27 Fantastic Business Ideas for Teens & Young Adults

Perhaps hearing about business ideas may not be the most profound concern for teens. But it remains their best period to create profitable ventures and form great habits.

The teenage years are known for their rebellion and difficulty adjusting to social and family norms.

This time, children are inundated with creative ideas and have the zeal to work on them.

Through proper channeling of these ideas, you will help your teen become resourceful and, at the same time, keep him away from negative attractions.

A teenager starting a small business or a trade doesn’t indicate a low-income family. You’re only teaching them resourcefulness.

Here are some lessons that business ideas can teach teenagers as they grow up. In other words, below are why you should raise your kids with entrepreneurship skills.

They can try and enjoy the experience of earning their pocket money.


5 Lessons Business Ideas can teach Teens

My friend’s parents had a groundnut oil production factory several years ago.

But they earn money whenever my friends assist in the factory, during holidays or weekends.

In other words, their parents pay them for every service they render in their production company. And I often wondered why so.

However, other parents will readily remind the kids how they feed and fend for them in a similar situation.

After a while, I learned that paying my teenage friends helped them in several ways while growing up:

  1. They had no sense of deservedness or entitlement when approaching their parents. That does not mean their parents don’t do the needful. Yet, the kids knew it was a privilege.
  2. They understood firsthand how their parents’ business worked.
  3. My friends learned accountability as they had to account for every penny that flowed in and out.
  4. They learned to be responsible for the earnings they worked for instead of receiving a gift.
  5. My friends developed entrepreneurship skills for the future in life.


business ideas for teens


The Best Business Ideas for Teens you can try.

Here are some unique business ideas that teens can try as a first approach to transforming an entrepreneur:


1. Become a Pet Handler or Walker

Pet owners usually need people to help them care for their pets while away.

Your teen can take care of your neighbor’s pets while they are away on vacation. At times, he or she may walk the pets of friends and family.

Ensure your child understands the pet’s requirements, as some may ask your child to feed pets. Some owners may ask your child to come home or, from time to time, take it for a walk.

Additionally, your teen child can find out if the requirement is short-term. For instance, whether owners need the service during the holidays or long term.

He may also note how often owners can request the service daily or weekly.

In some cases, your teen may take on the dog walker job.


2. Gift-wrapping Services

A creative child can get much business with the gift-wrapping service.

Adding attractive designs can also introduce something new and fun to the traditional way of gift-wrapping.

The service can be useful during holidays when families share gifts and there is plenty to do.

Your teens can contact nearby companies and brands to see if they require assistance.

Companies may outsource the task of packing gifts for their employees.

This is one of the business ideas for young people, especially teenagers, at the beginning!


3. Car wash

Families often struggle to find time for a thorough car wash, and professional services can be expensive.

Your teen can earn money by washing her neighbors’ cars with ample time.

Ask your teen to talk to them and ask if they would clean their cars at home.

Your young adult can offer services such as washing the car from the outside and cleaning the inside.

Customers’ charges can be according to the car’s size, frequency of washing, and other requirements.


4. Shopping shopper

Grocery shopping is a task that is inevitable but can be difficult during weekdays.

What if your neighbor needs someone to pick one or two things from the store?

Your teens can make themselves useful in shopping for them, depending on how often they need it. Perhaps they may need such a service every day, every other day, or once a week.

Your teen can also connect with local seniors and offer them help with grocery shopping. At times, they may accompany others to the store or do it independently.


5. Personal shopper

The personal shopping service is similar to the other shopping service.

With modern lives becoming more crowded by the day, most families struggle to find time to go essential shopping.

Besides, this shopping can work not only for individuals but even for families as a whole.

He can also work on the best places to get it, fit it within a specific budget, and find suitable offers.


6. Creating handmade gifts

There are several options for teens to tap into when creating handmade gifts. She can try making candles and soaps, manicures and pedicure sets that fit in a jar, custom papers, custom paint sneakers, and gift items.

The holidays and the holiday season are the peak times for this business. At the same time, events like birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and the like also reach customers.


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”What business can teenagers start?” answer-0=”There are many business ideas that a teenager can explore, including laundry, cleaning, lawn cleaning, babysitting and many more” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”What business can take a 13-year-old start?” answer-1=”A 13-year old can do babysitting, cleaning, decorations, logistics, errands, and other similar assignments” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”What are the most successful small businesses?” answer-2=”Some of the most successful small businesses include service-oriented ones such as clearing, buying and selling” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”How can teens start a small business?” answer-3=”A teenager can start a small business through the application of skills and knowledge to provide solutions, starting from the immediate environment” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]


7. Homemade Snacks and Delicacies

As more people turn to the goodness of homemade food, teens can quickly learn the trade.

And afterward, if they love cooking, they can turn it into a full-fledged business idea.

