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15 Free Online Learning for Kids Homeschooling

Knowledge has become the only virtue that drives the world. It is equivalent to intelligence. Intelligence, of course, is what keeps the human relationship in existence globally. For the kids, there are a lot of free online learning platforms out there for their homeschooling.

Therefore, parents now depend on the best online resources for homeschooling for their kids and wards. Also, the kids have the privilege to learn at their pace, and they can put more focus on the subjects of their choice. Statistics show that there is a significant learning gap during the coronavirus school lockdown.

graph of learning gap during school coronavirus lockdown

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Some of the free online learning resources for children are fun to use and contains printable worksheets for practice. Homeschooling, which means the act of acquiring knowledge, can best be done through online resources: web pages and documents.

Benefits of Free Online Learning for Kids

Furthermore, in the wake of recent updates which has grossly limited physical meetings, there’s a need for an alternative. As a result, this strategy may provide a viable option for a practical impartation of knowledge to the younger ones.

It provides useful information to kids, adds and enriches their knowledge on various subjects, helps explore new ideas.

Below are some of the free online learning resources for kids’ homeschooling;

online learning for children free


Khan Academy is fantastic online learning for kids’ homeschooling, making provision for qualitative lessons and interactive exercises. The available lessons cover diverse areas, including science and technology, as well as arts and crafts.

You can choose the desired subject concerning grades or topics of interest. Be it Trigonometry, Calculus, Arithmetic, while Science subjects Include Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and many more.

The site also includes Technology, Economics, Arts and Humanities, and History. Provisions of useful materials are available for every topic, including YouTube video tutorials.

However, Khan Academy’s website aims is to provide an independent learning experience for kids. Interestingly, this online learning platform is free to use, and your kids can begin here.


Duolingo is an exciting and attractive resource that provides an opportunity to learn many new languages. It is perfect for kids’ homeschooling, not only because it is free, but it covers a lot of exciting areas. Besides, it motivates the kids to learn online for free, then helps them in paying rapt attention to the subject of interest.

On Duolingo, kids can learn new terminologies with the use of images, which is an exceptional approach. There is also auditory training, where students listen, write down, and also engage in speaking exercises. What more can parents desire from online learning platforms?

However, learning here involves interactive exercises, which include instant responses to the process. Corrections are immediate on the kids’ weakest word to guarantee an improvement in language skills.

These online resources cover both verbal and non-verbal conversations. Also, it is very convenient and free to use, especially for parents in search of free online learning for their kids. Get into the Duolingo environment right away and to begin to optimize this period.


3. BrainPOP

BrainPOP is an online resource with a lot of short videos for introducing new lessons. Also, it is highly instrumental in clarifying complex subject matters for kids. Besides, the platform uses understandable illustration for kids with their free online learning games.

It displays enlightening games that allow kids to keep up with the learning process, including quizzes. In this way, the kids get wrapped up in the topics learned and can have an overview. The significant subjects encompass English Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, as well as other subjects.

Comprehension of the lessons becomes easy on BrainPOP because of its visual resources. These videos in the form of animation, therefore, allow the students to remember information available to them on the website.

An audiovisual method is a proven way of improving the retention of lessons by kids. Again, BrainPOP is a paid subscription site but is affordable with some free games available on it to kids.

free online learning sites for children


The scholastic site provides one of the top online learning for kids homeschooling. It offers daily courses in Science, Social Science, and Emotional Education based on factual articles and stories. Besides, it can also relate to virtual field trips, reading and geography challenges, and much more.

Scholastic online learning from home supports kids by providing them with full stories and meaningful projects. Also, these projects will keep the kids academically active, knowing that students need inspiring and engaging knowledge.

This site is entirely free and accessible through a PC or other digital devices, including smartphones and tablets. Signing up is not even a requirement on the site before your kids can make use of its resources.


ABC Mouse is a dynamic homeschool website that helps kids achieve more significant development in both Literature and Math.

Besides, it consists of many educational activities and lessons to impact the kids meaningfully over the period.

These activities include videos, coloring activities, learning games, poems, puzzles, and songs. Also, these diver activities cover Reading and Writing, Math, Arts, Music, Social Studies, and Science, including Health.

The lessons on ABC Mouse are visually stimulating. More so, they get more stringent responses on tasks as the child advances in learning. This site is also an excellent way to introduce a young child to use the computer and computer-related resources.


Commonlit is a free online reading program that helps kids advance their reading and writing skills. This online resource helps to move kids progressively towards a strong understanding of the chosen subject. And besides, it builds foundational knowledge on the chosen topic of discussion.

It is a site that provides a quality lesson, specifically designed to help kids access top grade-level lessons. This access is by constructing support tools like guided reading mode for enhanced learning.

In essence, this feature breaks the reading into chunks and asks comprehension questions to instill thinking among kids. Also, it gives children real-time feedback on their understanding by reading aloud and responding appropriately.

