List of 24 No-Essay Scholarships for Top Colleges in 2023

Scholarships aid in financing education, and most require writing long essays as a significant requirement. Consequently, scholarship essays add to the difficulty and competition of getting such scholarships. The question is, are there no less competitive essay scholarships in 2023?

To acquire a better-quality education, many people seek academic knowledge. These groups of people ask for an opportunity to boost their academic careers through grants and scholarships.

Some search for awards from different countries, platforms, or organizations. Hence, they lean towards looking for scholarships without essays to save their time and perform fewer tasks.

Students’ scholarships, loans, and grants allow them to fulfil their dreams.

There are several types of scholarships that you can apply for that require you to submit an essay. Nevertheless, some require only a short essay between 150 – 250 words.

You should know that some scholarships are helpful for specific professions, academic fields, age, geographical location, etc.

Scholarships are also available to provide financial assistance, an award for academic excellence, or other exceptional cases.

Therefore, the eligibility and requirements for such scholarships must be carefully understood. Another reason is to avoid disqualification, even at the point of registration.

Additionally, scholarships without essays seem to be easily accessed. It does not require much exercise, yet some conditions still limit it.

Generally, many people have applied for awards without pieces, mainly because of the simplicity of its process.

Among the listed scholarships, you can carefully select any of the most suitable for you to fund your academic or business career without writing essays.


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List of 24 No-Essay College Scholarships in 2023

This is the list of some of the scholarships you can apply for without writing little or no essays.

  • Nitro Scholarships- $2000

Nitro scholarship awards $2000 to applicants who are successfully selected. Applicants must be 17 and older (parents can apply for their children).


  • Live Bearded Scholarship- $2,500

Live Bearded awards academic scholarships to successful applicants worth $2,500.

The primary requirements for the Live Bearded scholarship are that you must be of age. Applicable to students still studying in high school, college, undergraduate, or graduate.

You are to upload a short video of 1 minute and 30 seconds, stating the reasons for applying and facts about you.

You should put it on a social media platform and provide a link while updating your application form.


  • College Prowler Scholarship – $2000

Now known as Niche, the College Prowler Scholarship provides a no-essay monthly scholarship worth $2000. All you are required to do is register on your free account.

Besides, these are great options for students to apply for scholarships that require no essay.


  • Impact Teen Drivers Scholarships ($500 – $1500)

Impact Teen-Drivers provides their scholarship in the form of money—from $500 to $1500—to students between the ages of 14 and 22.

You are required to create creative writing, graphic design music, or a video. Impact Teen Driver’s page also requires a constant check for further updates on the submission requirement.


  • Ascent Scholarship – $1000

Ascent scholarship looks a bit different from other types of scholarships. The learning needs you to like or follow them on any social media platform. It guarantees the $1000 awarded to the selected applicants.


  • – $10,000

You must gather points to win the award, which they provide quarterly. The more these points accumulate, the more your chances of winning the $10,000 provision.

Another scholarship that is related to this is the VIPS REWARDS scholarship.


  • Scholarship4mom – $10,000

The Scholarship4Mom scholarship is open to expectant mothers or mothers who are 18 and over. Such mother(s) must be students in college or university or become one in 3 months, as when applying.


  • Make-up Designory (MUD) – $2,500

Make-Up Designory in collaboration with Beauty Changes Lives award scholarship worth $2000. MUD provides a scholarship open to cosmetology students or those with a make-up business.

Their requirements include a storyboard, an essay, or a video. You can also ignore the essay writing part and choose either to write a storyboard or make a video.


  • ACS Scholars Program ($2500 – $5000)

This scholarship program applies to and is available to students, undergraduates, or graduates who studied science-related courses.

For example, students who study chemistry-related courses can apply techniques such as chemical engineering, biochemistry, etc.


  • Got Skills Scholarships – $2000

GoSkills scholarships are most suitable for students’ seeking loans but engaged in one skill or another while studying.

The main requirement is for you to submit your application with your business plan. You must ensure you have adequately prepared your business plan, as it is their primary criteria.


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  • – $1000 scholarship is another platform to obtain a monthly scholarship of $1000 without writing an essay. In other words, the scholarship is open to students who meet the basic requirements.

The critical requirement is to fill out the application correctly to be eligible for these no-essay college scholarships.


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  • Cappex Scholarships – $1000

Cappex offers a monthly scholarship of $1000 to its successful applicants. One of the exciting things about Cappex scholarships is that they consider everyone, regardless of their academic qualification or grade point.

Cappex no essay scholarships provide a tremendous opportunity for aspiring students for graduate programs in 2023.


  • offer scholarships mainly for creativity. They offer $1000 for applicants who can create a short video.

You are to include in the video because you deserve to become the winner of the college scholarship. Moreover, the scholarship is presently open to all qualified candidates.


  • The Christian Connector Incorporated Scholarship – $2500

You should have planned to enrol in one Christian College or another to apply for the scholarship. You may also be required to fill in one of their short online surveys; then, you become eligible.


  • Two Ten Footwear Foundation Scholarship – $3000

Two Ten Foot-Wear provides higher education Footwear design scholarships to creative applicants. You are to upload three designed footwear made by you on their page.


  • Project Yellow Light Scholarship – $8000

This scholarship requires applicants to create a video that depicts driving safely. Applicants must be between the ages range of 14 and 20 years. They must be students in high school, whether junior or senior.

Also, applicants must be between 15 – 25 years and undergraduate students of a university or college.


