9 Legit Online Business Ideas that Pays Daily in Nigeria

An average Nigerian has many concerns about making money consistently, hence the need for this topic. In other words, why do we need an legit online business idea that pays you daily in Nigeria?

First, you don’t have to do illegal businesses to make ends meet. And the other is that you don’t have to wait till the end of the month for pay and struggle to meet your daily needs. We have decided to compile some tested legit online business that pays you daily, even in Nigeria.

Let us discuss some essential online business ideas that are legit to do in Nigeria without much ado. The following are legit ways to make money online and consider ditching your 9-5 job once and for all.

Previously, the standard path to success looked like


But now, this method is no longer leading to wealth but only leaves people in merry-go-round circles. The significant benefit of an online business in Nigeria is that it gives you financial and entrepreneurial freedom.


The Legit Online Business that pays Daily in Nigeria

1.     Start a Blog

Blogging is one reliable way to start in Nigeria and make money in a legit way. You can earn your proceeds from blogging directly to your bank account and check by mail.

You may withdraw daily, weekly, or monthly while earning US dollars. While many people have already tapped into this source in Nigeria, it is far from becoming a saturated area.

However, you must regard it more like a business than a hobby and be ready to do all it takes. Statistics show that successful bloggers prioritized the following tools for massive results:

  • A well-designed blog/website with top design and speed
  • Rich and helpful content to engage all readers and answer their questions
  • Best SEO practices that suit Google search engine for top-ranking results

My best advice to blog starters is to start with a single micro-niche and become a pro at it. When picking a niche, think about what people love and not what you think.

This point is essential because people assume their readers must automatically love what they write. However, the reverse is the case: don’t start by reporting on what you love because it is not for you.

It would help if you learned that readers already have questions, and they came to you for answers. So, your goal is to meet their needs, by which your own needs are met. You can learn more from a pro blogger in Nigeria.

There are a couple of ways to monetize your blog and earn regularly, but we will only list a few.

How can you earn money from blogging in Nigeria?

  • Alongside your blog articles, you can create and sell a digital product to your audience.
  • Sell writing and other digital services to your audience who need them
  • Be an affiliate marketer for top companies (I will talk about this method in detail soonest)
  • Sell banner and display spaces on your site and charge monthly
  • The final option is to register for Google AdSense after you have made several posts on your blog


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2.     Join an Affiliate Marketing Network

Another fantastic way young people can make money legitimately is through affiliate marketing. For instance, many people on the Expertnaire affiliate network are earning millions already.

It is an easy method because you can do it part-time and still earn a legit income. So, what is affiliate marketing, and how does it work?

Picture this: a company sells a product or service for $20. But they are willing to share a percentage of the profit with you for marketing it. The method usually uses a unique link that pays you the commission when someone buys using the link.

In Nigeria, the top affiliate networks include the Jumia J-Force and the Expertnaire affiliate program. In addition, you can explore the Amazon and Bluehost affiliate programs for an international audience.

The more traffic you have on your site, the higher your chances of legit earning from affiliate programs.

How do you earn from affiliate marketing in Nigeria?

  • Start with promoting products and services that you use or have tried personally.
  • If there is a choice, take a percentage commission over a flat rate due to price changes.
  • Don’t bore your audience with excessive affiliate links
  • Affiliate links don’t do well on social media. Use the email subscribers list or your blog/website
  • Remember to be consistent as you build this method into a business and not a mere hobby


3.     eCommerce – Selling physical products online

One of the suitable legit online business ideas that pays you daily in Nigeria is the online selling of physical products. This method comes naturally for ladies or anyone with sales skills. And even if you are unsure of your ability, it’s easy to learn.

You don’t have to start with your products; you can sell other people’s products online to earn. eCommerce has become so popular in Nigeria that you find them practically on all social media platforms.

How to run eCommerce as a legit business that pays you daily

  • Pick specific products or categories with a high-profit margin
  • Choose the platforms or marketplace to use
  • Set a price around the amount other people charge
  • Promote the product on the marketplaces consistently
  • Create an amount of time you can dedicate to talking about these products daily
  • Use a credible payment platform and contact details for delivery
  • Start your business and earn steadily


4.     Work as a freelancer

Working as a freelancer can be built into a business of its own. And that has been the saving grace for a lot of young Nigerians. It is time you joined that bandwagon as well.

Before you worry too far about how sellable your skill is, you can even start to learn a new skill afresh. Today, some of the highest-selling skills of freelance platforms were not learned in school.

For example, you can work as a content writer, copywriter, SEO specialist, Social media manager, and web and graphics designer. At this point, let me mention that Fiverr and Upwork are the two most familiar freelancer platforms.

Millions of business owners online need these services and are willing to pay you in dollars. However, it takes a journey to package and present yourself correctly to beat the competition.

I have also found some personal secrets to this particular idea. Ask me in the comment section, and I will be glad to share with you. Meanwhile, you can sell more than one skill and earn from each one. You can even outsource a skill you don’t have and still make money.

How can you make money as a Freelancer?

