Online Tutoring Jobs for College Students

Today’s world has given us a new way to go about many of our daily activities, including academics and jobs. These changes are replacing physical classes with online tutoring while opening jobs for college students.

On another level, working from home replaced physical office jobs, while freelancing is fast replacing full-time jobs.

How about having to work as a tutor from the convenience of your home? Many online platforms provide these services to exceptional tutors to work and earn.

These changes bring fresh opportunities to genuine seekers of innovation, and the new generation is learning to adapt faster.

Perhaps, you have some issues with college courses, here are the top sites where you can find the right help.

Besides, these sites have thousands of instructors who are exceptional at tutoring and answering questions.

online tutoring jobs for college students

What are the Benefits of Online Tutoring?

College students should consider online tutoring for many reasons, some of which are below:

1. Accessibility – No distance barriers.

Online tutoring removes the limits of geography because students can now connect with tutors anywhere in the world.

These online tutoring jobs also make it possible for exceptional tutors to connect with students who need them. Whereas, it saves the cost and time of commuting to a physical location to work or study.

2. Bigger resource

Tutoring online makes abundant resources available to both the students and the tutors. Also, either party can freely share resources with a large audience while granting access to extensive data.

Besides, tutors can earn good money from their homes’ convenience, as long as they give quality services. Interestingly, online tutoring jobs provide more significant experience for all parties.

3. Value

Value means that the best tutors can now get online tutoring jobs as long as they can prove their worth.

More so, there is no room for discrimination and other bias that hunts our world. In other words, getting tutoring jobs is now based on merit rather than prejudice.

Tutors can also healthily compete for online tutoring jobs when the college students request for help.

4. Convenience

Learning online is convenient for the student, but it also saves the tutor time and stress. Now, no one has to leave to meet with a tutor because the tutorial can proceed anywhere.

Another vital advantage of online tutoring over conventional methods is the flexibility of schedules for all concerned parties.

In other words, users can fix the most convenient time for classes and respond to assignments and projects.

5. Technology

Online tutoring also means there is no need for whiteboards and some other physical resources in a regular college.

Online tutoring jobs now optimize technology tools to teach college students all they need to know.

The young people are also more conversant with the existing online tools such as Google Classroom, Zoom, and Skype.

Therefore, it is easy to adapt to these tools and other ones that make online tutoring worthwhile.

online tutoring sites

General requirements for Online Tutoring Jobs.

Pursuing a career as an online tutor may be highly lucrative, significantly when virtual learning is growing in acceptance.

However, teachers and would-be applicants need to understand the general minimum requirements for success?

The US Bureau of statistics provides us with some answers, giving an idea of its potential value.

Some of these requirements may vary by country, but it will still be applicable on general terms.

Minimum education Applicants must generally possess at least a high school diploma.
Other essential requirements field-specific professional qualification and licensing, as well as teaching experience
Projected Job growth (2018 to 2028) 9% over the decade among teachers, instructors and users
Median salary (as at 2018) $39,540 per annum

Source: The US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Best Online Tutoring Jobs for College Students

As a college student, you can earn extra income by enrolling in online tutoring to help other college students.

That is, with outstanding skills in a particular subject, you can take advantage of any of these online platforms.

Below are some of the sites for securing online teaching jobs, open to college students;

1. top tutoring site

Since 1998, this platform provides online tutoring jobs to all capable tutors, including college students. However, the company is now under the ownership of the Princeton Review but still of great use.

It grew in stature as one of the most prominent sites where many people can find much-needed help.

The users may include students, professors, teachers and industry experts from different subject areas and fields.

Besides, makes room for adult learners, high school and college students, and K-12 learners.

Start the application process and prepare to pass the required test that is specific to your subject area.

In terms of the payment, tutors can charge between $9 and $16 per hour, but the starting rate is $9 per hour.



Another fantastic platform for finding online teaching jobs is, which connects college students with online tutors.

This site’s class of users may include college students, high school students, middle school, and even professionals.

Depending on your expertise as a tutor, can connect you with the right students for your field.

Also, it offers high-level convenience and flexibility for both tutors and students. Besides, tutors can build a reputation from their rating over time and earn more from students.

Tutors can earn up to $20 per hour via to teach and create lesson breakdowns. Interestingly, you can receive direct payments via PayPal every Thursday.


3. Club Z available for online professional tutors for college

Club Z pairs the needy student with a competent tutor, thereby providing a profitable platform.

Several online tutoring jobs gives development and earning opportunities for college students. However, one of its unique features is the ability to engage tutors in a live chat.

By so doing, both parties can establish a working relationship before setting up an appointment.

More so, if any user gets a performance below average in the first hour, Club Z refunds the payment.

Simultaneously, tutoring covers students from pre-kindergarten to advanced and superior courses such as music and arts.

Club Z’s basic plan’s average subscription costs about $242 for four hours of effective teaching.


4. online tutoring for college students

At, competent tutors can secure jobs by answering the posted jobs by students.

Besides, it works by students posting specific questions on the site for professional tutors to take up. Following that, tutors will place bids on the problem and set the delivery date.

