How to Make Extra Money on the Side in 2021 [16 Practical Ways]

There are a hundred and one ways to make legit money as a side hustle. And many materials teach how to make more money, especially on the side. However, it is not always easy to figure out the best, especially when different ideas trouble the mind.

So, the most lucrative ways range from online sales, freelancing, affiliates, courses, driving, online publishing, and so on.

Learning how to make more money legitimately on the side is also what most people yearn for at this time. Particularly, more people need to support their present income and boost their economic capability.

You can make your money on the side from different options. These options include online sales, driving a car, renting out your property, affiliate marketing, logistics, and so on.

Practical Ways to Make Money on the Side

1. Earn with your Vehicle

An individual who knows driving can register with organizations like Uber or Lyft. Your primary requirement is to have a car in good condition, with a working air condition component.

The steps to take may include registering your car with either of the companies while examining your record. You must, therefore, have an impeccable driving record.

However, you have to consider the cost of maintaining the car and having a good insurance plan. As you learn how to make money on the side, endeavor to comprehend the involved strategies.

2. Car Rent

As a car owner, you may also decide to rent your car out on an hourly basis in your leisure time.

You can do this as many times as you like in a week. All you need to do is to get in touch with your insurance company for a proper guide.

Also, be sure you can make as much as $35 – $50 per hour only for standard cars. But SUVs earn much more than that. Websites like Getaround and Turo can help you keep safe.

3. Sell Products Online – eCommerce

You may decide to sell some of your fairly used products online. These products may include clothes, gadgets, or electronic devices such as phones and accessories.

However, some of the things you need to do include

  • taking beautiful photos of your products
  • write an attractive and exciting description of the products, and
  • find a good marketing website to make your sales – eBay

Why not try your hands on this method. It may be an amazing achievement on your path to learning how to make more money on the side.

4. Start Blogging

When you own your blog and websites, you are a step ahead of making more money into your purse.

In addition to your blogging, you make more money when you run affiliate marketing. This aspect involves operating as an intermediary between a seller and the buyer with a unique link.

You can make as much as $15,000 or much more in a month. Another way to make more money is through advert placement for business owners on your blog.

5. Create and Sell Information Products such as eBooks

Another easy way to make more money on the side is by selling digital products such as e-books. This way, you need to first think about the most sort after the subject.

For instance, with your vast knowledge of social media, you may compile some crucial information into an e-book. However, e-book marketing is an entirely new strategy.

Some of the options of selling your e-books might be through online marketplaces such as Amazon and other eCommerce sites. You can also create an avenue for selling it on other people’s blogs or yours.

Finally, you may give the e-book for free to your subscribers or promote the product through social media. Another product that may sell fast as e-book content includes children or adult stories.

You may create works of fiction or non-fiction and sell them online. Some of the platforms that allow you to create, edit, and sell your book are Amazon, CreateSpace, and KDB.


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6. Course Creation

Creating an online course about training and other subjects is another way of making money online. Udemy and Coursera are very viable platforms to share what you know and charge people for a token.

For a start, you may make the course free of charge for learners. By the time more people are registering, you can then add a price to it. You must create a class that has real value that people need and are actively seeking. Remember that people only part with their money when they are convinced a good value is coming in return.

7. Test Website

Testing Websites can bring you an average income of $10 every 20 minutes on some platforms. Many website owners require your sincere opinion about their website or app function.

Sharing thoughts in line with page design and content easy navigation can become vital in the analysis.

Nevertheless, you will have to post your reactions and thoughts on the websites to be eligible for payment. However, this step follows passing a short test and earning a qualification.

Most standard test websites for users outside the U.S are TryMyUI, Userlytics, Testing Time, UserTesting.com, and Userfeel. Other sites are StartUpLift and Analysis.

You may want to check out our latest article on some website testing jobs to try.

8. Make Deliveries

Since online marketing is becoming popular day by day, you may decide to go into deliveries. One way this method boosts such business is by developing a good relationship with digital marketers and drop-shippers.

These deliveries can be in the form of clothing, electronic devices, or in some cases, food items. Register with one of the companies that are into such business and start making deliveries for them.

Companies like Instacart, Amazon Flex, Uber Eats, and the likes can help you with this project. You can as well partner with some other logistics company to build a viable work relationship.

9. Online Coaching and Tutoring

Knowledge is power, and as long as man exists, there will always be a quest for knowledge. Every person has one thing or the other to teach others. However, you may have to select the knowledge to find the right learners carefully.

