10 Easy Businesses to Start from Home {Full Startup Guide}

Do you know your home can double as your executive office? Yes! Indeed, it’s not just possible; it’s more profitable. First, you wouldn’t have to endure the stress of the legwork required to get a perfectly-located office space.

You can use the supposed recurring rent expenses to boost your capital to start bigger. But what if there are easy businesses you can start from the comfort of your home?

The above add-ons are just a few flashy benefits of running your business from home. Gone are the days when people believed a business run-from-home was substandard. Recently, even business moguls have advised the practice. Thanks to the severe effects of the pandemic that created the redirection.

Interestingly, there are several easy businesses to start from home with guaranteed profits. Did you notice the word ‘easy’? Allow me to elaborate. Those businesses don’t require huge capital, no upfront investment, and no transport fare to the office.

Meanwhile, it’s not only about the ‘nos.’ Run-from-businesses only require a small space. You can get creative by converting your bedroom into an office. Do you think your dining room would be more suitable? It all depends on your discretion. Plus, the nature of the business you want to start.

Of a truth, not all run-from-home businesses are easy to start. That’s why this article is essential. Having done thorough research, the Buzzvale team has helped you handpick ten easy businesses to start from home. And guess what? Most of the suggestions on our list require little or no capital to start up.


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Without much ado, let’s make some incredible discoveries.


10 Easy Businesses to Start from Home

1. Start Dropshipping 

Do you know you can rise to become the next Jeff Bezos in the coming years? You can even create something that beats Amazon hands down from your home. How possible? Start a drop-shipping business in the comfort of your home. That simple? Yes!

Drop-shipping is undoubtedly the best among easy businesses to start from home. There’s no remorse for putting it on the #1 spot in this article. One of the attractive benefits of the drop-shipping business is that it requires low startup costs. Plus, it doesn’t require space as there’s no need to store products in your home.

What’s drop-shipping? It’s an eCommerce in which a seller partners with suppliers to sell goods to customers. In this practice, the drop-shipping supplier manages the inventory and gets the products directly to customers on your (seller’s) behalf.

The model goes thus:

  • You sample goods on your social media platforms
  • Customers show interest, place an order, and pay you
  • You keep your profit and forward the order to your supplier
  • The supplier sends the goods directly to your customer

How do you see the above process? Super simple; Pretty cool. Using a drop-shipping app like Users makes the experience sweeter. Drop-shipping is a run-from-home business that pays every day. And, the internet is your store. If you want to explore options to get money online in hours, read 9 online business ideas that pay daily in Nigeria.


2.  Take Online Classes

Do you know that teaching online can fetch you as much as millions of money? Of course, it may sound like hyperbole. But, allow me to blow your mind.

Many young folks are making it big time by teaching people how to do XYZ. It could be a skill of popular demand or a lucrative knowledge that can liberate others. There’s no borderline to what you can do in that space.

Many celebrity tutors do nothing for a living other than the training. Funnily, most of them never practiced their teachings. They only train people for a living. What’s more interesting?

You don’t need to book a training space. You do everything in the comfort of your home. But, it would help if you had an online slot. So, the gist is that you hold the classes in your home and ask people to join online.

Indeed, it’s among the easiest businesses to start from home without many expenses. And, it pays you up to $200 per day – depending on the number of your students.

You only need a passion for teaching and a smartphone to get started. You don’t need much décor. Your living room or bedroom will suffice. Some of the online teaching marketplaces that can help you manage your classes include:


3. Do Freelancing

Service-based trades are indeed among the easy businesses to start from home. If you are an embodiment of top-notch skill, why not make a fortune out of it? The vast space on the internet can help you reach out to clients from different parts of the world.

No guesswork; it’s guaranteed. No matter your skill, there are people desperately in need of your service. How does it feel to get customers across the globe from the comfort of your home? It’s that’s easy.

If you don’t know How To Make Your First Sale As An Online Freelancer, check here. We already have a detailed guide to help you win your first customer. Honestly, you don’t have to be intimated by the competition on online marketplaces. You can always win returning clients with excellence. Meanwhile, you don’t have to be a guru. You only have to step up to the plate a bit.

