Top Small or Medium Scale Business Ideas for Women to Start

An average woman wants to get her hand busy with one business or the other, however small. She, therefore, goes in search of unique small medium-scale business ideas that can bring women steady income while she stays at home.

Perhaps it is even safe to say that diverse business ideas come more naturally to women. And they get more passionate about running multiple streams of income.

Small and medium-scale business ideas allow women to make steady and reasonable income with less than ten workers. Besides, a small or medium-scale business enables you to work at your leisure without leaving your regular job.

The benefits of creating business ideas can be limitless, depending on how creative you are in thinking. Before you continue with this article, I recommend a similar piece for your perusal, but which addresses opportunities for ladies.


The Unique Small and Medium-Scale Business Ideas for Women to Consider

Here are some of the unique small or medium scale businesses that, as a woman, you can safely go into;

1. Yoga Training

Yoga training is a unique small-scale and medium business idea where women can make money. It may be a very uncommon business idea but can be viable in the right environment.

Ideally, you can set it up in your own home with a few pieces of equipment, which is not expensive.

Setting up yoga training in your home may not bring you big money at first. But as you expand your customer base and get more students, your earnings will increase as well.

Yoga training does not only earns you money but also provides an opportunity to live a healthy life.


2. Spa and Beauty Services

Women show more interest in body beauty in the body than men. And as a beautician, you can set up a room in your home for beauty, treatments, and costumes. This opportunity definitely will start earning you money with little effort.

Body beauty and treatment include makeovers, hairstyling, haircutting, hair waxing, spa, and other related services.

You can also render home services, where you visit your customers and charge them a token for your assistance. Besides, you can generate income by making and selling beauty products such as body creams, fragrances, etc.

Additionally, through social media, you can create tutorials online, such as YouTube, Instagram, and upload the videos.

By this, you can attract followers and customers as you also expand your market reach. A website like UrbanClap can help you market your beauty services online.


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3. Baking Cake

Baking cakes and other confectionaries can be another handy and unique small or medium-scale business idea for women. It also does not require significant capital to set up.

Women that are skillful in baking can build a very profitable venture with earnings reaching millions. One thing is to develop the idea. Another way is to improve one’s skills until it becomes profitable.

Also, it will require that you build consistently impressive products for your customers. As you do, you will enjoy the benefits of referrals from satisfied customers. Then, on the other hand, you can continue to engage new and existing customers and enjoy your earnings.

These cakes come in different types and sizes, while the common ones include:

  • Cup-cakes
  • Sponge Cakes
  • Pound cakes
  • Carrot cakes
  • Butter cakes

4. Start a Blog

Running your blog is one way to express yourself and make money. There are many topics that women can blog about that will have good acceptance and a broad audience base.

Of course, the more comprehensive your readership base, the more potential the blog will earn you more money.

Blogging is also a business that can be run by women passionate about making passive income for themselves.

You can make as much as thousands of USD in a month when you advertise on your blog.

Meanwhile, affiliate marketing earns you more, but you can integrate the two strategies.

Remember, you do not have to be a great writer before setting this small-scale business up. Other writers are willing to team up with you for payment.


5. Daycare Services

Many parents, mainly the working class, search for day-care or nanny services that can give their children the utmost care. This service is particularly needful in their absence due to work or special occasions.

Simultaneously, nanny or day-care services require a healthy environment and a trusted team for the best delivery. As a day-care owner, you can teach the kids academics and helpful business cultures and habits.

Also, kids must feel at home whenever their parents bring them. This method ensures that you can impact them to the best of your ability.

Some parents are ready to pay you handsomely as long as they know he’s in good hands. You may charge them monthly or however you deem fit. Depending on the interest in your services and location, some clients may even pay you more than the average.

All you have to do is to:

  • Get a license.
  • Buy different toys and playing equipment.
  • Provide health care services.
  • Set up an adequate security service.
  • Employ a few staff – cleaners, drivers, cooks, and others.


6. Making Sales Through Amazon ‘FBA.’

Amazon FBA program allows you to market your goods online. You can earn good money if the products are your handiwork or bought directly from the manufacturer.

It is more like an e-commerce platform where you register and start selling products. Register at the Amazon fulfillment center and send your products to the Amazon warehouse for dispatch.

The idea is that they help you deliver your goods to customers while you profit from the sale. Other platforms apart from Amazon also run similar programs, and you can make money.

This Amazon FBA is a tremendous opportunity for passive income open to women. Read more about Amazon FBA.


7. Become a Tutor

One thing that brings life fulfillment is teaching what you know. There have been individual reports that you don’t know a subject well enough to explain it in the purest form.

And since women are naturally endowed with describing a thing or a concept, they can enjoy this. More so, you can teach on any subject, ranging from Science and Arts to Accounting and Bookkeeping.

There are also more fun topics, such as cooking, home designs, handmade crafts, canvas, and other stuff.

Besides, women that are skillful in cooking meals can start to earn money by showing how to make them. This business idea does not only bring you money but brings fulfillment to what you love to do.

There are several social media where you can upload your tutorials regularly. The more you attract followers or subscribers with many likes, the more you earn.


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8. Become a Life Coach

It is one thing to create lessons on how to do stuff online, while it is another thing to focus on coaching. The former way has to do with a general approach, while the latter involves focusing on one or a few persons.

If you are passionate about teaching people similarly, you can start life coaching. People out there often need a formal or informal coach.

On the one hand, formal coaching may be on a school subject, course, or particular professional exam. But on the other hand, informal coaching may involve helping people achieve a specific skill.

You also have a crucial choice to make in terms of the population of students you want to handle per time. This choice, however, has to do with physical coaching. Online coaching may not have a limitation of space.

