Top 5 Places to Find Scholarships Online in 2023

Do you hold or plan to secure admission to an international program, but you are worried about how you will go about paying? You are not alone. Studying abroad comes with many expenses, and finding the right places to find scholarships is the place to start.

Although there are other ways to finance your program, finding scholarships is still the best bet. There are lots of scholarship opportunities to study abroad, and finding the best places to find scholarships to apply for makes it easier. Over 1.5 million scholarships are available annually for undergraduate and graduate programs.


Top 5 places to find scholarships


What is a Scholarship?

The scholarship is an academic distinction or recognition award to individuals who demonstrate achievements in specific areas of study. Commonly associated with higher education, scholarships are typically merit-based and may reflect academic excellence, research accomplishments, or other criteria the granting institution determines.

In some cases, scholarships may come as financial aid, such as grants or tuition remission programs and can provide students with valuable resources to finance their college studies. Scholarships are a highly prized resource coveted by students worldwide and universities alike, as they help preserve access to quality higher education for those most deserving.

University’s international office, religious organizations, individuals, and other private entities are common places scholarship opportunities to help fund your study. The removal of the financial barrier has helped many students enjoy their studies. Other benefits are also available to gaining scholarships such as;


i. Career Development

Scholarships offer an invaluable opportunity for career development, providing the financial means through which individuals can pursue educational and training opportunities to gain a competitive advantage in the job market. In addition, the value of scholarships extends well beyond their material impact: they signal ambition and dedication on behalf of the recipient, granting them access to resources that allow them to flourish as future professionals.


ii. Networking

Scholarships often come with networking and mentoring opportunities that open the door to further professional development and meaningful connections within the industry.


iii. Personal development

Scholarships provide invaluable assistance to students or professionals in furthering their personal development, allowing them to pursue educational opportunities they could not otherwise access. Also, scholarships can help build self-esteem and foster confidence, important life attributes which can positively influence one’s professional trajectory.

However, not all scholarships cover your tuition totally; they reduce your expenses and make your study abroad affordable. It is funny that thousands, if not millions, of scholarships go unclaimed annually. These could be because of two reasons;

  • Where to find them
  • How to apply for these scholarships


In this article, we will be shedding light on one of these questions – Where to find scholarships? Researching for scholarships could be very tasking and time-consuming. To make this easier some search engines have been created to make this easier. The work of these search engines is to find and compare available scholarship opportunities based on your criteria.

Most scholarships are free, and you only need to open an account. Most of these resources update their database regularly and ensure their subscribers are notified of these. Without further ado: let’s discuss places you can get scholarships.


best places for scholarships


Top Five (5) places you can find scholarships


The first on our list of places to find scholarships is This is an online resource dedicated to helping students find, qualify for, and earn scholarships. With over 2 million scholarships worth over $19 billion in available aid, links students to the sources of university funding that best match their criteria.

Users benefit from various highly targeted scholarship search options including by major or geographic area, military affiliation membership status, or race/ethnicity. Additional features include interactive degree pathways, a guide to post-secondary success, and up-to-date information about the application process and standards of academic excellence for colleges across the country.

All users have access to real-time account management tools, chat support teams, and innovative calculators designed to make navigating the complex realm of higher education financing simpler than ever before.


2. GoingMerry is a comprehensive platform for applying for university scholarships. It helps simplify the scholarship process for students by allowing them to store all their application materials and selection criteria for scholarships and track each stage of their applications in one place.

The site offers useful guidance from relevant experts to help students make the best decisions regarding their scholarship application. Also, it uses artificial intelligence using users’ criteria to find scholarships best suited to individual needs. GoingMerry also provides personalized email reminders on deadlines and step-by-step instructions on tackling the scholarship application effectively.

Finally, its secure database keeps student information safe while providing an easy way for award organizations to check if applicants qualify for various awards. GoingMerry is thus an invaluable resource for optimizing and taking the hassle out of the scholarship application process.