  • Barbara Lotze Physics Teachers Scholarships – $2000

The American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) announces the Barbara Lotze scholarship for future physics teachers as vital support. Also, this scholarship is available to US citizens presently studying in the US.

It also encourages enrolled undergraduate students studying physics and those intending to enrol. The program has a value of up to $2000 for stipends and AAPT Student Membership for one whole year.

The scholarship is renewable for four years as long as the student remains eligible to apply. However, it is strictly for Physics as a science area of study, with students showing excellent prospects.

Eligible candidates can submit applications online at any time and await notification.


  • Italian Catholic Federation Scholarships – $2500

The ICF Scholarships are available to Catholic high schools and the general public. Catholic students from Illinois, California, Nevada, and Arizona with at least a 3.2 cumulative GPA

The primary requirement includes being a Roman Catholic of Italian descent or having parents or grandparents of the ICF association. Also, the total scholarship value reaches up to $2500 for four years.

Download application forms online for the first year of the Italian Language Scholarship. Also, additional resources are available for download online.


  • Headsetplus College Scholarships – $1000 provides $1000 worth of scholarships to an outstanding student’s college fees.

The requirement is a short YouTube video about yourself, your potential, and what motivates you. Also, the tape must not be longer than 5 minutes.

Eligibility includes being a high school senior, college student, or graduate student.

The applicant must also maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be younger than 16. Applicants must be legal citizens of the United States.

The requirements for this scholarship are available online.

At the same time, the uploaded videos should also include a link to Applicants should send an email to [email protected].


  • Teeny-Tiny Survey Scholarship – $1000

Tallo offers the Teeny-Tiny Survey Scholarships to qualified candidates with specified instructions.

The scholarship requires a Tallo profile, selecting opportunities, and filling out the direct online application form.

The scholarship is available to international students who value excellence.


  • Tuition Giveaway Contest – Up to $100,000

This Tuition Giveaway Contest requires applicants to be between 18 and 24.

Also, it requires a description of an original goal in a video and submission online after reaching 50 votes.

This scholarship is a yearly one that can reach a maximum value of $100,000 in total. Interested and qualified candidates can apply through this link.


Monthly No-Essay Scholarships

The listed scholarship awards below are awarded monthly, and applicants have an equal opportunity to apply.

Also, they do not expect the awardee to repay any of the funds, but can be helpful in high school or college tuition. Kindly follow carefully.


  • Cappex Easy Scholarship for College Students – $1000

Active high school or college students or those willing to apply in the next 12 months can apply for this scholarship.

The Cappex Easy Scholarship requires an applicant to explain why they deserve the scholarship and create a profile to use.

This scholarship is a monthly rolling type and offers several students an avenue to make some money while in college.

Often, there are six slots available for grabs. Each scholarship is also worth $1000 every rolling month. Get more information through this link.


  • Scholarship – $5000

CollegeWeekLive announces open slots for monthly scholarships, particularly for high school students. More so, these scholarships require no essay from any of the applicants in 2023.

Students in post-secondary educational institutions such as colleges, universities, or trade schools are eligible to apply.

To apply, create a profile and log in at while visiting three colleges of interest. The award decision is made on the last day of every month and awarded in rolls.

Also, the award is worth $5000, which should cater to the student’s tuition. You can also access more information here.


  • Collegexpress Refer-a-Friend Scholarship – $500

CollegeXpress Refer-a-Friend Scholarship requires applicants to use the corresponding links of the application to invite other applicants.

It encourages students to use social media sites or emails to get other students into the pool.

Each time a student gets another student to apply through their link, they receive a chance to win the $500 monthly award.

This award is open to all legal residents of the US with a minor age of 13. Applicants must also have registered an account with

This award, sponsored by Carnegie Dartlet Scholarship Program, is released monthly while information is available.


Shortcomings of No-Essay Scholarships

Higher Risk of Being Scammed

If you are applying for scholarships, you must know about reviews.

Conversely, some guides can help you determine whether a particular scholarship without the essay is a fraud.


High Competition 

One of the things you must know about scholarships without the essay is that, due to many applicants, the chance of getting these scholarships is low.

The higher the number of people who apply for it, the slimmer the chances of getting the scholarship award.


Content Validation

In sending entries for these no-essay scholarships, applicants must ensure they do not send unsolicited content.

These no-entry contents may include adult-related content, explicit materials, lotteries, gambling, expressive language use, or materials that violate any law or rights.

Failure to adhere to these rules usually leads to automatic disqualification, with or without explanation.

Applicants must also ensure they adhere to all requirements of the scholarship awards to remain qualified.

On application, candidates agree to all official rules and conditions of the scholarship award process.

Take the following measures:

  • Carry out intense research.
  • Remember, no scholarship has a full guarantee. As a result, every applicant must prove their worth.
  • Scholarship offers do not require you to pay any registration fee.


no essay scholarships for college


Most of these scholarships provide funds for an academic career and your business. You can choose the most suitable scholarship as a student engaged in one business combined with academics.

The sponsor of these awards also retains the sole right to initiate or terminate the prize’s conditions.

Regarding the prize of acceptance, the winner is responsible for catering to all associated taxes. Apart from the taxes, the winner will also be responsible for awarding the prize.

For scholarships without essays, you can write it to another will if an application does not go through.

With persistence and careful adherence to principles and guidelines needed, be sure to have a breakthrough in one of the offers.


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