20 Top Careers in the Fashion Business

Not many industries give exceptional opportunities to build great careers like the fashion business. The industry is so diverse in operation that it cuts across all divides for unique niches.

The diversity of jobs in the fashion business include running photo shoots to creating successful fashion blogs. Moreover, a lot of money runs around in the industry to repay any creative mind to be successful.

As long as you have the innate ability and creative skills, you can find the industry’s right niche. This article identifies 20 unique professions in the fashion industry that you can find and build into a successful venture.

Before we set out, is there a particular career in fashion that interests you? Kindly drop in the comment section.

careers in fashion business

20 Great Careers in the Fashion Business

1. Fashion Designer

I know you expect to find one of the most critical careers in fashion to be a product designer. Moreover, the designer has one of the highest roles in the fashion line with creative skills over the moon.

Besides, this role may come in diverse specifications such as baby, sports, and exotic outfits. A fashion designer should also be flexible, unique, and efficient in delivery and business branding. However, a designer’s job is not in isolation from the other careers in the fashion business.

2. Art Director or Graphic designer

The art director in any creative industry coordinates all innovative designs to create an endearing visual style for all products. An art director’s work may also include heading the designers’ team or directing a fashion project.

Furthermore, an art director can be useful in the public relations firm and make its best decisions. Many of the brand outputs will require the approval of the art director and yield the best results.

3. Model

Fashion creative careers are incomplete without the body that shows off the designed products. In other words, you can become the male or female model for a new or existing brand.

The model poses for photographers and promotes a clothing product, including shoes, bags, and other accessories. In comparison, the work will comprise both indoor shoots and public fashion shows.

This career will require you to have perfect body shape, height, and practical training. As a result, fashion modeling can be a whole world on its own, banking on exceptional talents.

However, a model will have to sign an official contract with fashion brands and on unique terms.

fashion designer

4. Model managers

Following the model’s role is model managers who coordinate models’ fashion or brand affairs. Moreover, every model requires a professional manager to handle the business side of things.

In some cases, model managers are professional talent hunters who see the potential models and groom them. Afterward, the manager, who may have a duo role as a model agent, also handles all business affairs.

5. Fashion Photographer

The job of a fashion photographer covers photoshoots for the products and the models that show them. More so, photography is an exceptional career in the fashion industry business that requires special skills.

A fashion photographer may invite the brand model over to a photo studio for a special photoshoot session. On the other hand, the photoshoot may be done in the fashion studio.

However, it is the creative director or fashion designer who coordinates the session and gives the poses. More so, modeling new products is also a great way to represent brands.

6. Market Researcher

It will not be wise for designers to create fashion products out of guess. Instead, a professional approach will be to carry out market research to know what consumers need. As a market researcher, you need to know the current market prices and provide useful analytic results.

Therefore, a fashion market researcher studies the market to decipher trendy products and suggest the right quality products. Researchers must also know what and how to prepare and communicate useful data for the rest of the team.

7. Garment Technologist

Garment or fashion technologist is the jobber who can develop new materials and a combination of materials. He or she tests these combinations to know which one works. For instance, a fashion technologist may combine textile with special fibers for new textures.

The technologist should also be a technical director of fashion innovations such as new material for new products.

He also contributes the best clothing materials that work with which body texture. Besides, technologists can improve existing techniques to increase efficiency, cost, or quality control.

8. Retail Buyers

As part of careers in the fashion business, a retail buyer is the brain behind getting products out to retail outlets. Depending on the fashion season, the retail buyers find and stock the latest and best products at the best places.

However, this decision is based on customers’ needs, fashion brand maintenance, market, and season trends. But the arrangement of the products in the retail market may be subject to other factors like age, gender, budget, or season.

9. Fashion Instructor

A fashion instructor combines skills in the creative aspect of illustrations, artworks, and designs. The instructor may also have to choose between selecting which of the images will run for the ads. This role can only be for a courageous team player who can lead a team as well.

10. Fashion Stylist

When the designers have displayed the finished products on the fashion line, the fashion stylist tells what goes where. As a stylist, the responsibilities include various ways to wear a particular article that defines what anyone thinks.

In photoshoots, the fashion stylist also decides how each of the products combine to beat off competitors. The stylist’s job does not end with clothing but also covers accessories. After all, the aim is to find the perfect match for the ideal body and remains within budget.

11. Textile Designers

The core duty of a textile designer is to create designs for materials using CAD software. Also, one can print or weave the product’s designs onto the fabric. Depending on the design, a repeated design over the fabric may create an interesting pattern.

An exciting part of this job is that a professional textile designer can work as a freelancer on a contract basis. On the other hand, designers can produce fabric designs and sell to clothing lines or create a unique brand.

Furthermore, textile designers may factor in certain conditions such as seasons, culture, style, and customer needs. Also, they work closely with fashion designers who will interpret their designs and merchandisers who will buy the products.

12. Fashion Writer/Blogger

You can take a career pick from fashion writing or blogging for a specific brand or wear category. Some of the fashion writers may need to work closely with fashion PRs to produce exceptional fashion copy.

