Online Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

There’s been a continuous shift from online freelance writing jobs in place of regular 9-to-5 jobs, even as beginners. Many companies that are now in need of professional writers readily allow such writers to work from home. And gradually, the gig business is replacing the old style of traditional employment that in any case has the lesser performance.

As proof, 99 firms reported that working from home enhanced performance by up to 13%. Needless to say that a company with more extensive work-from-home staff significantly cuts down on many expenses, especially on logistics. Meanwhile, over 50% of the working US population presently take up freelance positions in the next five years.

Furthermore, there are currently over 1.1 billion freelancers worldwide, where the total global workforce is 3.5 billion. This article gives you direct links to places where you can get paid for writing. Besides, it can serve as a step-by-step guide for being a successful freelance writer after securing the job.


online freelance writing jobs for beginners

10 Interesting Facts about Online Freelance Writing Jobs

The following are some latest statistical facts about the state of freelancing around the world and the future it holds

  1. 30% of all Fortune 500 companies hire workers on Upwork, a top freelancing site
  2. 64% of freelancers agree that it gave them better and multiple working opportunities
  3. 30% of all Freelance writer earns an average of $10 per hour in their first year as a Freelancer
  4. 73% of all freelancers, over 50 million active users, search dedicated sites online for jobs
  5. In the US, 31% of Freelance workers make over $75,000 per annum
  6. 24% of Freelancers hold a Bachelor’s degree, with a higher percentage of highly educated individuals than traditional jobs
  7. Work satisfaction of Freelance workers is 21% higher than that of traditional workers
  8. Generation Z, where you likely belong, are more likely to freelance
  9. More than 50% of Americans work as a freelance in the next 5 years,
  10. Finally, 91% of Freelancers are positive to think that the future of freelancing is bright.

Top 10 Online Platforms with Freelance Writing Jobs

Are you in search of online freelance writing jobs? Then, here are some of the top options to consider with the peculiarity of each.

1. Upwork

Upwork is the number one marketplace for freelance writing jobs online, especially for beginners. Firstly, the site has a user-friendly interface with thousands of active jobs for freelance writers, including blogging and resume writing.

Two large freelance job firms, oDesk, and Elance merged to create Upwork, which now has well over 12 million active users. Content writers on Upwork earn between $15 and $80 per hour, while all freelancers earn above 1 billion yearly. At the same time, job postings are always available to pick and apply through connects.

Moreover, Upwork is peculiar in making freelance writing jobs much more flexible than on other sites. For instance, it allows short- and long-term contracts, project-based and hourly rated works. Also, it offers three tiers of freelancers: entry, mid-level, and professional levels. So, as a beginner on Upwork, you can attain the top level if you put in the required work rate.

Apply for Upwork

2. Contena

Contena offers excellent freelance writing jobs online with top valuable services. Also, the site has an automatic “writing job finder” that crawls up the best freelance writing gigs online. Therefore, you don’t have to go from one site to another in search of the best freelance writers to offer jobs.

Besides, you can subscribe to the monthly personalized email alerts from Contena for your preselected criteria. You get to decide the budget of the work, rate, niche, and other essential qualities of the needed writer. Furthermore, Contena offers the following premium services to both beginners and veterans in freelance writing.

  • Coaching: users can access professional help for their freelancing skills, and you can apply directly for freelance writing jobs here
  • Courses: Contena teaches freelance writers how to start up their online freelance writing career over a weekend. Subsequently, they can build on these fundamental writing skills.
  • Pro Rates: this feature helps both freelance writers and those who offer the jobs concerning the average writer’s rates. Also, it is essential for the proper evaluation of work.
  • Publish: while using the publish feature, you can create a professional freelance writing portfolio with easy onsite tools. You can then use these portfolios to apply for online freelancing writing jobs.

Apply for Contena Position

3. FlexJobs

Flexjobs is for a highly professional freelance writers’ marketplace with flexible and gratifying jobs. More so, this platform conducts a thorough screen for the offered services to filter off scammers and less rewarding gigs. Some of this site’s peculiarities are the choice of work schedule and the freelance writer’s experience level.

