Accredited Certificate Programs for Professionals

Enrolling in accredited certificate programs allows you to drive your career and plan forward.

As an expert in your career, you gain more relevance and respect when you acquire professional certificates in your field.

Moreover, you will also be current with trends, technologies, skills, and evolving topics.

Some of the peculiar fields with valuable certificate programs include medicine, nursing, healthcare, psychology, finance, and technology.

It may also cover management courses like business, leadership, and human resources.


accredited certificate programs

What are Certificate Programs?

Certificate programs are alternative programs for earning a formal degree program. The result of these programs is certificates of completion instead of a degree certificate.

Besides, people choose certificate programs to advance their program management, leadership, and other management forms.

Moreover, graduate certificate programs are examples of courses you can complete in a few months or years.

Benefits of Certificate programs

There are many reasons why people choose certificate programs over conventional full degrees. Therefore, some of the top reasons are below:

  1. Certificate programs give you new skills towards a competitive advantage over others.
  2. You can build expertise in your specialized field of endeavor.
  3. It can help broaden your orientation and scope of knowledge in your field.
  4. They are often cheaper than regular degree programs.
  5. It can increase your efficiency at work through alternative means of more incredible achievement.
  6. You can build professional expertise and credibility through certified programs.
  7. Certificate programs can lead to an increase in your earning potential since it increases your market value.
  8. You get to know advanced technological tactics and tools that apply to your career field.

In which case, below are some international certificate programs for career training.

Certificate Programs at Harvard

Some of the available certificate programs in Harvard include fields such as

  1. Arts Literature and Media
  2. Education
  3. Global Studies
  4. Life Sciences
  5. Business and Management
  6. Social Sciences and Cultural Studies
  7. Sustainability and the Environment
  8. Technology

Certificate Programs in Finance

1. Project Finance and Public-Private Partnership (New York Institute of Finance)

This career certificate program helps you to expand on the proficiency needed to manage the transactions of public-private partnerships.

Also, it develops the required skills to handle financing and policy of public-private partnerships.

Besides, the program helps to gain knowledge of accounting and economic drivers that motivate project finance.

Besides, you can learn the main participants at vital points in a project timeline through this program.

Moreover, this program educates students on the balance between the needs of stakeholders. It includes private investors’ demand for profit and governments’ demand for lucidity in gaining new project funding.

Moreover, this program is necessary for investors, commercial, and investment bankers, regulators, lawyers, and bankers.

What to gain

Through this program, you will

  • Comprehend project finance and the Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), which relate closely to the project finance
  • Know the process of project finance and be capable of selecting the appropriate deals for investment
  • Learn the various ways of organizing projects by deal structure and customer type. Also, be able to evaluate different examples of deals.
  • Know the significant political and currency risks in project finance.
  • Understand the supplementary documents and contracts that apply to projects. Moreover, discover the Loan syndication process and Rating Agencies.

Duration: 5 months

Effort: 1-2 hours in a week

Cost: $1,399 for the full program experience

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2. Corporate Finance (Columbia University)

This program will educate you on managing a firm, giving you the necessary skills to make sound financial decisions.

There will be a study on the frame for valuation, free cash flow, and firm valuation over the training courses.

Besides, the program covers alternative sources of external funding for company operations.

Moreover, the mentioned concepts altogether make up the vital building blocks for a career in finance.

Furthermore, this program is specifically for people looking to advance their careers in a range of professions.

The professions include investment banking, general management, consulting, private equity, and many more. There will be an opportunity for learning through various transactions and case studies.

Key Program Takeaway:

  • Be good at using the free cash flow method for firm evaluation and learn value stocks and bonds.
  • Comprehend the good theoretical principle of finance and the practice environment for making financial decisions.
  • Know how to make use of frameworks for discounting and valuation and be good at making investment decisions for corporations
  • Besides, you will learn the effect of capital structure on the risk of a firm’s equity and debt.
  • Be able to determine risk and guesstimate the expected return of an asset based on its threat.

Duration: 3 months

Effort: 3-4 hours per week

Cost: $607.50

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3. Macroeconomics (the University of Queensland, Australia)

Have you ever marveled at how things that happen in faraway countries have effects on you here? Or what meaning does the economic news and statistics have?

In addition, if you have ever done, then you need to go for this program. Moreover, the program gives an introduction to microeconomics and enlightens on lots of macroeconomic phenomena.

Besides, you will learn the lasting economic enlargement in developed and developing economies.

In addition, macroeconomics elucidates the actions government and central banks can carry out to elevate people’s living standards.

Furthermore, it also focuses on the chief economic principles applied immediately to formal mathematical theorization.

The program will discuss many theories by central banks, government, and private sectors in conducting macroeconomics.

What you will learn

  • Be able to use macroeconomics terminology accurately.
  • Also, be good at evaluating the functions and roles of macroeconomic institutions.
  • More so, have a deep understanding of macroeconomic and be good at using them for analysis
  • Moreover, you will use simple equations, diagrams, and words to clarify the microeconomic’s central casual relationships.
  • Know how to evaluate contemporary macroeconomic strategy issues and the impacts they have on business and society.