Set up online coaching on your favorite subject, such as consultancy in any field. It can be a science-related subject, arts, or commerce. It can even be online training concerning digital marketing.

You may decide to teach students various languages. For instance, you can teach the English language to students from non-English speaking countries.

In other related cases, people need to pass some examinations for studies or immigration. Online tutoring may also provide the required training, and the learners will pay up.

10. Social Media Marketing

Statistics have shown that your social media accounts can earn you more money on the sides than your main gig. It would help if you learned how to monetize your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.

These methods of earning from your social media largely depend on your followership or subscriber base. It is where the real work lies, and not many people can handle this part.

It is not enough to make occasional posts on social media if you hope to build a large fan base. It would be best if you started building a relationship online. This strategy is much easier for entertainers and other elites because people they don’t know already love them.

But as a small or medium business owner, you may not readily command such followership. Hence, the need to gradually build and maintain a relationship for your business’s sake in the long run. Up your game by creating a business account and build on how to make money on the side.

11. Become an Instagram Influencer

An Instagram influencer is a user who commands large followership and can do the same for other users. Therefore, organizations and companies employed methods to liaise with these individuals with many followers on Instagram to push their brands.

Note that some of these companies are willing to pay as much as thousands of dollars for a single project. This technique is employed to make such account owners represent their brand and influence customers.

Among the things you need to put in place is to influence your followers towards the brand regularly. This means that people through you might get to appreciate the brand and learn more about it.

It means that before you agree to influence a product, you have a piece of proper knowledge about what the brand represents. At the same time, your personality or business must fit into the brand value. You can then make adverts and other posts to positively influence the brand.

Some of the useful marketing platforms you can learn from include Famebit or Instagram.

12. Sell Photographs, Art, and CraftWorks

One of the most popular sites to market your business related to arts and craft is the Etsy website. Etsy is most suitable for hand-made products you wish to market online.

Also, you may decide to upload your pictures – Stock Photos online and market them on websites such as PhotoShelter. Other sites for this purpose include 500px, Society6, and Shutterstock, among others.

13. Sell Fairly Used Clothes Online

Websites like Poshmark and ThredUp help you find sellers to help sell your reasonably used clothes. Research on the average price, such as product cost, before reaching for the right channel.

Besides, ensure to take beautiful pictures and include a detailed description of the potential buyer. You can make this sale indirectly on popular sites for fairly used products or directly online.

14. Catering Services

If your job does not demand working on weekends, catering will fit as a side for you. This idea is quite applicable if you enjoy cooking or catering in general. For a start, you may decide to prepare uncommon recipes and post them online.

Also, you may create videos of how to make special delicacies on YouTube. Apart from full-course meals, you may also bake cakes or support the food vendors. Presently, certain people provide food for other professionals that are busier.

You can also enhance your income by getting a delivery truck or mobile shop for easy transportation. This method may make it easier to provide food in special events and picnics, thereby enhancing your business. There are always opportunities around you, and you only have to look hard enough to find them.

15. Dog Sitting or Dog Walking

Dog sitting or dog walking forms another way to make money because some people won’t mind having such a service. People love their pets to remain healthy, and that includes good exercise.

You must, however, share a similar affection for such pets before being entrusted with one. In other words, your love for the pet, for instance, a dog, will help you enjoy the job. Whereas such a task only occurs once or twice a week, depending on your negotiation.

Some companies like Rover.com offer people with dog walking jobs and pays between $25 and $35 per night. However, if your locality does not allow you to dog sit, you can dog walk around across the vicinity.

16. Graphics Design

Creating graphics design such as logos, business cards, brochures, letterheads, packaging can also earn you more money on the side. If you can develop or brush up on your graphic skills, it can become very profitable.

Every business owner will need your service at one point or the other. Graphic artists are required for full-fledged poster design, adverts, websites, banners, logos for branding, etc. Check out courses on YouTube, Coursera, or Udemy on how to start with graphics.



In a nutshell, you make more money on the side with your passion and dedication. Your personal property can earn you money; whatever skill or ability to fetch you money must be enjoyable for you. One of these mentioned ideas can give a boost to your hustle.

You can make money either from online or physical sales as well as offering valuable services to people. Start with creating online business accounts or join a freelance website. There are very many ways of making money on the side, and we have just shown you some.

Are there any of the above ideas you will like to begin? Drop comments in the section below.

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