60 Small Business Ideas in Developing Countries [New 2023 List]

Developing a country’s environment allows you to build your business ideas and entrepreneurial skills and explore life differently. That implies that not all you perceive is negative about these regions of the world.

Many investors have discovered that real wealth is deep down in developing countries. So many business ideas may not be entirely new but must bring uniqueness to that environment.

Africa, for example, must think outside the box to create her luck. In other words, everyone doesn’t have to suffer from poverty when there are countless business opportunities to explore. Here are 60 business ideas to analyze and make a living in developing countries.


List of Business Ideas in Developing Countries

1. Child Care Service

One of the new and ideal business ideas available to developing countries is the child care service. Families within the cities will always need the assistance of a child caregiver at a reasonable fee. If you love to care for children, this might be an opportunity for you.


2. Home Tutor

Another aspect of care might be to provide educational services to children. With a reasonable level of education, teaching is an opportunity to develop your skills. But take up the challenge, and you may stun yourself. Consequently, several platforms connect young tutors to parents with good pay. Check out Tuteria to learn more.


3. Tutorial Centre

On the flip side of being a regular home tutor, you can also set up a tutorial centre for out-of-school children. Here, your experience and education may become priceless to the younger ones. Moreover, the challenge of education makes this opportunity one of the viable new business ideas in developing countries.


4. Online Course Creation

One of the available business opportunities is the creation of online courses through open platforms. Udemy and Coursera are fantastic tools to use. And if you are tech-savvy enough, you may create your techniques on these platforms.


best ways for profitable business


5. Scholarship Applications

Many students often need help with applying for scholarship offers. Position yourself among the elites, perhaps in an academic environment, and render your service. Get up-to-date information out to your colleagues while you offer support in return for cash. This step can begin an educational consulting business.


6. Grant Writing

Besides scholarship applications, would-be entrepreneurs also need help with grants and loans. Do a business by creating a sellable business plan to win awards and credits. Create a little time to learn how to write and make money with an excellent grant proposal. Explore ways to optimize this one out of the many new business ideas available in developing countries.


7. Blogging

Blogging is another way of making more money as a student or an unemployed individual in developing countries. There are several topics to blog about in the environment, ranging from entertainment gist, politics, and sports to rumours and relationships. Explore the niche that works best for your audience and plunge into it.


8. Freelance Writing

Apart from blogging, you can also create freelance services as a writer. Apply to get a column in campus newspapers and periodicals. Consider campus journalism, article research, or scholarship essay writing. What about online freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork? By now, many young people have found this opportunity as one of the new business ideas in developing countries.


9. Copywriting

With copywriting services, you can create an unforgettable impression for customers. Create a product description for sellers to target the desired audience, and you get paid. Your services may come in handy with good graphic designers. Some new business ideas may cross most people’s hearts, but inaction could stop many developing countries.


10. Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing platform allows you to sell products online through a unique link and earn money. Besides, the commission can be worth a deal, primarily if you sell a large number. Many eCommerce sites, including Konga, Alibaba, eBay, and Jumia, offer affiliate programs.


S/NO List of Business Ideas for Developing Countries
1 Child Care Service
2 Home Tutor
3 Tutorial Centre
4 Online Course Creation
5 Scholarship Applications
6 Grant Writing
7 Blogging
8 Freelance Writing
9 Copywriting
10 Affiliate Marketing
11 Web design
12 App development
13 Decorations
14 Makeover
15 Event Photography
16 Portrait Photography
17 Comedy Skits
18 Event Planning
19 Ushering
20 Confectioneries
21 PR Service
22 Social Media Management
23 Virtual Assistant
24 Handmade crafts
25 eCommerce
26 Hair-making/Barbing
27 Logistics
28 Baking
29 Catering
30 Proofreading and Editing
31 Pencil Drawing
32 Coaching
33 Product Retail
34 CV or Resume Writing
35 Errand Services
36 Gardening
37 Gadget repairs
38 Home and Office cleaning
39 Laundry and Dry-cleaning
40 Gift Basket
41 Graphic Design
42 House Painting
43 Interior Decorations
44 Wallpaper design
45 Handyman Service
46 Dog Walking
47 Babysitting or Crèche
48 Chauffeurs
49 Fitness Trainer
50 Music Instructor
51 Dance instructor
52 Clothing design
53 Tailoring and Cloth fixing
54 Shirt Customization
55 Accounting services
56 Audit service
57 Business Consulting
58 Direct Sales
59 Store keeping
60 Print jobs