Therefore, more experienced freelance writers can quickly secure jobs through this online platform. And for those just starting, freelance writing jobs here be advantageous for smart workers. It also has a ‘custom job search’ feature to identify the perfect gig you need quickly. However, FlexJobs require a priced service charge of $14.95 per month or $49.95 each year.

Start Here

4. Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs (FWJ) is a thoroughly curated job search for online freelance writers with top-rated jobs. The platform filters through several freelancing sites for the best online freelancers suitable for specified jobs. However, as a freelance writer, you still need to work hard to pitch yourself for the best tasks.

The process of securing the jobs may include citing, applying, landing, executing the job, and getting the payments. Moreover, the payment may vary according to the specified opportunity in the job archive. FWJ, formerly Freelance Writing Gigs, update this list of offered jobs every weekday to present new results.

Apply Here

5. TextBroker

TextBroker is one of the online freelance writing sites that operate like a jobs outsourcing agency specifically for writers. Some of the available jobs are blogs, ad copy, product description, press release, and web copy. Meanwhile, TextBroker delivers over 100,000 different content types per month.

Here is a good thing about TextBroker; it is entirely free for freelance writers who can prove their job skills. However, the site requires being a US citizen and a convincing writing sample. At the end of every job, writers get ratings for their levels of performance and customer satisfaction. Another fantastic feature of the site is that writers don’t have to woo clients.

On the other hand, online freelance writers can pick jobs from the reported list of appropriate options. Besides, writers can directly take up orders as a team, while TextBroker is responsible for payments and other management. However, the pay rate might be a little lower than others.

Work with TextBroker

6. ProBlogger

ProBlogger Job Board is a brainchild of Darren Rowse, a blogging veteran with loads of experience. Consequently, ProBlogger is predominantly for bloggers but also offers a few jobs to copywriters who can navigate. Moreover, the platform is also user-friendly, while freelance writers can browse and apply for available jobs.

An exciting part of ProBlogger is that it doesn’t require any sign-up before finding and applying for a job. However, if you register as a writer, you can add your resume, manage applications and subscribe for job alerts. Also, the site may not have plenty of jobs, but there are enough for each day. As a result, there may be reasonably high competition.

Find ProBlogger Jobs Here

7. Freelancer

As the name sounds, Freelancer is for freelance workers, including writers who can design work portfolios. With the portfolio, you can then apply for these online freelance jobs and earn money. Also, of all the stated sites, Freelancer is one of the platforms for thousands of freelance writing jobs. Freelancer also rates writers according to experience, testimonials, technical and marketing skills.

On the other hand, new freelancers can also gradually build a good reputation and earn their pay. Significantly, some of these online freelance writing jobs may be hourly or as a fixed project.  Meanwhile, the process begins with clients posting a job request with a description, and writers pick a suitable one. After the delivery, the client pays, and all parties are happy. However, freelancers have to pay for the monthly bids with which they apply for jobs.

Start Application Here

8. Guru

Guru is another great place to land freelancing writing jobs for professionals to create profiles and apply for jobs. Moreover, it operates in a similar way to Freelancer and Upwork but has its unique features. Some of its unique features include ‘Guru Guest Rooms’ where writers can find daily jobs and communicate with posters. Guru also gives 10 free bids to writers every month, and when earning from the completed job, Guru gets a fraction.

At the same time, Guru has the least competition for online freelance writing jobs than Freelancer and Upwork. As a beginner in freelance writing, Guru is one of the starting points to build a profitable writing career.

Work with Guru

9. FreelanceWriting

FreelanceWriting already shows by the name that it carries the writing jobs you need. Some of the specific writing areas you find here include copywriting, journalism, blogging, web content, and similar articles. This site has been in existence since 1997 and continues to grow as one of the stronger job boards for freelance writing.

More so, you can browse through available jobs and apply even before you sign up to the site. Besides, these available jobs are sortable into the source, required skills, location, date of addition, or relevant keywords. At the same time, FreelanceWriting organizes writing contents and awards the overall best writer.

As a freelance beginner writer, creating content for these contests may be the starting point of a successful career. As you do, you may either win the contest or secure freelance writing jobs on the online marketplace.

