5 Best US Merit Scholarships for International Students {Full Guide}

So, you are seeking a scholarship to pursue a degree in the US? You are not alone. As of today, over 1.1 million international students are in the same pursuit as you. Are you wondering why the number that much? The reason simple. There are countless merit scholarships for international students in the US today.


What are Merit Scholarships?

Merit scholarship programs are basically for students who dream of studying abroad but lack the financial capacity.

Are you in a difficult situation, particularly in funding your studies? Then, take a deep breath! Because the lack of financial assistance should not stop you from becoming the person of your dreams.

Instead, you need on-time helpful information about merit scholarships for international students to keep your academic pursuit alive.

Allow me to elaborate as you follow me carefully.

Merit scholarships do not require knowing any respected personality in the society before you become a beneficiary. In other words, the requirements and conditions are precise, while the process of selection is transparent.

As the name suggests, these great scholarships are based on ‘Merit’! And, this time, it’s happening in the US. That sounds amazing. Absolutely!

As much as I know, many international students crave to study in the US. Why? Because of the wide variety of study options and career opportunities the country offers. Meanwhile, you can find a helpful article that discusses the advantages of studying in the US here.


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What are the Unique Benefits of this Article?

Do you also want to take this advantage to attain your professional goals against all odds? Then, let me guide you.

You will find valuable secrets that can change your academic story if you follow them carefully. So, that’s what this article is all about. But, more so, it will reveal the best US-based merit scholarships options available to international students worldwide.

I will share the top five merit scholarships for international students in the USA. But, before we go listing, let me feed you what to expect.

In this article, you will learn the details of each scholarship offer and how to apply successfully. What’s more? These scholarship programs take full responsibility for successful applicants regardless of their country of origin.

What does that mean?

Each of these scholarship programs provides financial support to international students in every part of the world. In addition, they offer the rare opportunity for international students to study both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the US.


List of Merit Scholarships for International Students to study in the US

Thus, this list contains independent undergraduate scholarship bodies and universities that offer merit scholarships for international students in the USA.

Are you ready now? Here you go.


1.      Fulbright Foreign Student Program (USA)

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program (FFSP) is among the most reputable Merit Scholarships for international students in the USA. Not only that, it is open to any student from any part of the world.

To further clear your doubt, the Fulbright Foreign Student Programs is available in over 160 countries worldwide. As if that is not enough, more than 4,000 international students receive Fulbright scholarships every year. A word of notice, that figure does not contain a single US-based student.

Most international students prefer to apply for this merit scholarship because it’s majorly for foreigners. So, that could be one reason it’s standing as the number one position on this list.

The program enables undergraduate students and artisans from different part of the world to research and study in the US. It lasts for one year or longer at US universities or other appropriate institutions, depending on the course.

The Fulbright program provides funding for the period of the study. The support covers tuition, textbooks, airfare, health insurance, and a living stipend.


How to Apply

This program is one of the merit scholarships for international students in the USA with the most straightforward application means. Moreover, it doesn’t require much stress.

You only need to complete a form and wait for a response to your email in no time. To be part of this great program, visit the official Fullbright website.



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2.      Pace International Scholarships (USA)

Pace University offers Pace International Merit Scholarships to international students pursuing undergraduate programs in America. In addition, it is among the most sought-after merit scholarships for international students in the USA.

Based on reviews and testimonials of past applicants, this program offers full financial and academic support to international students.

The Pace International Scholarships programs operate strictly on merit. That is, the name of your country, race, financial status and political influence doesn’t matter. However, you can only become a beneficiary if you follow the rules.

Meanwhile, you need to note that only those holding an admission into the university can apply for the scholarships. Another word of caution; the closing date of the application is November 1. Hence, it is in your best interest to use now to stand a better chance of studying in the US.

How to Apply

Note that you don’t have to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to benefit from this scholarship. However, there are forms and information concerning the requirements of the application.

As a result, all interested international students must meet the application requirements to study at Pace University. In other words, the authorities of this program would only consider an applicant based on these terms and conditions.

The first step is to fill a short application form on the PACE university’s official website. After that, you will send all of your application’s supporting documents directly to Pace University.

Apply to PACE


3.      Dominican University International Merit Scholarships (California, USA) 

The top merit scholarships for international students are never complete without Dominican University International Merit Scholarships. That is not hyperbole; this merit scholarship program is one of the most accommodating international students.

It should also gladden your heart to hear that Dominican University has supported international students for over a century.