However, before qualifying as a coach, you must be a real professional in that field. The next step will be repackaging coaching to suit your group. In the target audience, ensure you bear in mind people who can afford your offer.

Before the charge comes in, plan to give so much value to your clients. You can then decide to charge your clients hourly and make more money.

Some coaching courses can cost about $100 per hour or more. When the brand becomes more prominent, you can target a higher income while providing a higher value.


9. Graphics Design

If you are skillful in creating graphics, you can build a business from that skill and earn fresh money. Other companies require graphic artists for their branding and marketing.

Over time, the company can grow into a large-scale venture, raking in millions of cash. A fantastic aspect of business creation these days is that you can outsource jobs if you know what it takes. We will discuss this strategy later on in this article.

Graphic art as a business is an integral part of branding. The products may include logos, brochures, banners, posters, IVs, complimentary cards, and other business tools.


10. Cleaning and Laundry

You can also make money when you render cleaning services. You can do this business at your convenience and at any scale you can afford. Women can explore many of these business ideas to start up small or medium-scale businesses.

Furthermore, cleaning can either be domestic or corporate, the former being for households and the other for companies. All you need to do is get your affordable cleaning equipment and start to make money.


11. Interior Decoration

The interior decoration business is a 21st-century craft that many people have come to enjoy. For a start, it is an art with a lot of potentials to make big money.

At first, you should have an eye for decorations, especially for making a room beautiful to behold. Also, it will involve the right combination of colors and creativity with drapes, wallpapers, flowers, paintings, and frames.

Many materials make the indoor environment lovely, but it depends on the decorator’s creativity. The simple steps require you to learn the art, build a business on it, and make money.


12. Freelancing

Write and make money at the corner of your home. Freelancing is an opportunity for you to make money online while you write. Fiverr, Freelancers, and Upwork are among the prominent freelance writing platforms.

Website and content writing, SEO writing, page design are some of the most popular kinds of writing on these platforms. Learn how to start your freelance writing.


13. Arts and Crafts (Basket Weaving and Making Embroidery)

If you are skillful with your hands, you can build and sell handmade materials like baskets and embroideries.

Baskets are natural objects in interior decorations, especially in an African setting. And if you are creative enough, you can produce these baskets in different sizes and for different uses.

You can also make them for special events such as birthdays, festivals, parties, and other occasions.

On the other hand, you can start an embroidery business as a woman and make a lot of money. It is an accessible business in some parts of the world but remains unpopular in some regions.

You may also need to set up computer software for design to manage the business. Get experts to operate embroidery machines to create designs of clothing and accessories.


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14. Photography

Photography is now applicable to very many things nowadays. One such branch of photography is storytelling.

So, if you are a creative visual storyteller, you can make money as a woman through the business of photography.

Photography is about perspective and creativity, while nature and life create that environment and experience. People love to capture moments and turn them into memories, and you can be the one to create such memories.

Photography is beyond events coverage, although that also is an imaginary part. You can become a food, nature, documentary, or movie photographer.

You can also make your sales when you upload your images online to generate traffic. Shutterstock and other sites will pay you for excellent photos that are yours.


15. Cooking

Cooking is almost a fundamental skill, common in most women except a few. So, if you enjoy cooking, and your culinary skills are great, consider starting a fast-food business. Options include fixing quick meals, snacks, pizza, ice cream, sandwiches, or chicken with chips.

Your target may be workers who don’t find it easy to leave their workplaces to eat. That is, you can deliver food to the right in their offices. However, you may need a reliable logistics service that won’t mess up your food and can deliver on time.

In addition, leverage social media to promote your business, starting from within your locality. An online presence gives your business visibility. By the way, this article discusses how you can use social media tools for your small business.

For example, take a clean and clear picture of your newly made dish. Then, post the images or short video clips on your social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter.

More so, you can also give out unique content like recipes. The idea is to keep engaging your audience by adding value to them in relation to what you do. Consequently, these social media activities pose you as a professional in what you do.

In time, friends, community members, and an online audience will contact you for your service delivery. Customers may include those who want to host a small party event and requires your service. Apparently, not everyone can cope with the preparation of a large amount of food, they often need help.


16. Online store

In today’s world, you can sell almost anything online. Online stores like Amazon and eBay make it easy to sell online without leaving the comfort of your home. For example, you can create an online fashion store on any of these aforementioned sites.

However, you may need to have a good fashion sense and an eye for a nice outfit. In addition, if you have a craft skill like knitting or crocheting, you can choose online stores like Esty. Etsy particularly is a well-known online store for handmade products.

Alternatively, you may sell craft materials physically or through eCommerce channels. However, it is important to have a good Logistics company and deliver products as described. Otherwise, the dissatisfied customers may give your business bad reviews which could hurt the business growth.


17. Gifting Brand

People love to surprise their loved ones once with gifts during special occasions like birthdays or weddings. But more recently, people are leveraging on others to help them prepare these gift items.

Therefore, stay-at-home moms can start up a gifting brand as a gifted curator and help others put together gifts. Being a Gift curator requires being able to identify unique and special gifts but it’s a very interesting one.

If you convince your clients, you can put together gifts on their behalf. And those recipients will receive all the intended love in due time, you will have a great chance of retaining them.



In conclusion, different experiences and economic changes now teach us that entrepreneurship is the way to go.

Consider these small or medium-scale business ideas that are unique for you as long as you are ready to make money. These business ideas accord women the opportunities to make money from their homes through small and medium-scale enterprises. However, this process cannot be without being creative.

There are countless stories of women who, after building a credible business, they resolved to capitalize on the trade only. In this way, they chose to own their businesses above, working for others. More so, the above ideas can earn you pay with a low capital requirement.

However, you must learn to grow steadily and consistently until you achieve your dreams.


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