3. FastWeb is also one of the leading online places to find student scholarships; they provide ways to fund their education. Search for scholarships and internships, gain access to career resources, and read up on helpful advice related to college life. The website features an extensive library of financial aid resources and a powerful scholarship search engine.

Their database includes more than 1 million scholarships worth over 3.4 billion dollars. Furthermore, Fastweb also offers unique services, such as personalized scholarship matches tailored to your profile criteria. There are also active student forums where users can connect with peers and ask questions about school-related topics.

It has been featured in publications like Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and US News & World Report. It is recognized for its reputation as one of the most reliable sources of college knowledge on the web.


4. provides a comprehensive suite of resources to support students during the scholarship application process. Users can be matched with exclusive scholarships and financial aid opportunities through their Scholarship Match feature based on their background and academic preferences.

Additionally, the “Scholarships” section of allows users to search for over 8 million scholarships from leading providers and provides tips for applying and succeeding in getting awards. Lastly, an essay review service is provided so users can get advice about polishing their application essays for maximum effect.

This combined package of services makes a crucial layer of support when going through the scholarship application process.


5. ScholarshipOwl

The last on our list of places to find scholarships is the Scholarshipowl. This comprehensive online platform provides students with an easy and intuitive way to discover, access, and apply for scholarships. It is also one of the few scholarship resources that are not free.

Offering over 3 million scholarships from over 5 thousand sponsors, its award-winning matching system ensures connection with awards tailored to a student’s specific academic interests and qualifications. In addition, each scholarship contains criteria that can be easily filtered to better align with what a student specifically qualifies for.

Students are notified when new awards become available based on their profile so they never miss out on the financial aid they need. It also offers resources like essays, essay examples, budget calculators, and other financial literacy tips to empower students in their college journey. In addition, through partnerships with employers such as Microsoft, Scholarshipowl helps communities access even more scholarship opportunities.


start your study with scholarships



Studying abroad has a lot of advantages, such as networking, socialization, fun, and many more. The presence of the financial barrier has prevented a lot of people from experiencing these things. The advantages and places you can find scholarships to help your study have been listed in this article. I am pretty sure there is one out there for you. Why not try applying today?


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”What is the Best Way to Get a Scholarship?” answer-0=”The best way to get a scholarship is to; i. Understand the requirements of the awarding organization, ii. Determine if those requirements match your educational and career goals, and iii. Creating an exclusive scholarship application. This involves researching the organization, gathering information on other successful scholarship recipients in similar fields, preparing necessary documents, and submitting all necessary materials. While it may help to have good grades, many elements can make applicants stand out and land them a scholarship. All these steps taken together will give you a competitive edge when applying for scholarships.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”Which websites allow students to search for scholarships?” answer-1=”There are loads of websites out there that stand as search engines for scholarships. From our perspective, the top five (5) have been mentioned above. Others that were made into the honourable list may include; i. ii. Unigo iii. The College Board iv. v. Scholly” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”When should you start applying for scholarships?” answer-2=”When considering applying for a scholarship, it’s important to plan and begin the process as early as possible. Scholarships have deadlines, so researching available opportunities should start at least 6 months before the desired funding period begins. Students should also consider their application essay writing needs, transcript acquisition, and letter of recommendation requests when planning for the application timeline. All aspects of the application should be completed in advance of the due dates. Applications should always be double-checked for accuracy to ensure that all requirements are met.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”How can I increase my chances of getting a scholarship?” answer-3=”Increasing your chances of getting a scholarship involves taking action to position yourself as a worthy candidate. This includes; i. Building a strong academic record ii. Get involved in activities that showcase your unique talents and interests iii. Create a portfolio that comprises your accomplishments and awards iv. Networking with proper people will be great for scholarship reference v. Writing essays that show your maturing and academic excellence vi. Open your chances by trying to get as many scholarships as possible vii. Understanding the application criteria for each scholarship you plan to apply for These steps will ensure you can confidently enter the scholarship race and increase your chance of getting one.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]


AUTHOR: Babatunde Oluwadamilare


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