Commonlit is an excellent tool for a student who has a problem with reading fluency or needs hearing engagement. It can also help with conversion and annotation as a more critical tool for vocabulary and English language learners.

Commonlit is free for homeschooling children with its excellent digital lessons. Besides that, it is a way in which to detect students’ improvement over a designated period.



Newsela is an informative online program that boosts kids’ literacy via online learning. It provides thousands of articles on topics in Science, Math, Art, Health, and World Cultures.

By design, it regulates the reading level as the child uses the program more and more. Again, this online learning platform provides the most effortless approach to reading.

Whereas, it also provides real-time assessment of students’ knowledge through quizzes and writing prompt.

Newsela contains an embedded use of power-word is its make-up. Besides, vocabulary words are structured into articles with clickable links for pronunciation at the end of the material.

Also, there are practice vocabulary activities for the kids to improve spoken English. This site offers both a free and Newsela PRO version at an additional but affordable cost.

kids using the free online resource


Funbrain is a website that uses free interactive games, comics, and videos to teach kids. This online resource offers many exciting games, colorful graphics, cartoon characters, and many more which make free online schooling easy and fun for kids.

The subjects offered include Math, Science, Grammar, Geography, and Literacy. Through Funbrain, kids can develop their analytical thinking ability to build higher intelligence. Funbrain is a free online resource for children whose parents especially love homeschooling.


Starfall does a great job of helping kids to learn how to read and write while at home. The free website offers comprehensible and helpful early literacy for kids. It is great for preschoolers and kindergarteners to learn to read.

Learning becomes possible with the help of some fun games and phonics the website offers. These young lads need learning to be so much fun, and that is what Starfall affords them. Check out their services and engage your kids through them. Click here to access Starfall.


Boardmaker, as a website, offers outstanding education for kids with special needs. It encourages kids to learn on their own, develop skills, and create visual support and rehabilitation actions. That is, the curriculum system is concerning allowing the kids to express their most innate abilities.

Also, Boardmaker renders the provision of innovative software, symbols, pre-made program, and assessment product to empower kids at home. It is a free and fantastic resource to assist kids of all ages at home while the lockdown is still on.

Besides, even after school resumes fully, children can still use any of these online learning platforms for kids’ intellectual growth.


This website comes with lots of fantastic articles, videos, and photos that kids can learn from while at home. Time for kids has a free learning resource that enables children to be conscious of the things happening around them.

It engages kids with the world around them and motivates them to join the discussion about current events. The website also presents news in a way that teaches kids to become critical thinkers. How about that?

Time for kid treats includes health, entertainment, sport, environment, politics, and more. Interestingly, the site launches a free digital library for kids affected by school closures during the coronavirus pandemic.

free online learning sites

12.  ABCya 

There is everything from counting games, graphing, patterns, and more on ABCya; It engages kids in free educational games and activities to make learning easy. The educational games are motivating and interactive; they also encourage critical thinking skills among kids.

One outstanding uniqueness of ABCya is that it provides an organized eLearning structure for primary kids’ grades.

Its available grades include Grades I to VI, as well as the kindergarten children learning resources. And all the games, graphics, music, subject, and themes are according to the children’s educational level.

Interestingly, it is easy for the kids to progress in the learning process while creating a free learning environment that is suitable for learning early math skills.

13. TurtleDiary

With Turtlediary, kids can have access to online learning in diverse areas like Math, Science, Language, Social-Studies, Creativity, and Logic. There are also a lot of printable worksheets, interactive kid games, arts and crafts activities all online.

All created games by their team of skilled educators and child psychology experts enhance children’s IQ. Kids can access all these online resources for free and spend their time wisely.

Besides, this team of experts ensures all the games deliver an enriching and entertaining learning experience for the kids. You may like to try them out right away!


GoNoodle free website is full of games, videos, and lots of engaging content that inspires kids to be physically fit. It is also a fantastic website that helps kids to identify emotions, be careful, and build relationships.

Activities on GoNoodle speed up learning by assisting the kids in focusing on their lessons and being ready to learn. The exercises also help the kids to be able to assimilate new information.

Stimulating the children’s interest is a selling point for this platform. Your kids are going to love them!


How Stuff Works answers children’s curiosity about nature and the environment. The free website also educates kids on subjects like entertainment, science, culture, and money.

Besides, other areas include automobiles, animals, technology, and more. There are also games, quizzes, and videos that aid their learning while at home.

free online learning for kids


On a final note, the academic future of your kids is in safe hands even if they are not in school presently. Instead of allowing them to watch the TV all day, encourage them to make use of any of the mentioned platforms.

Whereas they need to take some time off to relax, the platforms are not only for learning; they entertain the children. The above-listed resources will be of great advantage to your kids if you will work on them.

These free online learning resources can provide tremendous help to kids while they are at home. Besides, all of these resources are free to use and diverse in the subjects of coverage. However, some of them offer premium services at an affordable cost. Learn from more resources that are also available on these online platforms.

Let us know which of these platforms you have been using or like to pursue.

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