10 Best Paid Online Survey Sites for Developing Countries

Some of the top companies in the world need data from people worldwide. And one of the easiest ways they choose is by paying people to answer online surveys and questionnaires. This article discusses some of the best online survey sites out there.

However, not all surveys are legit, as some don’t live up to the promises. I even tried two peculiar ones some time ago, and their promises are still hanging.

But it doesn’t mean there are no paid online survey sites that pay you for providing answers and sharing opinions.

On the other hand, watch it. These are not get-rich-schemes because you must put in the work.

And if you follow this survey guide, you should not have any problem with registration and earning your rewards.

Therefore, this article carefully reviews and selects the best paid online survey sites with special tips on each one.

Also, feel free to register for as many sites as possible. By the way, watch out for the bonus at the end on how to withdraw your earned funds.


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Top Online Survey Sites that Pay for Opinions

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the best among the online survey sites out there that allows multiple reward system and bonus. For instance, you earn each time anyone registers through your referral link or charge-up bonuses.

As a trusted and well-rated site by top brands, earning on Swagbucks is very easy. Some of their partner brands include Amazon and eBay. The site award SB points to every survey task, and of course, SB stands for Swagbucks.

Reward system: Each survey has a point tag that you earn when you complete the survey. Amazingly, even if you could not complete a survey, you still earn 3 SB points.

Payment per survey: Swagbucks rewards through cash via PayPal or gift cards on top stores.

Minimum Withdrawal: The minimum withdrawal is $10, which is equivalent to 1000 SB points.

Register for Swagbucks


2. iSurveyWorld

When you sign up with iSurveyWorld, you get product and service-oriented surveys open to users worldwide. Besides, the site has designated links to users from different parts of the world.

You get a $5 sign-on bonus, and you continue to earn more as you answer each survey. And each survey already indicates the amount of rewards users get after completion.

Reward system: iSurveyWorld gives out cash rewards of up to $25 in PayPal to users.

Payment per survey: You earn the indicated amount on each survey until you reach the minimum threshold

Minimum Withdrawal: the minimum withdrawal is $20, and you can withdraw into your PayPal account.

Start iSurveyWord


3. Toluna

Toluna gives out daily surveys on behalf of big companies to learn about their products, services, and other issues. The site also has exciting apps with the latest survey opportunities.

On average, it takes about 15 minutes to complete each survey. As a result, the pay rate is about £3.75 per hour. Besides, aside from answering surveys, you can play a side game to earn more money.

Reward system: Rewards come through Amazon, high street vouchers, and PayPal direct payments

Payment per survey: you can earn between 1,200 and 50,000 points while 2000 points = $1

Minimum Withdrawal: the minimum withdrawal is 27,000 points through vouchers and 500 to enter draws

Apply for Toluna


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”which survey sites pay the most?” answer-0=”Swagbucks, Surveysavvy are some of the highly rewarding online paid survey sites” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”what are the best paying survey sites?” answer-1=”The best paying survey sites include Swagbucks, Toluna, LifePoints Surveysavvy, and others” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”what are the best survey sites that pay?” answer-2=”The best paying survey sites include Swagbucks, Toluna, LifePoints Surveysavvy, and others” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]


4. Lifepoints

LifePoints is a combination of two powerful paid online survey sites – MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket. This platform rewards each survey between £3 and £5 per hour through a rewards point-based system.

On average, each survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and fetches you 100 points. However, you have to wait till you receive survey prompts by mail.

Reward system: users get their rewards via PayPal, Amazon, or high street vouchers

Payment: each survey is close to £1

Minimum Withdrawal: when you earn up to 550 points, you can withdraw through your preferred means.

Start Lifepoints Now


5. PopulusLive

PopulusLive is a UK-based survey site covering various topics, including politics, current affairs, sports, and shopping. You can practically earn £1 every 5 minutes you spend working with PopulusLive.

However, you have to pay attention to all the instructions on these survey sites, or else you may miss the reward.

Reward system: the reward is earned cash through points

Payment amount: each survey can fetch you between £2 and £3

Minimum Withdrawal: when you accrue up to 50 points, you can withdraw. By the way, 1 point = £1

Register for PopulusLive


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6. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost has one of the lowest possible payment thresholds, which is good news for quick money-makers. In other words, if you respond to 5 surveys, you are fit to withdraw immediately. Also, the site is fast becoming popular because of its quick payouts and fun surveys.

Reward system: it rewards users through Amazing vouchers and cash

Payment: each survey rewards 50p

Minimum Withdrawal: the minimum threshold per withdrawal is just £2.50

Start OpinionOutpost


7. Price Rebel

Prize Rebel accepts survey respondents from anywhere in the world, including Nigeria. It even has a lower withdrawal threshold of £2 that you can easily earn from a few surveys.