11. Web design

Any young, educated person can build a working business through website design, whether by programming or template designs. It is also easier for students to learn programming codes, a viable business branding tool.


12. App development

The popularity of smartphones is an opportunity to meet social needs through app development. Also, the involved coding is not as complicated as it sounds. The spot is necessary; you may ask a programmer to code it. Then, earn money through an ad or direct app sale with the proper ownership.


13. Decorations

Students can also create time for the decorations business, especially with a stint of creativity. You may also build a successful business with other people already into it. You can use a couple of decorations with events planning or interior and exterior décor. In other words, decorations during events are one of the new business ideas for developing countries.


14. Makeover

The makeover business can work way better for female students who need to earn some cash. Gain skills in the right direction, and you can become a sought-after makeover artist. And a few other related businesses can go along with it. So, start something unique with ideas and prove that developing countries can thrive.


15. Event Photography

Photography comes with its diversity that adds to the storytelling through pictures. You can, therefore, enjoy taking memorable events with photographs and telling stories with them. Storytelling through photography is gradually becoming a gold mine waiting for exploration.


16. Portrait Photography

You can also take cute portrait pictures and work them out on canvas for sale, apart from event pictures. Everyone loves a fantastic portrait, which will make the right indoor decoration. If you can convert a good photo into attractive artwork, then someone may be there to pay you for it.


17. Comedy Skits

If you can make people laugh, then that is another opportunity to build a successful career. Standup comedy is one way many people are making waves in the entertainment industry. You can also be the next celebrated star if you have a flair for comedy. Make small skits and post them on YouTube. The more people subscribe to and view your channel regularly, the more money you make.


18. Event Planning

Event planning is a business category with more to do with organisation and administration than a single skill. Some connections you will need include decorations, lightmen, catering, logistics, and other aspects of a successful event. As a result, you stand a better chance at business ideas for developing countries.


19. Ushering

You can also start an ushering firm of carefully chosen young ladies and men who can help at events. These people must be fit for formal occasions where people need hands to assist with ushering guests. In developed and developing countries, guiding services are required, but an entrepreneur must see business opportunities.


20. Confectioneries

Making confectioneries is one of the business opportunities, especially in developing countries. Confectioneries include snacks and other ‘small chops’ that you can market differently. Good stuff to the right people who need it will always bring in income.


21. PR Service

A Public Relationship (PR) Manager’s job is to bring whatever anyone is doing and give it structure. Most times, people have ideas and don’t know what they will look like or how they will run. That is your job as a PR. Turn an idea into a sustainable brand and maintain it.


22. Social Media Management

Social Media Management, the top digital strategy in our age, aligns with the PR service. Choose a platform, build an audience, and use it to enhance other people’s businesses. What an SMM sells is its followership through a trusted brand.


23. Virtual Assistant

Several companies need virtual assistants to attend to their customers online. The exciting part is that most companies prefer a VA to train and teach their culture. Some of these new business ideas pose unique challenges, but developing countries remain fertile ground.


24. Handmade crafts

In this age, where you can quickly learn how to make different crafts, you can build a skill, thanks to YouTube. Moreover, you will discover that some skills are not too difficult to acquire. Think of bead-making, canvas, cards, indoor decorations, homemade dresses, and many more that can earn you money.


25. eCommerce

The world of eCommerce also allows you to reach people with the needed products. You may not even be the producer of such items, so there is a reselling part. An excellent place to start is the Konga selling subscription and plan.


60 business opportunities


26. Hair-making/Barbing

This option suits both ladies and guys at the same time. Funnily enough, guys prefer lady stylists, while ladies prefer guy stylists. So, you brush up on your skills, tell people what you can do, and make your money.


