Best YouTube Channels for Children Education

The Internet has a unique way of engaging people all over the world. Its functions include communication, entertainment, business transaction, and information gathering. Parents who are passionate about giving their children quality education encourage them to use educative YouTube channels.

It is commonly adaptable for acquiring or improving knowledge of various subjects for educational purposes. Therefore, Educational YouTube channels for children provide a vast resource for study on countless items and topics.


Top YouTube Channels for Children Education

These best YouTube channels for homeschool design help children to study and learn through educative videos. The fun videos motivate and engage younger kids as well as entertain them. It assists them in mastering diverse skills.

Besides, it develops their creative ability and problem-solving skills. Below are some of the best YouTube channels for children’s education. Below are 16 different channels, with some of them also having websites from where you can access the resources.


1. TEDEd 

TEDEd, a TED Talks branch, is one of the best educational video channels for your children. This platform covers everything from lesson ideas to professional development opportunities for all. It is also characterized by a fantastic animation style and answers all sorts of questions children will likely ask.

The entry into the site can be as a student, teacher, or parent. As proof of its educational value, students can ask questions and get answers from teachers and parents on the same platform.

You can also share the videos with other platforms through social media handles. TedEd is one of the best youtube channels for children education.

Also, TEDEd videos will certainly engage the learner and grab their attention of even high school students.

The videos come in different categories: The Arts, Science & Technology, Psychology, Design, Engineering & Technology, Thinking & Learning, Social Studies, Literature & Language, and Health.

One of the trending videos with over 23.4 million views, is “The Coronavirus explained and how to combat it.” You can type in the topics you are interested in by searching by keywords or browsing by subject area.

You can also sort the displayed videos by features, new/old, length, number of views, or number of answered questions.



The first episode of Sesame street was aired in November 1969 and has continued to win everyone’s affection. Sesame Street is an amazing educational YouTube channel, especially for children.

Sesame uses fun to educate the younger generation through comic characters that teach numbers, colours, and alphabets.

Some prominent characters include Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Bert, Grover, Count von Count, and Oscar the Grouch. Topics on Sesame Street include relationships, ethics, and emotions.

Its visual style, music, and animation help to capture focus and sustain children’s attention.

Sesame Street has a good impact on a kid’s performance academically by teaching them how and what to think. It also deals with how the children acquire knowledge through thought, experience, and senses.

The platform also combines animation with sketch comedy, puppetry, and live-action and currently has about 4,514 episodes.



“PBS kids” is a good YouTube channel to prepare children for learning and enlarge their knowledge of math and literacy.

It provides educational games to improve the kid’s abilities. One of the latest videos features the former First Lady of the US, Michelle Obama, in a reading lesson.

With PBS Kids, children can play and learn at the same time. The Youtube channel is available on YouTube for easy access to their videos.

PBS stands for Public Broadcasting Service, with various platforms that can help older, younger children and parents.

It encourages their interest in education and offers educational and engaging content for older and younger kids. PBS kid covers subjects on Math, Science, Arts, and major areas of learning having a comprehensive math curriculum.



National Geographic Kids has the best answer to the craziest question children can ever ask about nature.

Children learn different interesting information about animals, science, history, geography, and generally, nature on national geography.

It also allows children to peek into the other cultures of the world and appreciate other people.

This YouTube channel offers a lot of educational videos and games on wildlife. Besides, children can also find other interesting features like games to help stimulate their mental development.

All resources are available for free on YouTube and the National Geographic website.


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The number one item on the children’s agenda is to play, play, and play inarguably. But how do we then make them benefit from the play as we ensure their safety?

Blippi offers nursery rhymes that enable young children to learn colours, shapes, numbers, letters, and many more.

We can teach them about professions like History, Science, Arts, Nature, and Biology in the children’s play. We can also impact their habits by showing them the better and more acceptable way of doing things, such as eating.

This YouTube channel includes educational songs and videos that engross children easily and aid quick assimilation. Your kids are going to love their songs which accompany the different stories.

Children learn alphabets, numbers, and colours by using objects like tractors and animals on Blippi.

Blippi also uses things children love, like construction equipment and fire trucks, to teach them so that they can understand easily.



Children get to read online and learn math on this YouTube channel in many fun ways. Funbrain offers lots of interactive learning games for kids to acquire new skills in reading. It also gives access for children to read versions of online books.

Some of the areas or categories on Funbrain include Math, Science, Spelling, Grammar, and History.

The platform’s available games include Mighty guy, Grade Star Climber Play, Grades Log Run Play, etc. These tools apply to different ages of children and help their all-round development.

Children can study at their own pace on Funbrain and enjoy loads of acquired skills. It also helps them become frequent users of the computer and the internet and build more computer-related skills.



Another amazing educational YouTube channel that makes learning physics easy for children is Minute Physics.

Kids with a flair for science through inquiry can enjoy a lot of resources on MinutePhysics. MinutePhysics was first created by Henry Reich in 2011 using whiteboard animation to create physics-related videos.

Furthermore, with the employed strategy of MinutePhysics, the 439 million viewers can learn scientific concepts.

Kids can learn what some basic physics terms mean and their application in real life. One of the latest videos is on “How to Tell if We’re Beating COVID-19” available on YouTube.

The platform explains other concepts, including Gravity, Time travel, Teleporting, Quantum computers, and Space science. The videos here give better explanations and illustrations on the topics for the children to understand easily.

This platform is a top recommendation among youtube channels for children education.