Duration: 5 months

Effort: 1-2 hours per week

Cost: $402.30

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Certificate Programs in IT

4. Data Science for Executives (Columbia University in the city of New York)

This Career Certificate Program helps in knowing the newest data science tools.

In addition, the program also explains how to apply product development tools, health care, finance, and many more.

Besides, the program enlightens on the fundamentals of statistics, algorithms, and machine learning.

Also, it introduces new rising technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and systems that allow computers to summarize tons of texts, audio, and videos.

Moreover, the program is suitable for anyone aiming to become an organization leader or consider a data science career.

What you will learn

  • An understanding of the basic techniques that Data scientists use
  • Know the usage of data science in deciding multiple sectors today
  • More so, you will also know the main components of the Internet of Things (IoT) to change the way we live and work.
  • Understand how data scientists use Natural Language Processing (NLP), video, and audio to extract information from scientific articles, books, and more

Duration: 4 months

Effort: 7-10 hours per week

Cost: $267.30

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5. IT Project Management (University of Washington)

This program aims to introduce how project management’s fundamentals apply to the information technology (IT) field to you.

It also helps choose the project management tactics and techniques that perfectly fit your IT project or organization.

The program will also make you recognize the field’s challenges, like the management of different teams.

Also, you will discover the organization of project management offices and how to enlarge a project portfolio.

What you will learn

  • Know the reason why IT organizations use projects management to deliver business value
  • Be good at explaining and distinguishing among the leading project management methods and project lifecycles.
  • More so, know also the competencies needed for project management in IT and the techniques in developing the skills.
  • Besides, know the importance of a Project Management Office(PMO) and the best way it works in an organization
  • Finally, you will be able to spot out the tactics to manage distributed teams.

Duration: 5 months.

Effort: 2-5hours in a week

Cost: $537.30

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6. Front-End Web developer

The W3C (World Wide Web consortium) organized this career certificate program.

Besides, the courses teach all required skills for building a responsive and interactive user experience on the web.

Also, the program also gives a deep understanding of the foundation computer languages powering the web; CSS, HTML5, and Javascript.

Moreover, it provides step-by-step guides on using all client-side Web development techniques to create on the web.

On the career training courses, there are interactive examples that help in practicing and coding correctly.

What you will learn

  • Coding with modern HTML5 tags. Also, you will learn how to draw and animate fun web graphics as well as play audio and video content
  • Besides, it adds CSS best practices for web page design.
  • Moreover, you will know the importance of accessibility and internalization.
  • Also, understand the fundamentals of JavaScript to assist you in developing an interactive web app
  • Develop a web design, making use of the latest web standard.

Duration: 7 months

Effort: 5-7 hours in a week

Cost: $895.50

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Certificate Programs in Management

7. Psychology of Leadership (Cornell Certificate Program)

Furthermore, the most significant aim of leadership is the efficiency of leading other people to achieve the set goal. More so, as a leader, this ability is highly essential for your career path and the organization’s stability.

Through the program, there will be the provision of practical tools and innovative behavioral science findings. Besides, these findings will help your competency in influencing and leading others.

Also, the program also gives an in-depth knowledge of the psychological mechanisms that drive your behaviors and motivation to lead.

Key program takeaway

  • Ability to spot out the elementary drivers of behavior and be good at listening actively to explicate underlying issues
  • Modify your behaviors to reveal the best work in people around you. Also, be capable of transforming your social and physical environments to influence others.
  • Besides, you will be able to put together positive and negative feedback to maximize performance.
  • Moreover, you will be able to spot out and eradicate the powerful obstacles to behavioral change.
  • Ability to access your emotional intelligence level and read the emotions of others correctly. Also, be good at building up positive and reversing negative behavioral cycles of your subordinates.
  • Also, use reciprocity principles to influence others for mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • In addition, provide a solution to the fundamental challenges of teams by placing the right goals.

Duration: 3 months

Effort: 4-6 hours per week

Type: Online

Cost: $3,600

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8. Certificate in Product Management (University System of Maryland)

A certificate in product management is one of the most profitable and rewarding career choices people are making today.

This program also deals with product management basics and the reasons why the role is highly sought-after.

You earn a certificate after undergoing the courses in product management. Besides, this program investigates the roles and responsibilities of a good product manager.

Also, it focuses on project managers’ relationships with internal and external stakeholders like marketing, legal, finance, and customer service.

This program educates on product-market fit, with a thorough examination of target customers, value propositions, customer’s underserved needs, and more.

Besides, the course also details major design thinking principles about personas, prototyping, and story mapping.

Moreover, the course will help you arrange your product team, product development, and product design for pace and improvement.

What you will learn

  • the roles and responsibilities of a good product manager and how to use the functions in promoting change successfully
  • Also, you will be able to identify your customer’s underserved needs, target customers, your value proposition.
  • Be good at interpreting product ideas by making prototypes and minimum viable products (MVPs) to authenticate the customers’ interest.
  • Also, the modern product leadership in forming product teams and developing organizations that discover and deliver the product

Duration: 5 months

Effort: 2-3 hours in a week

Cost: $895.50

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Professionals with career certificates from programs of reputable institutions are hotcakes outside the world. You can also push your career forward by starting any of the related programs to your field.

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