Some of the freelancing businesses you can start online with little effort include:

  • Writing
  • Web Designing
  • Translation
  • Social Media Management
  • Data Entry
  • Photo/video editing
  • Digital advertising and lots more.

To work as a freelancer, sign up to a credible freelance marketplace like Upwork, Fiverr, or People Per Hour.


4. Sell Handmade Products

Earlier in this article, we discussed teaching people some skills and getting paid. Yes, that’s a fantastic business. However, you can choose the other side of the coin if it’s a craft. How do I mean? Instead of teaching people how to do something, you can do it yourself and sell it from home. As simple as it sounds, it’s among the easy businesses to start from home.

Without exaggeration, handmade products sell like magic. No matter your location, customers will flock in to patronize. For this business, you don’t need to rent a factory. Your spare bedroom, garage, or courtyard is okay. As regards marketing, you can sell your handmade products online and offline. It all depends on how far you can go to get your clients.

If you want to sell online, you have two trusted options. You can sell through a marketplace or create a self-owned online store through some platforms like Shopify.

Amusingly, it’s possible that you’re good with your hands but don’t know which product to make. If you are in that shoes, I can help you with some mind-blowing suggestions. You may choose to:

  • Knit clothes and blankets
  • Design and sew clothing
  • Make jewelry
  • Craft wooden furniture
  • Make homemade food
  • Make candles and more


5. Start to Sell Retail Goods as an Easy Business

Online retailing is another accessible business to start from home. Mind you; this is quite different from drop-shipping discussed earlier. In this business, you will purchase and sell goods in retail. When you buy goods in large quantities, the wholesaler gives you a lower unit cost than the retail price. That way, you can get profits on each product sold. Amazingly, this homemade business gives you control of your profit margin. In other words, you can increase the unit price to make more money.

The next question is: where can you get high-quality goods in bulk? It’s simple. Several business-to-business eCommerce platforms give reasonable prices. Some of the best examples are Alibaba and Handshake. You can research for more options. How about selling? Online marketplaces are your best bet. You can create your personalized online store on Shopify.


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6. Start a Print-on-Demand Business

Sometimes, people ask: what are the easy businesses to start from home? They don’t even consider where their passion lies. If you are skillful in creating art and impressive designs, you already have a profitable business – print on demand.

Print-on-demand business involves selling customized products. No need to make the products yourself. Your job here is to buy already-made products and print attractive designs on them. Your print-on-demand business may include:

  • Apparel: Hoodies, T-shirts, yoga pants, T-shirts, etc.
  • Footwear: Boots, sneakers, flip flops, etc
  • Homeware: Towels, mugs, jugs, bed sheets, blankets, cushions, etc
  • Accessories: Jewelry, bags, bottles, watches, phone covers, notebooks, etc
  • Art: Stickers, posters, wall hangings, etc
  • Electronics: Speakers, headphones, etc

There are more options in the print-on-demand business. Let your creativity soar and get more money. Meanwhile, you don’t have to cage yourself in your vicinity. Sample your products online and get patronage from abroad. What do you think about space? Your courtyard can be a god workshop.


7. Buy or Sell an Existing Ecommerce Business

Suppose you are so keen to start a homemade business but don’t have the time, no worries. This list is multidimensional. That means we have helped you research an accessible business to start from home without set up. Does that sound interesting? Let’s go into details.

If you don’t have the time to start a business from scratch, you can purchase an existing one. Yes! Thanks to the exchange marketplace, you can become a CEO in less than ten minutes. Exchange marketplace help in the sales of already-setup eCommerce business in several niches. The platform allows you to buy a running business and start cashing out the same day.

As expected, the Exchange may sound complicated. But it’s super easy. To begin, browse some run-from-home businesses on the Exchange’s official website. After you have decided on the one to purchase, reach out to the buyer. If both parties agree on business, Exchange will facilitate the process.