At times, some brands may need a creative ad copywriter to promote the brand product to the desired market. Fashion writers can also work for fashion magazines, newspapers, TVs, websites, and blogs. Therefore, writing is one of the industrial careers in the fashion business world.

drawing fashion patterns

13. Digital strategist

As the world becomes more digital, different businesses learn to incorporate high-quality digital strategies to achieve better results. However, these strategies require professional online or digital strategists to draft, launch, and monitor marketing campaigns.

14. Fashion Business consultant

A business consultant takes a small business from obscurity to prominence. As big as the fashion industry is, small businesses are the biggest driver of generated revenues. In other words, designers, small boutiques, retailers, and artisan manufacturing companies all play vital roles.

Although many of these companies may lack the resources, they optimize with business consultants for essential fashion aspects. For instance, they require business consultants for brand strategy, market research, sales, marketing approach, etc.

15. Public Relations Expert

As we look at successful careers in the fashion trade, the PR expert brings fashion activities to the public. More so, the PR expert, which may be a contract role, manages compliance of business to public expectation.

Also, compliance with laws, culture, and the likes is part of a PR professional’s integral role. And in the fashion sense, the public is the direct and most important stakeholder. Hence the need to take care of how the public feels and responds.

measuring clothing

16. Inventory planner

The fashion business is also about demand and supply as it is about buying and selling. Therefore, inventory planning manages what is in stock with what the customers want.

Before then, an industry planner determines the number of products the manufacturer should produce. Therefore, the fashion business requires an inventory planner who will work with the sales and marketing department.

17. Event planner

An event planner in fashion takes care of outdoor invents majorly, including fashion shows and exhibitions. A choice of event planning as one of the fashion business careers is fascinating for all stakeholders.

The event planners will likely work with fashion promotion companies or big brands that organize these public events. Also, an event planner will work with a PR consultant, marketing manager, and art director.

18. Quality Assurance (QA) Manager

As a quality assurance manager, you are responsible for the quality of garments, dresses, and other products. More so, the brand manufacturer, auditor, and quality standard inspector hire quality assurance managers.

The QA manager also monitors the production line at preset checkpoints to ensure high-quality final output. In a retail company, the QA manager inspects all the brands’ stock and arranges all deliveries.


19. Production Manager

In the fashion business line, a production manager oversees all the involved processes in creating top-quality products. Simultaneously, the methods may involve fabric testing, sewing, cutting, packaging, and the final appearance.

As it stands, many careers in the fashion industry encourage skilled ones to work either full-time or part-time. Besides, it is part of the PM’s duty to ensure compliance with all legal and ethical requirements.

20. Ethics officer

Finally, an ethics officer gains more prominence in the fashion world as different standards begin to evolve. But as the changes happen, fashion brand owners must maintain adherence to the business’s rules and ethics.

A brand reputation may be at risk if there is a failure in the environmental conditions and poor working conditions. As a result, the low maintenance of these critical factors can cause a disaster for the brand.

Not only should a brand create something exceptional, but it must also prepare to sustain these values. Besides, it follows certain customer habits always to make better experiences and brand growth.

careers in fashion business

Top Fashion Skills for Careers in the Fashion Business

As you plan to choose from successful careers in the fashion business, you should also consider developing essential skills. Also, note that the importance of fashion products is to impress and satisfy customers.

Below are some of the essential skills that you should have to be successful in the fashion business:

  1. Business including management, advertisement/marketing, market research, product development, fundraising, prototyping, retailing, and mechanizing
  2. Being meticulous (paying attention to details) with colors, patterns, photos, time, and visualization.
  3. Communication skills such as verbal, non-verbal, written, negotiation, presentation, and promotional skills
  4. Also, it requires Creativity skills in designs, styling, versatility, flexibility, imagination, sketching, textiles, and initiative.
  5. It requires Information technology skills with particular interests in software like Photoshop, Computer-Aided-Design (CAD), Microsoft Office Suite, and Adobe Illustrator. Others may also include Quark, WebPDM, PrimaVision, and Adobe InDesign.

fashion expert


In conclusion, careers in the fashion business line work in synergy to achieve a common goal. Simultaneously, each of these areas carries a sense of uniqueness of its own. In other words, each person must understand the requirements of the roles to play.

As a new career enthusiast interested in the fashion industry, explore some of the options this article provides. And hopefully, you can build a successful fashion business career.

Have fun!

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”what careers can I find in the fashion business?” answer-0=”You can work as a fashion designer, art director, photographer, model, model manager, QA manager, technical designer, etc” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”how do I apply for jobs in the fashion business?” answer-1=”develop the right skills with software usage and apply for fashion jobs” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”How much does a fashion designer earn?” answer-2=”A fashion designer working for a top brand can earn as much as $22,000″ image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”What skills do I need as an art designer?” answer-3=”The required skills for art designers include creativity, being meticulous, IT skills, communication skills and others” image-3=”” headline-4=”h2″ question-4=”Can I get a part time careers in the fashion industry?” answer-4=”The fashion industry allows creative people to work both on a full-time and a part-time basis.” image-4=”” count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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