Besides, who says they can invent their unique recipes that their customers will love especially?

They must invest in cute, classy packaging ideas and watch the orders arrive.

This option can be one of the easy business ideas for teenagers to make money.


8. Repair of computers or gadgets

By now, your teen is probably good at fixing problems with a computer, the Internet, or other devices around the house.

I put it to you that that is one of the profitable business ideas he can invest in to make money. He can, with this skill, offer repair services to people around and earn from it.

Nevertheless, he may prefer to first go for some internships on some of his ideas before launching.

If you are comfortable with it, your child can make house calls to help care for gadgets and computers.

The option requires bonding with local stores that can allow teens to come in and work there.

Moreover, if you can afford it, open a shop for him or her in the yard or garage.


9. Social media marketing or campaigns

Teens’ habit of spending time on social media can also turn into a significant income source.

Help them identify areas of social media marketing they are comfortable with, including online communication.

Perhaps, he loves to write about campaigns and engage the audience.

Or he may be good at networking and marketing various products and services on social media.

Find out this information and let him give them a shot.

You can ask your child to link to sites or blogs where they can work part-time on social media projects.


10. Tutoring services

One of the most comfortable business ideas for teens to start making money is offering a tutorial service.

These ideas can be highly profitable because they can also help them refresh what they learned in school.

He may choose from Maths, Science, Computer, Foreign Languages, History, Geography, Economics, and others.

One option is for willing students or pupils in the locality to come to the house while he or she takes them.

Conversely, some parents may prefer your children to visit their homes.

However, this latter option will attract more than the other category.


11. Customer Support or Service

Depending on the amount of free time, your child works as back-end customer support.

However, this task will first require forming a formal relationship with local businesses and stores.

Interestingly, it is one of the business ideas that allows teens to work from home and earn cash.

It will most involve handling customer phones and answering basic questions or forwarding calls to the personnel concerned.

Your teenager can devote a few hours each day to the job or work a few days a week. More flexibly, the opportunity may only be available on weekends or holidays.

This job can help your teen improve their communications for the future or start a similar firm.


12. Lawn Service Provider

If your child loves gardening, he or she can provide gardening services in your neighborhood.

Who doesn’t love a well-kept lawn?

Only that no one really wants to put in the required time to do it. In other cases, homeowners find it very difficult to manage.

Therefore, your child, with his friends, can start with this idea and grow a business.

For example, they can work to clean up fallen grass leaves from the garden. At other times, neighbors need someone to scoop off the snow from their surroundings.

What about tidying up the lawn, especially during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year celebrations?


13. Babysitter

If your child is good with babies, babysitting may be a good option, especially for female teens.

Nevertheless, this business idea requires a little experience in caring for a younger sibling at home.

Make sure your child is available on Friday and Saturday nights, as these days parents usually need babysitters.

If your teen has enough time during the day, she can care for babies on weekdays, especially after school.

Depending on the number of children they need to look after, house visits and play dates may work.



business ideas for teens


14. Purchase and Resale

Another business idea your child can try is purchasing and reselling items for a higher price.

Restrictions or scarcity may open doors for business ideas such as buying and reselling by teens.

There are various open and wholesale markets where you can find clothes, display pieces, books, CDs, and baseball cards.

Some markets display household items and other less-needed stuff useful for others.

Your teen can visit these markets and find items that other people may need.

Sometimes, finding these items and markets may be more comfortable online and for better deals.

On the contrary, they may be the ones that set up the small mini-market or open-sale and sell.

Once there are enough things to sell, you can help him establish a location in your yard or garage.

Or, your teen can first find the kinds of things in demand near your area and bring them.


15. Handcrafted Jewellery

Handcrafted jewelry is in fashion these days. The final product can be beautiful and often doesn’t take much time and money to make.

If your child is interested in arts and crafts, you can encourage him/her to start a small business idea.

There are many options your teen can experiment with when it comes to making art jewelry.

I have a friend who does that as an adult and teaches younger adults and teens the craft.

The more innovative the products are, the better their uniqueness factor.

They can also try out new ideas every time to give customers fresh and personalized pieces.

Many schools already teach these young adults how to convert these materials into beautiful items.

On the other hand, there are exhibitions and galleries where they can sell the items.


16. Prepare and Sell Candles

Candles are very fanciful and useful and also come at a reasonable price. At the same time, you can make them at home at a minimal cost.

In other words, teens can get inspiration for different candle designs and flavors from online craft sites.

Some of these skills are sometimes learnable during various candle shop trips.

It is high time that some of these uncommon business ideas turned into profitable ventures, especially for teens.

Sometimes, they can also mix and match different scents to create unique scented candles.

Depending on the season, teens can explore scents, such as summer unique, tropical, winter special, autumn, Halloween pumpkin, and others.

Once there’s a collection, you can help him sell candles to your neighbors and family.