If the terms and conditions satisfy all parties, they pay through the platform for the task.

Afterward, the tutor takes up and completes the task, after which he gets the payment. After delivery, the student checks the final work if it is satisfactory and marks it complete.

As soon as the task is completed, StudyPool releases the tutor’s payment via different payment options.

For instance, US tutors can get a direct payment check while international tutors get payment via PayPal. Payment release takes between 1 to 3 working days.


5. eTutorWorld special online learning site for kids

The eTutorWorld as a platform encourages the instructors to serve students more as mentors with professional service delivery.

This service also comes with a customized service plan to meet specific students’ needs. Whereas, it records all interactive sessions for review and let parents monitor the students’ progress.

On the other hand, an active student may ask for part-time tutoring to augment school performance through printable worksheets.

Payment for these tutoring services may range between $21 and $900 per month, depending on the number of sessions.

Similarly, the teaching period may start from one to 50 different sessions over 6 months. Check out some of the other terms and conditions on the site.



online student tutoring jobs

The uniqueness of is the preparation for external professional exams such as SAT and ACT.

It also allows for physical tutorings in five different locations across the US and virtual tutorials.

Moreover, is also useful for 6th to 12th-grade students in Math, English, science and other subject areas.

Using this site for online tutoring jobs also ensure adopting college students above average. That is, it requires at least a 3.0-grade point on the average.

Furthermore, apart from having strong math skills and passing a background check, requires prior experience with the target class.

Tutors for the SAT must prove a minimum score of 700+ in each section of the exam. Whereas, ACT tutors will have to show a result of 30+ in each area.

Payment to tutors of online academic courses on is $16 per hour. However, the site charges a minimum of $23 per hour for SAT or ACT exam preparations.

You may find other requirements for registering as an online tutor on the website.



study soup for college students

The student soup is more like a mutual academic discussion group where students help students get better.

More so, if you like to make comprehensive notes, you can submit the letters and earn some payment of up to $450.

However, earning depends on how many people find your note useful and download them.

Furthermore, the site also contains specific rules and regulations to which both tutors and students need to pay attention.

Concerning the payment, pays US resident through direct checks and other users via PayPal. Users can also earn up to $1200 in a month, mostly if they upload high-quality, usable notes.


8. TutorMe


TutorMe is an online platform where truly exceptional teachers can find tutoring jobs applicable to college students.

The site already boasts of only 4% acceptance rate for all applications they receive to ensure the very best hands. In other words, it becomes highly competitive to secure a position with them.

However, if you get an acceptance into the team of instructors, you get a reasonable payment and enjoy flexibility.

For instance, the platform also uses modern tools such as virtual classroom, live video/audio chats, and screen sharing features.

As a user, you may have to spend up to $1 per minute to quickly solve a homework problem. On the other hand, an intensive course of four hours may cost students up to $119 per month.


9. Revolution Prep

revolution prep for professional online tutors

Revolution Prep is perhaps the most important platform, which boasts 100 full-time faculty staff for effective online learning.

In other words, you can only be a tutor on this platform if you are an established and qualified teacher or lecturer.

However, if you want to use this professional service, you must be ready to pay the charges.

Private tutoring on Revolution Prep costs up to $1200 for a 12-hour session. On the other hand, a group test may cost $400 for 12 hours as well.


10. Special Ed Tutoring

online tutoring jobs for college students

Special Ed Tutoring is a site for exceptional students with unique educational needs using advanced methods.

This site thereby provides online tutoring jobs to graduate college students with relevant experience.

Any tutor that will work on this site must have at least a bachelor’s degree in special education as a prerequisite.

Also, the tutors will need to further prove their competence and experience by passing the necessary tests.

Just as their logo implies, they help these special kids reach their excellent potential. As a user, payment rates begin from a minimum of $25 per hour.



On a final note, online tutoring jobs may be the way to go for college students with exceptional abilities.

Also, they are affordable to users, while tutors can also earn big and well through easy payment methods. Apart from needing tutorials from any of these sites, college students also may apply as tutors.

By the way, professional tutors can also take advantage of multiple sites to register and earn good money.

More so, the sites run as freelancing sites, and no one is strictly under exclusive employment to any single opportunity.

Let us know if you need help with any of the sites. Besides, we will like to hear back from you. Good luck!

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”what is online tutoring jobs” answer-0=”Online tutoring jobs are online platforms that provide teaching opportunities to educators, teachers, lecturers and exceptional students to impart knowledge to those who need them” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”are online tutoring jobs legit” answer-1=”The online tutoring jobs are legit and authentic as they boast of qualified individuals with experience of teaching. Some of these sites also carefully select the best hands to specific students’ needs.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”how to get online tutoring jobs” answer-2=”You can apply for online tutoring jobs by first visiting their sites and registering directly. After registration, you may be required to pass a test to qualify you to teach on their platform. Then you begin to earn” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”where to find online tutoring jobs” answer-3=”You can search for these online tutoring platforms via Google or visit their sites directly such as,,, and a host of others” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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