The full-support scholarship program is accessible for all students in any part of the world. However, as fascinating as that sounds, it is incomplete if you miss the fact that it is strictly on merit.

In reality, getting a scholarship to study at Dominican University is a multi-benefit package. Are you confused? Let me elaborate further.

Recently, US News & World Report ranked the institution as the 4th Best Value School in the Midwest. Consequently, holding a certificate with the institution’s name gives you an advantage in the labour market.


How to Apply

First off, note that the application deadline is rolling when you apply to the Dominican University merit scholarships. And that the ACT or SAT scores are due by August 1.

To apply, visit the university’s official website and fill the short application form. After completing the online registration, the next step is to send your application documentation to the university via email ([email protected]).

Apply to Dominican



4.      Widener University International Undergraduate Scholarships

The Centre for International Studies at the prestigious Widener University offers merit scholarships to international students worldwide. Over several years, these university scholarship programs have helped many students step above financial obstacles to study in the US.

Although the program is open to all, there’s a reason many international students fail in their applications. Unlike many other merit scholarships for international students in the US, this program focuses on exceptional academic performance.

What does that mean? You can only benefit from this scholarship if you can demonstrate outstanding academic excellence in your previous studies. Little wonder only students with excellent academic results get favourable results.

Widener University is also an exceptional and inclusive academic environment that transforms students into committed leaders and citizens. More so, the institution focuses on integrating its core values into students life-changing study experiences and internships.

What’s more? They encourage their students to develop strong leadership skills to become young professionals.


How to Apply

All prospective applicants must fulfil the following criteria to be eligible for the merit scholarship. These criteria form the minimum requirement that qualifies you for an invitation to interview for a full-time tuition scholarship:

  • 1410 minimum combined SAT score or 30 minimum ACT composite score
  • Top 10% of the senior class
  • 85 minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) based on a 4.0-grade scale
  • Citizens of all nationalities can apply
  • Applicants must possess at least one previous degree
  • All candidates should have excellent communication skill and good command of the English language.

Furthermore, entries for International Merit Scholarships are currently ongoing at the Dominican University of California. Besides, these scholarships programs are available for international students to pursue diverse undergraduate degree programs.

Kindly visit the university’s official site to apply.

Apply to Widener


5.      Harvard University Scholarship

Merit scholarships for international students at Harvard is indeed a rare opportunity. And You already know why. Harvard is home to sound, intensive education in the USA.

Consequently, studying at Harvard on Scholarship could be the best thing that ever happens to any international student.

Let’s get a little bit deeper. Harvard University Scholarships take care of international students for their undergraduate, masters, and doctorate degrees at Harvard. For every international student, securing a scholarship at Harvard is an opportunity to live their dreams.

Of course, most people believe that getting admission into Harvard requires lots of money. But, on the contrary, studying at a prestigious university might not be expensive after all.

You can get sound education from the iconic academic haven for free. Incredible, right? Absolutely.

Here’s the gist: Harvard University awards various scholarships to thousands of deserving international students worldwide. And, you don’t need a signet ring from the queen of England to earn it; it’s simply on merit.

As of today, Harvard University has a record of raising great men that have stood on the world platform. If you still wonder, why Harvard? That gives you a clue of what it means to win a scholarship to study at Harvard.

Specifically, Harvard is the oldest institution in the US that welcomes students from every part of the world. Without a doubt, Harvard is also a renowned study destination for international students. In addition, the institution allows students to participate in a wide range of activities.

The great citadel of learning is devoted to excellence in teaching and research. She is also driven to develop leaders in many disciplines to make a global difference.


How to Apply

Harvard University merit scholarships for international students have four categories. They are;

  • Prospective students
  • Currently enrolled US students
  • Currently enrolled international students, and
  • Prospective international students.

As a prospective international student, you are eligible to apply for prospective international students’ scholarships.

To apply for this scholarship program, interested applicants need to apply via the university’s official website.

The application gets under auto-consideration for financial support during the application process. Therefore, you will get an email notification that confirms you as one of the beneficiaries.

Apply to Harvard


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On A Final Note

Before applying for any of these merit scholarships available to international students in the USA, set your academic goals. And, most importantly, you also need to make sure your educational purposes align with what you want to become.

If you plan to apply for a college or university scholarship in the US, make sure you learn how it works. Consider the advantages, opportunities, and challenges involved. It will help you to make an informed decision and take the necessary step towards a successful future.

Let us know how we can help you get started below.

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