27. Logistics

Often, many famous events out there require logistics personnel to organize and make some contacts. You can be available for that and charge a token. The services may involve mobilization, publicity, and all. Who says this cannot be one of the new business ideas that will launch you on and beyond the shores of developing countries?


28. Baking

Baking is another lucrative business among young people in a developing environment. People will surely patronize you if you can make a beautiful and fluffy cake. You can also offer to make cakes for special events like birthdays and other anniversaries.


29. Catering

Events planning always has the item of food and drinks. Why not be the one that provides that? Besides, you may not have to do all the cooking by yourself. Get some skilled hands to assist you. You will be shocked that many people will cook well for a token. Build a business on that.


30. Proofreading and Editing

These developing countries are fertile grounds for many people who can assist with editing and proofreading content. So, if you have an eye for spotting errors and a good grasp of grammar, this might be your thing.


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0= “h2” question-0= “Which is the best business opportunity?” answer-0= “The best business opportunity will be defined by the one that best fits you” image-0=” headline-1= “h2” question-1= “How many business opportunities can I try at once?” answer-1= “It is advisable to start with one business at a time” image-1=” headline-2= “h2” question-2= “Do I need a special training before starting a business?” answer-2= “No. Business ideas need no formal training. However, you will perform better with a great business coach and all forms of learning” image-2=” headline-3= “h2” question-3= “what business ideas are there for undergraduates?” answer-3= “There are diverse options of business startups for undergraduates” image-3=” count= “4” html= “true” css_class=”]


31. Pencil Drawing

Pencil drawings and sketches can also fly as a business, especially in portraits. Apart from pictures, you may also make pencil sketches of real-life events, the marketplace, and public places and sell them. A good photo is always valuable if it communicates something meaningful.


32. Coaching

As a coach, you must decide what to coach on career, sports, fitness, business, and more. Engage people needing your services, and promote yourself by starting with free courses. It can be very profitable to build on workable experiences; others recommend you.


33. Product Retail

There are many products to sell if you can find the right one. The truth is the right product will determine its market. These include hair products, makeup tools, cosmetics, footwear, clothing, food items, etc. You can start with one or two related ones and build a business from that gradually.


34. CV or Resume Writing

Writing, CV, or Resume Writing is also instrumental, especially for students near graduation. Many of them will need your service. But before you can convince them, you need to educate them on what they don’t know that you do.


35. Errand Services

The beauty of errand services is that almost everyone around you needs to get something somewhere. And because of the limitation in time, most people can’t physically get those things across. So, a business that solves this problem must guarantee integrity, speed, and safety.


36. Gardening

The most natural environment often needs the services of a gardener to keep it tidy. Students will not mind doing that on weekends, for good pay. Organize such ideas and sell to environments that may need your service.


37. Gadget repairs

To repair broken gadgets, you may sometimes have to send them over a long distance. This idea is an opportunity for any excellent repairer around. If you know, you can fix gadgets correctly, promote yourself, and help others resolve their broken devices for a charge. I know someone who built a business by connecting customers with gadget repairers.


38. Home and Office cleaning

Cleaning services can also fly within the elites in a developing environment. This may be an excellent opportunity if you do a thorough job and people can trust you with their stuff. You can offer to clean and rearrange homes and offices while everything is safe.


39. Laundry and Dry-cleaning

Another business opportunity lies in the laundry business, where you wash and iron clothes for a token. Many people launched this business idea as a side hustle until it became a real gig. It is never too late to start up; yours can still fly. Do a good job and avoid errors; people will love to give you jobs.


40. Gift Basket

Stuffing and wrapping gift baskets on special occasions can also be your business idea. Special events like Valentine’s and birthdays might be your time to go good business and charge a token.


41. Graphic Design

If you are good at graphic Design, your business might thrive well in any environment. However, several opportunities exist where programs and events require publicity. Besides, existing businesses may also need to make designs for unique campaigns.