Mr DeMaio, through his comic style of teaching, help kids to assimilate what they learn easily. He provides educational content concerning Space Science, focusing on each planet per time.

It can also explain various principles such as Earthquakes, the Bermuda triangle, Jupiter, Neptune, Megalodon, the Planet, and the Titanic.

Mr DeMaio uses some multiplication songs to teach kids how to recall their multiplication tables. Kids learn from his style, and this strategy allows them to retain the information easily.

Check out some of Mr DeMaio’s YouTube videos that can help educate your kids.



Peekaboo Kidz is another YouTube channel that makes education easy and worthwhile for children. This platform takes the approach of answering kids’ questions to educate them.

This strategy works because kids are naturally curious. It provides video series to answer different types of questions the children can ever imagine.

Some of the typical concepts explained include Forgetfulness, Anger, Puking, Parasites, Typhoid, Bad Breath, Aging, Dreaming, and the Ozone layer.

Children get to obtain meaningful learning experiences when they use videos on Peekaboo Kidz.


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Homeschool pop has many exciting videos and pictures for children’s education, especially at the elementary level. The videos cover subjects like Social Studies, History, Science, Math, Reading, Animals, and lots more.

This YouTube channel organizes its videos by subjects and grades; this encourages children to learn independently.

Also, apart from YouTube, shared resources are available on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.



Khan Academy has a YouTube channel that is open and free for all to use. It creates inspirational and educational content for kids with a focus on following a robust academic curriculum.

Also, the channel focuses more on Math and Sciences and offers full videos for children’s education.

Some of the available videos cover Economics, Arts & Humanities, History, Science & Technology. What more could you want from youtube channels for children education?

Khan Academy has a mobile app that contains all the curated collection of different comics, cartoons, videos, books, and fun-filled activities.

This YouTube channel is one of the best resources for children because it allows them to learn independently.

Parents can trust their kids with platforms like this to keep them busy and to grow. Learn more about the Khan Academy and how their resources can help your kids in this article.



The Brain Scoop YouTube channel is the brainchild of the award-winning American educator, Emily Graslie.

She uses a narrative video series to teach children about Science, majorly animals, through the Zoological Museum resources.

Kids are not the only set of beneficiaries from the Brain Scoop; parents can also gain a great deal.

Brain Scoop allows children to be familiar with what a museum is, and gain full knowledge of scientific history. It also allows children to know about the great pleasures museum offers.

This platform is a perfect resource for children to get information about earth science, animals, and environments.

The brain scoop is a YouTube channel that comes from Chicago’s field museum. It provides a glimpse behind the scene of a natural history museum, apart from YouTube.

You can also connect with the Brain Scoop on social media platforms like Facebook.



As an artist, Amy Poehler created the Smart Girls series to enhance the girl child’s approach and perspective to life.

Also, Amy teaches about family life and both boys and girls’ roles to shape their character and education rightly. This YouTube channel offers important information every young girl needs to know.

However, the channel that educates young women about health and fitness is not devoid of its fun. Children can enjoy a lot of entertainment on the Smart Girls YouTube channel.

Simultaneously, the kids get empowered in their minds and souls to form their approach to life.

Smart Girls channel also includes self-esteem enhancement programs that focus on meeting the developmental needs of girls.

The videos on the channel enlighten young women on how to advocate effectively for their concerned issues. This approach aids their confidence and mental strength.

Although the YouTube channel is predominantly for girls, boys can also learn a lot from the videos.



Crash Course simplifies rather difficult concepts into much simpler forms so that kids of tender age can understand.

It brings down the lofty ideas in Science, Math, Language, Arts, and other subjects into real-life situations and circumstances.

In this approach, kids can relate more to algebraic equations, organic chemistry, astronomy, cold war, holocaust, etc. Kids who have a flair for learning will already understand these concepts before school teaches them.

Besides, children between the ages of 8 and 9 have access to a fifteen (15) minute knowledge break apart. As a result of this approach, Crash Course whets the kids’ appetite for more learning inquiry.



The free school is another interesting YouTube channel, from where kids can learn amazing facts. It is the best platform for your kids to learn about Classical Music, Arts, Literature, and Natural Science.

This channel is also interested in Geology, Geography, History, Oceanography, Biographies, and Mythology. As one of the best youtube channels for children education, you can rest as a parent.

Another unique identification of Free School is that it picks animals to give adequate knowledge about them.

For instance, you will find videos that teach about life and behaviour of Lions, Snakes, Sharks, Giraffes, Tigers, and the rest.

Some of their recent videos include;

  • “All About Whale Sharks for Children”
  • “Types of Caves for Kids”
  • “Biography of the Wright Brothers for Children”


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MakeMeGenius is another fascinating YouTube channel for young children. It displays animation and cartoon videos for their lessons, and these videos are easy to watch. The focus areas include Math, Science, Arts, Space Science, Practical Science, with a focus on different topics.

Besides, the helpful resources include quizzes, questions, the meaning of concepts, worksheets, definitions, and others. MakeMeGenius is available on YouTube and Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others.


Conclusion on Youtube channels on Children Education

YouTube channels have become a children’s favourite resource for education because it makes learning simple. It also presents information in a fun manner, to the extent that most children no longer find education difficult.

In other words, it is now the responsibility of parents, teachers, educators, and other stakeholders to make this resource available. Also, you can enrol your kids in institutions like the Circle line art school.

There are many amazing educational YouTube channels with lots of good learning materials available to the general public for free.


Are there some you have tried before? Tell us more



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