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The best veterinary schools for students and researchers are not hard to find in the world. And it does not really matter whether as first or higher degrees, you simply need to know where to look. Veterinarians are animal doctors who possess the knowledge and the ways of animals.


The provision of adequate and state-of-the-art research laboratory equipment and facilities aid practical veterinary studies. Therefore, many students and researchers frequently search for the top veterinary school that is apt for their academic pursuit.

Aspiring veterinarians, therefore, require the best schools to acquire the skills of veterinary science. It is also essential to conduct researches and arrive at the best choice of veterinary schools.

There are indeed many veterinary schools across the globe, either as departments or separate colleges.

Also, you need to learn if they offer programs that are most appropriate for you. The top veterinary colleges are from different countries such as the US, Britain, the Netherlands, Canada, and Germany.

In the quest for the top veterinary schools worldwide, students must know where to look for the best. We have compiled some top veterinary schools with the highest-ranking and the best equipment for highly qualitative academic standards.

So, do you seek to be a professional Veterinary Doctor? Enrol for Veterinary Science/Medicine in any of the below listed veterinary schools:

List of 11 Top Veterinary Schools Worldwide

1. The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies – University of Edinburgh

For students who longs to become a qualified veterinary doctor, Royal Dick is best suitable for you. The University offers both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the Veterinary medicine field,

The University of Edinburgh is one of the oldest schools of Veterinary medicine in the world. One of the outstanding achievements of this school is its scientific experiment by cloning a sheep – Dolly. This school also has become popular for “Dolly”.

William Dick founded the Royal Dick School of Veterinary in 1823. Also, it is one of the top classical schools of Veterinary across the globe. They offer credible scientific researches, clinical services and conducts studies. Learn more about the University of Edinburgh, and begin your application.


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2. Veterinary Science, University of Sydney

The oldest University in Australia, the University of Sydney, has been offering Veterinary Science since 1850. Also, the University of Sydney offers veterinary programs with all kinds of academic levels.

The school is one of the best choices for international students aspiring to study abroad. Besides, the veterinary science program of the University of Sydney was ranked the best of all veterinary schools in 2019.


3. North Carolina State University

NC State University has the College of Veterinary Medicine to award students Doctor of Veterinary. Their program options include either an MBA or a PhD from the College of Veterinary Science.

North Carolina started operation in 1985, and it is among the best veterinary schools in the USA and the world. In addition, Jenkins Graduate School of Management and North Carolina State Graduate School provides these awards and certificates, respectively.

It also provides an opportunity for the students to understand the administration of the business and their patients. This School of Veterinary Studies provides the best facility for quality education and professionalism.

NCSU covers diverse areas of study that include; Public Policy, Health Zoological Medicine, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Animal Medicine.

The major offered courses include Principles of Morphology, Disturbance of Reproduction, and Introduction of Animal Welfare.

In addition, students get an opportunity to learn further at Carolina State Hospital.


4. Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine is undoubtedly one of the world-leading veterinary schools in the world.

The University provides medical, educational services, including Biochemical Research, Animal Medicine, and Public Health programs.

These programs belong to five departments: Microbiology and Immunology, Biomedical Services, Clinical Services, Diagnostic Sciences, and Molecular Medicine.

The Cornell University of Veterinary is known for its excellence in its award-winning programs and students. For instance, the outstanding achievement is that the school holds the best American Veterinary Medical Association Prize six times.

Another exceptional feat is their clinical rotation running every third of the students, unlike other schools. Moreover, the students enjoy the primary focus on a particular study area through their 30% courses curriculum distribution.

They provide training in combined degree programs, including Master’s, DVM, and PhD programs. On the other hand, they also offer continuing education prospects.


5. Davis School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California

The University of California opened in 1868 as a public research institution. But her School of Veterinary Medicine opened in 1948 as a separate college.

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is leading among veterinary schools in the US and the world. According to the United States News and World Report Ranking, DSVC leads the best Veterinary schools.

Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is undisputedly one of the best schools in veterinary science. Also, the school makes provisions for students and researchers in fields related to public, environmental, and animal health.

They also provide medical packages, including excellent education and training services. In the same vein, they offer Masters and Doctorate programs.

Examples of particular programs are Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Graduate Academic Master’s, and Graduate Clinical Residency. Other programs are for PhD and professorship in Veterinary Medicine.


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6. Royal Veterinary College (RVC)

This school was initially known in 1791 as the University of London. And presently, it remains a top priority to reckon with in the world of veterinary medicine in the world.

Besides, the Royal Veterinary College also led to the establishment of a veterinary medicine career across Britain.

Due to its prominence, the College remains the top accreditor from the following professional bodies:

  • The European Association of Establishments of Veterinary Education (EAVE),
  • The Australian Veterinary Boards Council Incorporated (AVBC),
  • The American Veterinarian Medical Association (AVMA), and
  • The Royal Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS).


7. Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Pennsylvania Veterinary is the most competitive school globally, making it the best veterinary school in 2019 – QS ranking.

The School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania trains professional veterinarians. Also, the school has been an accredited veterinary school since 1884.

The college operates from Philadelphia, its main campus. And due to the division of the school into two colleges, Pennsylvania Veterinary awards a VMD degree.

Penn Vet offers a VMD – MBA 2 and VMD – PhD program to make it distinct from other veterinary schools worldwide.

Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine is also one of the private institutions working under the Ivy League research Universities.


8. Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge

Veterinary Medicine Department is a department functioning under the University of Cambridge, one of the oldest universities in the world.

The department runs its research on three angles: Disease Dynamics, Systems Pathology and Infection, and Immunity. Also, the intensive approach of the school enhances its reputation among others in raising quality professionals.

Besides, they run a small size department with an average of 70 students in a calendar year, aiding effective teaching.

To provide a vast clinical service to the people, the school collaborates with The Queens Veterinary School Hospital.

They also provide students with professional, undergraduate, and graduate programs with small animal and equine hospitals.


9. Kansas State University (KSU) Veterinary Medicine

Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine is most notable for its immense knowledge of animal care and providing cures. This school also has scholarships and grants for international students who may are interested in the study.

For a start, the school has two research centres that run two different operations. The centres include the Centre of Excellence for Emerging and Zoonotic Animal Diseases and the Centre for Epithelial Research Studies.


10. University of Glasgow

The School of Veterinary Medicine under the University of Glasgow remains the best in Veterinary Science in the UK.  According to statistics, the school positions as the fourth oldest University in the English-speaking communities across the world.

Also, the School of Veterinary Medicine, Glasgow, provides students with efficient veterinary studies for all grades, including undergraduates and graduate qualifications.


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11. The University of Missouri

College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Missouri runs as the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology. So, when you encounter this department, you know it is the same as the Veterinary school.

This department works in the areas of specialization around pathology, including Parasitology, Genetics, and other related studies. Besides, some other areas are Comparative Medicine, Immunology, and Microbiology.

The students get practical training from the Veterinary Healthcare Centre, protecting over 17,000 cases from all over the country.

Also, their research processes involve Human-Animal Interaction, a project involving the Sinclair School of Nursing and the College of Veterinary.



In conclusion, the best feature peculiar to these schools is their manner of academic operations with animals. These schools offer intending applicants chances to conduct practical researches on animals, learning how to interact with animals.

However, the set-ups of these schools may differ, yet they hold their specialities. Whether in terms of structure, administration, awards, and honour, the selected schools offer the best veterinary medicine training.

Besides, some schools offer scholarships and grants for applicants, including international students from developing countries.

Some of these schools operate as part of the University institution, while others exist as an independent colleges. Many of these schools are known for outstanding research breakthroughs and awards across the globe, making them trustworthy.

Which of the schools would you prefer?

Drop your comments in the box below. Let’s hear from you!

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