42. House Painting

Painting is another way of earning money. This skill also requires training, especially when it comes to exclusive designs. If you consider yourself not good enough, get the offer and hire a professional. Side careers can be built from these business ideas for developing countries.


43. Interior Decorations

Interior designers and decorators are rare, providing the opportunity for creative folks. The internet can give you plenty of creative ideas to help people share their rooms and offices a facelift.


44. Wallpaper design

Part of interior Design is wallpaper art, which is getting more popular nowadays. And it is not difficult to learn or fix. Get samples of beautiful designs and show them to clients; they may be willing to hire you.


45. Handyman Service

A handyperson service includes being available for errands and other personal needs. If you have ample time at any point, you can make yourself available to people and charge them hourly. That idea can be another way of redeeming your time.


46. Dog Walking

For pet lovers, help people walk their dogs and earn money. The charges can also be hourly when choosing the days you want to work. Depending on your schedule, you may select weekends.


47. Babysitting or Crèche

This service is also becoming prominent among the elite community staff, who may have other things that beg their attention. To this effect, young people can babysit the kids while the parents are away. In another case, it may be for special occasions, picnics, or other outings.


48. Chauffeurs

Have you ever seen someone with a car and still stranded? If you know how to drive, it can be an immense advantage within the environment. The services of a chauffeur may also be appropriate for dinner, course trips, or student vacations.


49. Fitness Trainer

Keeping fit is also the dream of many students, and they are often willing to pay for a trainer. Apart from group workouts, a personal trainer can make sessions flexible for young people.


50. Music Instructor

The university days are the period of finding your career footing, and Music instructors are also needed. In addition, music instructors can be required for the personal use of training groups of choristers or instrumentalists.


51. Dance instructor

Another exciting art is dance. Students can find their passion in dance if only someone can train them. Dance can also aid body fitness and give much fun, not build a professional career. Don’t you think this idea fits more in developed countries? That will be a mistake. Developing countries, too, have their kind of dance, which can be several business ideas.


52. Clothing design

You can build a business around clothing design if you are very creative in dressing. Unique designs attract beyond the developing world and can become great brands. Indeed, there are no limits to how far you can take it as long as you stay motivated.


53. Tailoring and Cloth fixing

Apart from cloth designs, you can also mend clothes and fix issues with other people’s clothes. This skill can also be combined with Design, but one must prioritize one of the two. Moreover, the fixing can extend to office curtains and other clothing.


54. Shirt Customization

Other cloth-making styles involve customizing shirts, t-shirts, vests, cardigans, hood jackets, etc. Of course, you can also trade from this by learning to do it or outsourcing it to someone who does.


55. Accounting services

A few days ago, I met with a young man who started his professional accounting exams immediately after high school. Imagine how valuable that skill will be to him going on. One can always find small firms that require accounting skills part-time.


56. Audit service

Concerning accounting, there is also an audit service that a financial expert should be able to handle. How better do you gain more professionalism if you don’t start to practice what you know? Auditing is periodic, so it doesn’t have to take your whole time.


57. Business consulting

In Business Management, many related parts require a professional—for instance, writing a business plan, converting an idea into a brand, market studies, etc. Do a business out of helping people build and manage their activities.


small business ideas in developing countries 3


58. Direct Sales

There are other ways to do business through direct sales. For example, sell products in high demand and sell them to others who need them. You can then make reasonable profits.


59. Store keeping

Most Store owners would not mind hiring a student on a part-time basis to keep the store. It is one of the most manageable tasks that a student can get. But on the other hand, a young lad can have a slight buttery where he sells valuable items in demand.


60. Print jobs

Printing jobs are regular with the college’s nature, whether at the departmental or faculty levels. You can make yourself available to offer the service in an average-income environment. This skill is also effortless to learn and perfect if you are committed.



Students, young school leavers, and unemployed graduates can begin to make money with little skills put in the right places. Some are also thriving startup business ideas from university or college days, even in developing countries. A few examples that come to mind include Facebook and Microsoft. So don’t be timid to start, but be resolved to go and build momentum through consistency.

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