When you reach 200 points, equivalent to £2, you can apply to withdraw via the available options. Apart from responding to surveys, you can also earn from watching videos or completing other offers.

Reward system: the site rewards respondents via gift cards or PayPal cash

Payment per survey: each survey rewards between 50p and £20

Minimum Withdrawal: £2

Register for PrizeRebel


8. Paid Viewpoint

Paid Viewpoint pays to learn one or more things about you, including your opinion and demographics. More so, every step of the registration process earns you more cash apart from the survey earnings.

Besides, earning from surveys is simple because it uses cash deposits rather than points. At the same time, you can withdraw directly into your PayPal account.

Reward system: reward is in cash that is withdrawable into a PayPal account or through virtual incentives

Payment per survey:  The amount you earn after each survey depends on the survey

Minimum Withdrawal: you can always withdraw when you earn up to $15

Start PaidViewpoint


9. SurveySavvy

This site is one of the easiest survey sites to use. It follows just three steps to earn money. Of course, you have to register, then browse the web to participate in the market and earn money.

You can also earn money from the site app, SavvyConnect on all connected devices. This app rewards your market browsing as you supply the information to the organization that needs them. Also, you may get a special invitation for additional research projects that align with the provided data.

Reward system: reward for completed surveys and information is cash that you get as checks

Payment per survey: Each survey comes with an amount of reward

Minimum Withdrawal: $1

SurveySavvy Registration Now


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10. Zoombucks

Zoombucks have fascinating offers and pay up to $1 per survey as the site carries out surveys for multinationals. It is effortless to earn money from this site as they accept participants worldwide.

Like Swagbucks, you can earn by responding to surveys, watching videos, and referring others. Moreover, the amount you can earn per day depends on how many surveys you fill.

Reward system: you earn directly when you complete any of the tasks

Payment per survey: the amount of each survey varies

Minimum Withdrawal: the minimum withdrawal amount is 5000 points, which can redeem $5.

Begin Zoombucks


11. Opinion Bureau

Here’s one extra survey site: Opinion Bureau offers you to earn a bonus from joining and participating in paid surveys. Also, you earn when you refer people and they complete surveys. And when the poll closes, you can redeem your points within the next 15 days.

Reward system: it has a reward system that is redeemable within 10 days

Payment: the survey payment depends on each survey

Minimum Withdrawal: you can redeem whenever you reach the minimum amount

Begin Opinion Bureau


What Types of Paid Online Survey Sites can I take?

There are different online paid survey sites, including advertisers, brand promoters, product appeals, site/app testing, and service surveys.

These sites may not always stick to one type, but group market research firms combine many different types. Also, you can get an opportunity to test new products and services.


How much can online Survey sites pay me?

The payment for online surveys differs from one site to another. But on average, bear in mind that a point-based system often equates 100 points to $1. Therefore, if you acquire 3000 points, you just earned $30, which you can withdraw through the available options.

PayPal as a payment option is ubiquitous among paid survey sites that are online. Another common one is redeeming through coupons and gift cards on Amazon, Google Play, eBay, Walmart, and Starbucks.

Google forms still remain one of the best tools for creating surveys and forms for personal and business purposes.


10 best survey sites online paid


How to Make More Money from Survey Sites

Are you ready to execute the online surveys from the listed sites? Then learn the best ways to make money since these offers are open to you. The following steps can guide you to make money from online paid survey sites smoothly.

  1. Sign up for them all. Join as many online survey sites as possible, activate your account, respond to surveys regularly and invite others.
  2. Use an Alias email. A good way to maintain a good record is to create a separate email for responding to survey sites. For instance, you may open a mail like [email protected]. That way, you can dedicate the mail to that single purpose.
  3. Be honest with all surveys. It is easy for survey reviewers to detect contradictions and dishonesty. When this happens, they may suspend your account or use other penalties.
  4. Avoid Scam Survey Sites. Please don’t believe everything you read on some survey sites, but rather judge them rationally. If their reward system is unrealistic, then they are likely fake.
  5. Withdraw whenever you can. As much as you should trust survey sites, don’t hesitate to withdraw as early as you can. Another reason is to avoid any unnecessary disruption.
  6. Don’t Pay to Join. Any online survey sites that ask you to pay before getting paid are most likely a scam. Forget about any promises you get; survey sites should pay you for responding to surveys, simple!



Be careful of survey sites that request sensitive information. For instance, don’t give out your bank account details, driver’s license number, and Social Security Number. General info such as age and gender are safe.

What has been your experience with online paid survey sites so far?

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