Find Jobs Here

10. Fiverr

In certain climes, the two most popular freelancing sites are Upwork and Fiverr. And the most popular services on these two marketplaces rally around writing and translations. As a new user, you can register as a buyer or seller and switch from both types. Fiverr got its name from the least amount a seller can charge a client (buyer) – $5.

Registering on Fiverr as a freelance writer can become profitable if you continue to perform excellently. Whereas the performance has a 1 to a 5-star rating and a poor performance can have an enormous effect on the gig ranking. Meanwhile, a gig is a description of the services you offer as a seller, prices, and other descriptions.

Check it Out

Other Online Freelance Sites for Writers

  1. iWriter 
  2. BloggingPro 
  3. People-Per-Hour
  4. Craiglist 

Some of these platforms flex as Writing Agencies that recruit writers and pay them well. Examples include

  1. Self-Publishing School
  2. Writer Access
  3. Constant Content
  4. The Writer Finder
  5. MediaBistro 
  6. SolidGigs 



How to Get Freelance Writer Jobs with No Experience [A 5-Step Guide]

After examining some of these freelance sites for writing jobs, you may still find it hard to begin. Hence, we decided to take this article one step further. Consequently, let us consider what practical steps to take towards a successful writing career.

By the way, other interesting articles can bring you helpful information for a successful business career. Here are the fundamental guiding steps to take in accessing online freelance writing jobs, particularly for beginners.

1. Tell Family and Friends

Your immediate environment is the first place to look, and your family and friends should be the first to know. More so, these folks may provide your first few samples as a freelance writer seeking paying jobs. Some may also have ready jobs for you, such as resume editing or LinkedIn profile creation. However, you may not know until you ask.

If you just resigned from full-time employment, reconnect with your former colleagues to inform them. However, this step implies that you must be ready for any opportunity that appears. You can go a step further by creating e-fliers and business cards for your newly-found love.

2. Pitch your Writing on Job Boards

The first step to consider is picking job boards over freelance marketplaces such as Upwork and Guru. Whereas the latter comes with competition against other writers, job boards give you a space to display your writing skills.

Business owners and entrepreneurs post vacancies on the freelance writing job boards and can apply directly to a writer. Also, you must provide details of your abilities, rates, and others on these free job boards. Examples of such job boards include

  • BloggingPro
  • ProBlogger
  • Contena
  • All Freelance Writing Job Board.

3. Use Twitter for Your Advantage

Similarly, it is incredible how many freelance writing jobs are on Twitter if you know where to look. In other words, Twitter can be a gold mine for pitching and winning writing gigs. More importantly, you can build and sustain a lasting relationship with potential clients.

For instance, the following Twitter users and job boards can help you get started. Follow them

  • @Buzzvale
  • @Write_Jobs
  • @JJobs_tweets
  • @WhoPaysWriters

4. Have a Website

A well-packaged way to land big clients in freelance writing is to have a professional website. Although this option may not be the best for newbies, it may be useful as times go on to push further. For instance, you can create a writing service blog, starting with free services to attract potential clients.

As time goes by, you can charge a token to your clients who already trust your work quality. Then, with time, more high-paying clients come, and you charge them what you truly deserve. Therefore, a persuasive and robust website is a robust tool for winning online freelance writing jobs for a living.

5. Guest Post Freely

To be one of the successful freelance writers with the best jobs, be ready to start writing for free. Not everyone follows this path, but it still pays off at the end of the day. Firstly, people try you with nothing to lose, and then you win their trust with your writing quality. More so, it offers you an opportunity to still connect with other freelancers.

If you already have your blog/website, they can give you a backlink, a great review, and a partnership. In other words, you earn much more than you would have had if you charged for the first article. However, kindly pick out only essential sites whose work interest you and whose backlink or review is valuable.


Finally, it has been a fantastic journey looking at some of the top sites that offer freelance writing jobs to beginners. Also, we considered the five critical steps to take to build a successful writing career. This full career guide can give you the success you need in freelance writing jobs, primarily through online platforms.

Which of these sites did you hear for the first time from us, or which have you tried before? Let’s have a response in the comments section below.


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