About BuzzVale – The Brand

We are delighted you are here to learn what the Blog is all about.

BuzzVale is about bringing diverse opportunities and offers to you who need them. But before we go into the details of what we do, let us give a brief of the business history.

BUZZVALE provides the latest business and career opportunities through helpful information and educational content. But we focus on helping entrepreneurs and career enthusiasts achieve the best possible results.

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Setting up this platform is a product of concern for entrepreneurs, job seekers, and students to find help. BuzzVale is an arm of PEARLCITY ONLINE SERVICES, a registered company under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria. As proof, the registration number is BN 1071219.

Therefore, the broad idea of the business is to engage young entrepreneurs, students, and employees in profitable ventures.

About BuzzvaleOur Vision

We have set our eyes on becoming the foremost domain with all-encompassing career-building and global market as our target.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide profitable and sustainable business ideas to all categories of people. In other words, the target audience may include entrepreneurs, scholars, and job-seekers, all on one platform. In measurable terms, we want to be among the top five global platforms where you can find help.

Our Values

We value professionalism, integrity, truth, responsibility, pro-activeness, transparency, and balance. Besides, not only do we show these values in dealings, we equally expect it from all our clients and partners.

Meet the Team

Oluseun BOLAWA

Lead Strategist

I trained as a Hydrobiologist but self-taught also as a passionate writer with great enthusiasm for content creation. Moreover, my area of focus is in business startup, motivation, and growth.

Whereas, Blogging is an upgrade to my writing career to put my knowledge to use in helping others. This way, they can achieve great feats with the right information and training.

As an entrepreneur, I have practically started and nurtured key businesses in education, freelance writing, and agriculture.

Follow me on Twitter: @bolawaoluseun, Instagram: @bolawaoluseun, and Facebook: @olupeter004.




Oluwafemi AdedejiOluwafemi Adedeji


Olufemi Adedeji is a professional journalist with a passion for content writing and editing. But he has close to a decade of experience in both freelance and corporate article writing.

Besides, his area of focus also includes entrepreneurship, as well as creative and academic writing.

Also, beyond writing, he actively coaches other people in business startups and related training.

Add him up on Facebook (Adedeji Oluwafemi Moses) or send him a personal mail at [email protected]