Otherwise, teens can open an online store or sell them on different sites to people from other places.


17. Running Errands

Running errands for neighbors is a simple job that can boost your teen’s pockets. Learn to use Google Forms for creating orders and requests.

However, they will have to update you on their schedule each day and where they must go.

Therefore, he will first have to plan each day of the week, including free days.

Sometimes, some corporate firms require delivery guys on bikes to take something from one place to another.


18. Dry cleaning and Laundry

Besides running errands, your neighbor can also offer you some basic household chores like Laundry and dry cleaning.

Not only can teens do this business for families, but companies like hotels may also require laundrymen’s service.

As one of the easy business ideas, lazy teens should not even dare this business at all.

Interestingly, it is one of the business ideas that allows teamwork, depending on where each person’s strength lies.


19. House and office cleaning

Besides laundry services, house cleaning is another fantastic business idea young adults should try.

Aside from business ideas that work for homes, offices can also employ extra hands to willing teens.

Besides, teens can borrow, rent or buy some of the required materials and tools for the cleaning process.

It is also not strange that companies already have standby cleaners. But they may need extra hands after a big event such as a party for the after-party cleanings.


20. Bike fastening

If your child is comfortable fixing bikes, repair and maintenance services can begin.

He can make house calls or ask neighbors and friends to come in with their bikes that need a fix.

If your child isn’t as comfortable this way, they can also offer to bring the service to repair stores.


21. Growing herbs

With an emphasis on eating fresh food, your child can offer fresh herbs to neighbors.

Young people can rear herbs such as mint, basil, dill, and sage without extra effort.

He can also grow the herbs in a window garden, courtyard, or balcony.

Before your child starts growing herbs, identify their passion and let them learn how to do it.

At times, he may have to research the type of herb thoroughly.

It’s also a good idea to sign up for a short course for him to learn the basics of growing herbs.

They may also learn how to care for them, which herb grows best in which conditions, and so on.


22. Homemade Chocolates

Chocolates are always in demand and come in fanciful shapes and flavors.

Besides, kids can make special ones at home, unlike the ones in the store. They can also customize them according to customers’ tastes and preferences.

It is mainly a good deal for special occasions, holidays and parties.

Chocolates are kids’ favorites. So, why not build it among profitable business ideas for the same teens and young adults?


23. Car Pooling for Kids

Many parents often find it difficult to drop their children off at school or pick them up after school.

Older teens with a driver’s license as safe drivers can start to provide car-pooling services for children.

Too many children in the car can cause a lot of noise and distraction.

So, ensure your child is comfortable and has no driving problems.

Once the teen settles into the service, he or she can extend the car-pooling service.

By extension, older people, pregnant women, or anyone else unable to drive may need the service too.

These people may need to travel from one place to another.


24. Indoor decorator

We’re in the season of one celebration or the other where people need to give their homes a new look.

Any teen can take up this job and offer the service at a token.

Indoor decorations are among the most straightforward business ideas that can help teens develop their creativity.

Parents will love to encourage teenagers by giving them the job of inspiring their children.

Why would anyone deny his kids the ability to learn one or two things that can be fun?


25. Party Decorator

If your child is creative, he may offer to decorate houses and make interiors to host parties and small events.

While this isn’t necessarily an event management job, your teen can bring together his creative friends.

The process may involve filling out the decorations and taking care of the overall look.

Aside from making decorations for home events, teens can also bond with local restaurants and places where events occur.

This step is handy when you offer to help them with their decorations.


26. Party Decoration Supplier

An alternative to decorating work is to provide the necessary materials for decorations.

You will first need to meet the customers and figure out what kind of party they are hosting.

Another question to ask is what materials they would need to set up.

Typically, similar events require similar items except for extraordinary things here and there.

Therefore, as a supplier with experience over time, it gets relatively more comfortable to figure out needed items for similar events.


27. Local logistics

People within a locality may need extra hands to assist in many ways at special periods and seasons.

Logistics-related business ideas can be profitable, especially if the teen knows the locality well.

On a larger scale, logistics may require having a vehicle to move things around.

To solve this problem, a teen may need to team up with a more prominent logistics company for assistance.


Conclusion on Business Ideas for Teens

In conclusion, as a parent, you should encourage these business ideas as your teens grow. The ideas allow them to use their time, energy, and potential positively and profitably.

We have explored 27 small business ideas for 17-year-olds and young adults to own businesses. These great business ideas are peculiar to younger people to start small and make huge profits.

However, nurturing business ideas during your teen years may not always lead to tremendous success, but it’s a giant step. Besides, it opens the door for many other opportunities to learn essential life lessons and grow.

Moms, have you tried something similar when you were a teenager or expressed interest in the same?

If so, let us know which of the most attractive teen business ideas appeals to you.

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