  • Choose the few services you would like to offer on these freelancing platforms.
  • Create an account on Fiverr and Upwork and complete your verification process
  • Create a gig or portfolio for the services you offer
  • Promote your gigs using social media channels or even groups and pages
  • Be ready and quick to respond when clients contact you


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5.     Sell your knowledge as an Online Coach

Being an online coach is not a sophisticated role to earn money. You only need to add communication skills to any knowledge you already have.

Moreover, you can choose to be a personal or corporate coach, depending on your audience. This idea is notable because many people need your motivational power to be the best version of themselves.

Therefore, your target is to help them find solutions to whatever problem is in their minds. Their needs may be related to health, relationship, time management, career, jobs, business, or parenting.

If you look deep enough, you will find that there is an advantage you have that someone needs. Now, package that and sell the skill to the person who needs it when you find one.

How do you make money from this legit online business in Nigeria?

  • Create a niche, which may be a topic or two related ones
  • Create a packaging portfolio including media tools
  • Write articles, blog posts, or short videos to express your knowledge and skills
  • Do a lot of giveaways of your helpful skills for free to attract people before you start charging them
  • State a set price for each category of coaching service you are offering
  • Create a course or publish a book on your area of expertise
  • Be passionate and focus on your clients’ needs and solutions before you get your reward


6.     Social Media Marketing as a Legit Online Business for daily payment

Social media marketing is another legit online business ideas that can pays you daily in Nigeria for your skill. Almost every industry you see will need a social media marketer to bring more customers.

The online audience is far more significant and reachable through mobile devices. Also, brands want to keep the conversation going with their target customers, and they need you.

Remember that this idea requires a few technical skills about how each of these social media platforms. In addition, you need to add SEO skills with the right results to convince your clients of your expertise.

Generally, you need to make strategic, regular, and multiple posts on your SM platforms. In addition, learn to engage your followers with gifts and freebies actively.

Basic steps to make money as a social media marketer and earn your pay daily

  • Advertise yourself as the most prominent brand ambassador
  • Build following, and companies will as to put sponsored posts on your bog or handle
  • Recommend third-party services to your followers
  • Sell your products and services
  • Put your audience’s interests at heart
  • Make money by the monetization of your Social media channels.


7.     Create a YouTube Channel

Owning a YouTube channel is another legit online business idea for being paid daily in Nigeria. YouTube is the number one video-sharing site worldwide and follows Google closely. By now, you must have understood that more traffic means more money.

However, don’t underestimate what it takes to have subscribers on YouTube. If it were easy, you wouldn’t find every YouTuber begging for subscriptions and notifications.

You can start with presentations and animations with great designs if you are video shy like me. As long as you provide valuable content, people will follow and subscribe to your channel. Meanwhile, YouTube pays as much as $5 for every 1000 video views.

How do you create income from YouTube?

  • Choose the best niche for the highest traffic and that aligns with your expertise.
  • Pick keywords that are related to what your target audience wants
  • Get a good camera, whether as a standalone or on mobile phones with other accessories
  • Start with short videos of two minutes and grow as your audience grows
  • Maintain a good quality; it is an unspoken requirement for more views
  • Be consistent with the time and date for video posting, and the audience can anticipate
  • Monetize your YouTube through their Partners’ Program
  • Integrate relevant affiliate links into your videos and descriptions
  • You can also sell digital products through your YouTube channel


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8.     Make money with Cryptocurrency

No matter what you hear about Cryptocurrency, let your skepticism not deny you huge profits. In addition, crypto coins will not earn the trust of fiat currencies overnight.

But those who get into crypto early at a low price can make a profit when the value rises high. Therefore, investing in cryptocurrencies is another legit online business that pays you daily in Nigeria.

What is Cryptocurrency? It is a digital currency created with a technology called cryptography. It is a peer-to-peer currency that removes any third-party intermediary like banks. In addition, it also decentralizes all transactions on the same network with utmost security.

Bitcoin, as the first Cryptocurrency, was launched in 2009 and today is worth over $38,000, which is over N16 million. Other coins are Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Stella, ElonGate, etc. one of the official skeptics of this coin, particularly in Nigeria, is that no authority regulates them.

How can you make gains from trading Cryptocurrency?

  • Trade the coins by buying and selling, just like stocks
  • You can also stake or lend the coins on platforms where they are used
  • Mining is another way of earning tiny bits of cryptocurrencies as commissions for taking specific actions
  • Find a trusted company to trade your crypto with, such as Binance
  • Follow updates on the cryptocurrency market to learn more about trading


9.     Trade Forex

I have always loved forex trading because it has stood the test of time. And people were also skeptical about it, like cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, the early investors kept making their money.

The most vital information for these last two legit online money-making business ideas is learning about them. I learned from two billionaires, Jack Ma and Aliko Dangote, not to invest in what you don’t know about.

Presently forex trades are worth over $2 quadrillion while trading over $7 trillion each day. As a result, it is now the most liquid financial market worldwide. The idea is simply buying in one currency and selling in another based on international value exchange.

How can you profit from Forex trading daily?

  • Take your time to study forex with all its pros and cons
  • Register with a forex broker who can train you and align you with all its regulations
  • Practice your trading skills with demo accounts before investing real money



These nine ways provide you with legit online business ideas that pay daily in Nigeria. And instead of trying to do it all, pick one and master it. You would have stepped from financial oblivion to financial independence by the time you do.


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