Top 10 Women STEM Scholarships for Studies in 2021

Women STEM scholarships refer to the particular category of scholarships for women in science, Technology, Engineering, and Management. More so, female international students in these fields have the privilege to apply for these scholarships.

Moreover, to be more specific, we carefully selected Stem Scholarships for developing countries. Meanwhile, many of these scholarships require an active studentship or admission with the target institution.

Therefore, if you are currently pursuing a degree in STEM, you should consider the following scholarship offers. Meanwhile, kindly follow through with the link to start the application procedure.


1.    MPOWER Women STEM Scholarship

MPOWER empowers women yearly through STEM scholarships while studying or being accepted in the US or Canada. Also, the award has three levels such as

  • Grand Prize: $3,000
  • Runner-Up: $2,000
  • Honorary mention: $1,000


Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be active or accepted students in a US/Canada in an MPOWER supported institution.
  • Also, applicants should be permanent residents of the US or Canada
  • In addition, applicants must also have a valid US/Canada study visa
  • Or be under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) protection.


Application deadline

The application for this women STEM scholarships end by January 15, 2022


Meanwhile, you can begin your Scholarship journey by applying below:



women STEM scholarships


2.    Masergy Scholarship

Masergy provides international women STEM scholarships to push their careers with valuable financial assistance. Moreover, international women in the STEM fields in accredited universities can apply for the Masergy scholarship.



This women’s STEM scholarship is available to international students that can prove their value and competence.


Scholarship Worth

This Scholarship is worth $5,000 for each successful applicant.


Application process

The Scholarship requires submitting a 500-word essay, after which you will also send a recorded video. Therefore, check out the details of the requirement at the Masergy site.


Application Deadline

Meanwhile, the video submission deadline for the 2022 spring semester is midnight of December 15, 2021, Central Time.




3.    Toptal Scholarship

One of the common challenges of STEM is a measure of gender bias. Therefore, the Toptal women STEM scholarships offer $10,000 and one-on-one mentoring to outstanding women worldwide.

The scholarship provision is only for 12 students and is therefore highly competitive. In addition, the women’s STEM scholarships are open to both undergraduate and graduate studies…


Scholarship Worth

The Scholarship is worth $10,000


Application Deadline

Although the scholarship application deadline varies for each continent, you should apply on time. Therefore, click the link below for more information on this STEM scholarship and how to apply for it.




4.    Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Scholarships

The SWE women STEM scholarships support women pursuing ABET-accredited bachelor or graduate programs in the US or Mexico. In addition, the award targets women in career fields such as

  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Engineering technology



International women students worldwide are eligible to apply for this Scholarship. However, it requires studying or an offer of admission to study in an accredited US or Mexican Institution.


Scholarship Worth

The STEM scholarship is a fully funded one for international women.


Application Deadline

Application for the next academic year opens between December 1 and February 15.


Meanwhile, follow the link below to get further details of this STEM scholarship,



5.    National Defense Industrial Association scholarship

The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), in honor of Lawrence Skibbie, provides a Graduate Student Scholarship for eligible women. Also, the goal of the award is to support advanced graduate students in engineering, science, or management.


Scholarship Worth

The Scholarship is worth $10,000, with a symbol of an award plaque.



International students from developing countries with outstanding results can apply for the NDIA women’s STEM Scholarships.


Application Deadline

NDIA is yet to determine the deadline for this Scholarship


Moreover, learn more and apply for the NDIA Women STEM scholarship through the link below.



partners in study


6.    The BHW Group Scholarship

The BHW Women STEM Scholarship is particularly unique because of the regular opening and closing dates every year. However, qualified female undergraduate and graduate students can apply for the Scholarship.


Application requirements

The application requires students to write a 500-800 word essay on mobile and web applications.


Scholarship Worth

The worth of the BHW Group Women STEM Scholarship is $3,000.


Application Deadline

Meanwhile, applications close yearly by April 15, and the group announces the winner by May 15 of each year.




7.    Emerson Industrial Automation Scholarship

The ASCO Numatics scholarship is purely a merit-based scholarship among the Women STEM scholarships. Moreover, the award centers on the candidate’s potential for

  • Leadership
  • Engineering
  • Instrumentation
  • Systems, and
  • Automation professions in the application of fluid control and fluid power technologies.



International women are eligible to apply for the Emerson Industrial Women STEM scholarships. However, the student must be studying engineering or industrial automation-related disciplines in a US institution.


Scholarship Worth

The award consists of two branches;

  • The successful applicant gets a $5,000 award
  • And the colleges’ engineering departments where the winners are enrolled get $1,000 grants.


Application deadline

The awarding body is yet to announce the application deadline.


Meanwhile, for more information on this STEM scholarship, click on the link below.



8.    Liberty Power Bright Horizons Scholarship

The Liberty Power Bright Horizons Scholarship, as one of the women’s STEM scholarships, targets college students. Moreover, their keen interest is in the career field of energy or the environment.


Scholarship Worth

The women scholarship is worth $10,000


Application Deadline

Meanwhile, the awarding body is yet to announce the deadline date for this Scholarship.


Start applying for this STEM scholarship through the link below.



9.    National Society of High-School Scholars (NSHSS) Foundation Scholarship

The NSHSS Foundation provides women STEM scholarships for underrepresented women groups. Moreover, the scholarships aim to reduce barriers for women with academic and leadership potential to pursue STEM careers.


Scholarship Worth

NSHSS Foundation is a fully-funded scholarship.


Application Deadline

Meanwhile, the application submission closes by October 15.





10. Chevron Society of Women Engineers Scholarships

The last but not the slightest opportunity comes from the Chevron Society of Women Engineers. Consequently, this STEM scholarship is only for females currently studying at the University.



This Scholarship is open to sophomores and juniors at the University of Idaho. However, these sophomores and kids should have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

In addition, eligible applicants must major in one of the following fields:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Science


Scholarship Worth

The worth of this women’s STEM scholarship varies by different factors.


Application Deadline

The awarding body has not published the deadline for applying for this Scholarship.


Whereas, more information is available through the following link:




Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the subject of Women STEM Scholarships:

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”What is STEM Education?” answer-0=”STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”Who can apply for a STEM scholarship?” answer-1=”Practically, anyone can apply for a STEM scholarship if they meet the specific requirements. However, many STEM scholarships can have to be limited to US residents or US/Canada schools.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”How much do STEM Scholarships pay?” answer-2=”The worth of STEM scholarships also depends on individual scholarships, which may vary from one to another. ” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]


Final Word on Women STEM Scholarships

The professional world may have known a bit of gender bias. However, it is not an excuse for any woman who desires to excel in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management. Hence this article containing ten different Women’s STEM scholarships provides an excellent place to start. However, don’t forget to hone your skills and be ready to prove your worth to anyone. We wish you the best of luck.


By the way, have you tried applying for any of these women’s STEM scholarships above before?

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