, you can look around your school, online, or physically check your neighbourhood.

Online platforms provide a good start for your job search. By the way, we already wrote a complete guide to assist you in applying for jobs on LinkedIn. Otherwise, you can register directly with some freelancing sites by checking job posts.

Below are Top 3 freelancing websites you should check out.


1. Upwork

Upwork is a freelancing site for finding jobs in different fields, but it can be a little tricky. For example, you can get jobs in writing, editing, web design, graphic designing, SEO, or even marketing.

Meanwhile, Upwork evolved from an Elance-O’DeskDesk merger. So you only need to gain some relevant but specific skills when you are just starting.

In addition to your primary job skill, you must learn

  • How to build a professional profile to convince potential employers to choose you, and
  • How to write a winning proposal, because you will be bidding for jobs.

While applying for jobs on Upwork by submitting proposals, don’t bother to submit bids with over 15 submitted proposals. The client may likely not read all the proposals before picking his choice.


2. Fiverr

Fiverr is another popular freelance site, similar to Upwork. However, on Fiverr, you need to create multiple gigs (skill descriptions) to sell your service to potential buyers (employers).

Another advantage is that Fiverr offers courses to help you develop relevant free and paid skills. Besides, you can send proposals like Upwork, but it is limited to a maximum number of proposals per day.


3. Toptal

Toptal is a freelance site that promises to hire the top 3% of the world freelancers. So if you build your skills hard enough, you might get the chance to register with them.

While researching, try to gain more knowledge about the companies you find and their offered roles. Also, check for the required specific skills that befit your area of interest.

Also, check the online presence of these companies since most companies now have their detailed information online and via social media.

Finally, at times, you may love to visit some physical stores or restaurants, if accessible to you, to get some unwritten information.


B. Prepare and Edit your Application Materials

Don’t assume that you don’t need resumes to apply for part-time jobs. For instance, applying for jobs via LinkedIn requires a strong profile with an updated resume/CV.

Particularly, jobs requiring unique skill sets or knowledge need you to clearly define what values you can add. Otherwise, most employers, if not all, will not consider you fit for the targeted role without an effective CV.

While searching for how many hours per week a part-time job is, preparing one’s mind for unconventional things is crucial.


C. Apply For Jobs and Prepare

We are not at the real action – applying for part-time jobs from home. Draw out the jobs

  • of interest to you
  • in which you have relevant skills and
  • you can handle effectively

However, ensure you meet the required criteria, and lastly, set out time to prepare for your interviews.


10 Examples of Part-Time Jobs You Can Take

1. Writer

Written contents by professional writers surround us. Modern writing pieces are available via blog posts, video scripts, website copies, emails, and books (hard copy and ebooks). By the way, there may be some interesting pieces of literature that address how many hours a part-time job requires per week or per day.

On the other hand, songs contain interesting contents and messages to influence the audience, thereby creating enormous writers’ opportunities. Therefore, a good writer can secure part-time jobs for organizations physically or as a freelance writer.


2. Editors

Every publication, such as books or magazines, requires an editor to review, edit, organize, and layout the content. As the number of writers grows, the need for editors also grew. More so, both can work full-time jobs for columns and part-time editors.

Many times, most writers are editors themselves. But it is essential as a writer also to have someone else edit the work better. The appointment comes out more excellently than edited works. The scenario also creates more work opportunities for editors.


3. Graphics designer

In today’s world, graphic designers are major content creators, especially in business marketing. So as you consider each part-time job, think of how many hours you can spare for your chosen job.

Some of the core areas where their skills are indispensable include branding, pattern creation, visual designs, and visual works. These contents are crucial to business promotions as services or product sales.


4. Web designers (Coders and UX/UI Programmers)

Website designers build and maintain sites for easy use of consumers or audiences of different companies. But modern web designs may require the old brick and mortar method of coding jargon or User interface (UI) build.

Either way, it is essential to build sites that.

  • Physically appealing with excellent aesthetic value.
  • Loads under 3 seconds via mobile and desktop devices
  • Guides visitors to meet their needs (user experience)


5. Tutors

If you are outstanding in a particular subject like mathematics, you can make extra money as a part-time tutor. You can also do tutoring in an institution centre or your home.

Most times, parents need tutors to engage their kids when they return from school. There are many opportunities in the teaching line if you enjoy tutoring.


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6. Babysitting

Babysitting is another one of the many interesting typical part-time jobs for people. However, it may fundamentally require those who have the patience to look after kids and keep them safe.

More specifically, the job may require a woman, so we provided a unique article for women’s common business ideas. And if you love being around babies and kids, then this opportunity suits you.


7. Accountant

At times you may wonder why a company does not employ a full-time accountant. The reason might be that the kind of needed accounting skills for day-to-day running differ from account audit.

These skilled accountants are usually at the peak of their careers as consultants or contract staff members. Therefore, it is economical for companies to hire part-time accountants instead of full-time jobbers.

An accountant helps them deal with financial records and other related roles. And if you are fit for this role with sound knowledge or background in accounting, feel free to apply.

8. Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, you build a company’s online brand and promotional content on their social media. By the way, the social media here refers to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

There has been a high demand for social media managers as more industries leverage social media to increase sales. If you possess what it takes to excel on social media, it is crucial to you as a huge opportunity.


9. Delivery

Logistics companies now thrive properly by recruiting employees in the part-time jobs sector. However, there has always been the need to deliver different things as not everyone can provide some product themselves.

If you can deliver documents or products in one piece without been tampered with, delivery can fetch you extra income. Also, you may only need to gain and prove your mobility skills to start.

Mind you. The food industry holds an immense opportunity for you to seek part-time jobs. Consequently, there is always a need to deliver food fast foods like pizza.


10. Pet care

Some families need someone to care for their pets when they are away. So, if you love to care for pets, you can do that on a part-time basis. More so, it provides tremendous opportunities to meet new people and get to talk about salient issues.

Also, workers can earn payment hourly based on the time they will be away. However, remember that the number of hours a part-time job requires per week depends on the organization amidst other factors.


Final Thoughts

Even though part-time jobs are interesting, you may forfeit some privileges that come with full-time employment. For instance, health insurance may cover full-time but not part-time employees.

Part-time jobs may not gain the kinds of adverts and promotions of a full-time job, yet it adds tremendous value. In other words, you can still find a variety of good part-time jobs out there apart from the above-listed ones.




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