On the other, if you start a homemade business and can’t continue running it, Exchange can also be of help. You can also buy a business. Upgrade it and sell it for profit.


8. Start a Subscription Box Business

Are you still looking for another easy business to start from home? Here’s a juicy one. The subscription box business comes with a trick to keep a customer for as long as possible. So, which one would you prefer: Selling to several customers at once or selling many products to one customer consistently? You choose.

Subscription box businesses are the sure ways to earn consistent income. In this business, you don’t necessarily need a large customer base. Once you get loyal ones, you are good to go.

There is virtually nothing you can’t sell as a subscription box. The list of possible items includes:

  • Books
  • Clothes
  • Fashion accessories
  • Kitchen gadgets
  • Food items and more

Interestingly, subscription box businesses don’t only involve sales. You can also rent products.


9. Sell Digital Products

Do you remember we discussed teaching online as an easy business to start from home? You can take another route if you don’t have a passion for teaching. The truth is, it might be a better way. These are the better ways that make these easy businesses worth the time to start.

So, convert them into digital products if you have skills but don’t like teaching them online. What does that mean? You can turn your knowledge into eBooks or videos and sell them online. One of the advantages of this business is the liberty it gives to get your products to the consumers. You don’t need to manage the inventory or take the products to clients like drop-shipping. The online marketplace place does that on your behalf.

Some of the digital products you can sell online include:

  • Courses
  • Videos
  • Spreadsheets
  • Written templates
  • Graphics
  • Software
  • EBooks
  • Illustrations and more


10. Build a Huge Online Following

It’s okay to wonder if that is also an easy business to start from home? Yes, it is. Meanwhile, the ‘business’ part is sure, but the ‘easy’ word can be relative. Of course, you can monetize your audience in an online space. Have you heard about social media influencers? That’s where they get the money to live their intimidating flamboyant lifestyles.

Indeed, this homemade business is mainly for people who like to create content. If you have the talent to show the world, you can build a vast fan base around it. There are many platforms for you to grow your online following as much as you can. They include:

  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • TikTok
  • Twitch and more

You can also create a blog and feed your readers with high-quality content that can compel them to keep visiting. Once you have a large fanbase, the next step is to convert it to money. Here are the best three ways to do that:

  • Influencer Marketing/Brand Sponsorship: you get paid for promoting a company’s product.
  • Affiliate Marketing: you earn a massive commission for promoting a company’s product or service.
  • Product Sales: Sell products to your large audience.

This business is easy to start but requires consistency and patience to keep working when results aren’t encouraging. However, you can turn a billionaire overnight when your audience grows wide.


Final Thoughts on Easy Businesses to Start

You can create sustainable wealth with a run-from-home business. Indeed, most 21st-century wealthy business moguls run their businesses from the comfort of their homes. Though, some homemade businesses get large and set out for standard offices. Nonetheless, your business can remain indoors and keep fetching you millions consistently.

The above ten easy businesses to start from home are the best options available. But, you need the courage to start. This article has taught you ‘WHAT’ to start. You need to learn the ‘HOW.’ If you don’t know where to start, read 10 unique startup ideas for a profitable business in 2022 for a complete knowledge of homemade business startups.



FAQs on Easy Businesses to Start from Home

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”What is the easiest business to start with?” answer-0=”Drop-shipping seems the easiest business to start from home because it requires no space and capital. All you have to do is to partner with a store and showcase their products on your social media platforms. The suppliers take care of the inventory and delivery. Simply put, you collect money from customers, deduct your profit and send the order to the supplier. Then, the goods get to the customer while you fold your arms in your bedroom.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”What are the top 5 small businesses to start?” answer-1=”If you want to start a small business from home, you can try any of the following: • Sales of handmade products • Print-on-demand business • Buying from wholesalers and selling to consumers in retail • Teaching online • Freelancing The above homemade businesses are easy to start and require little or no capital. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”Which is the cheapest business to start? ” answer-2=”We recommend drop-shipping as it doesn’t require raw materials, equipment, capital, or space. You only need a smartphone to get the whole job done from start to finish. ” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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