22 High-Paying Part-time Jobs with No Experience

Many people with jobs still look for other ways to earn income with part-time jobs requiring no experience. Conversely, employers are obligated to hire employees with expertise that can bring growth to the organization.

Some people apply for part-time jobs to augment their present income by using skills in other areas. For instance, a regular school teacher may attempt to try out creative writing.

However, what of the people who practically have no job experience? Perhaps a young school leaver or a fresh graduate just entering the labour market still needs to start somewhere.

This willingness to start somewhere, indeed anywhere, may demand using unconventional skills for unconventional jobs. All the same, the main goal must be achieved, which is earning while gaining valuable job experience. This category of job seekers is usually employed as interns.

We have compiled some job applicants with no job experience to kill two birds with one stone. Here’s a chance to do these part-time jobs even if you have no experience as a student or graduate.


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22 Part-Time Jobs that Requires No Experience

Below, you will find some part-time or low-level jobs that can fetch money for you with no experience requests.

1. Customer Service

One of the jobs that require no experience is to work as a Customer Service representative. This job requires you to speak on the phone to represent someone or a company.

Although general human relationship training exists for this task, most companies prefer to train their staff. As a result, you can get an entry-level job without necessarily having previous experience.

Generally, you must be a good team player and a positive thinker with warmth and sound communication skills.

As earlier said, learning some specific company policies may sometimes require you. It has an average income of $30,000 monthly, especially if you get a multinational company job.

For instance, companies like Apple, Amazon, Sutherland, Working Solutions, and Arise offer online customer service with no experience.

Similar jobs comprise;

  • SITEL Review: Although this company prefers people with customer service experience, it did not state it as a significant prerequisite for selection.
  • NextRep Review: NextRep hires people to fill in different positions. Therefore, it is of a more significant advantage if you are versatile in various fields.
  • Accolade Support Review – This company’s only requirement is for you to have a particular skill. It requires no experience to work in this field.
  • Sykes Review
  • U-Haul Home Review
  • LiveOps Review


2. Data Entry Jobs

A data entry job is an easy one you can easily apply for without having prior experience. The advent of technology also provides an easy way for companies to hire interested workers on a contract basis.

Companies employ individuals skilful in data entry roles, whereas other companies will assign you some minor tasks.

Such companies include Cass Information System, Clickworker, SpeakWrite, QuickTate, and others.


3. Barnet Couriers

During the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Barnet Couriers recruits more people to perform some tasks on their behalf. Besides, they offer $20 to each person who commits to assigned tasks.

Furthermore, Barnet runs a voluntary program for interested applicants who wish to apply for an internship. Similarly,

TaskRabbit Limited provides tasks at 18 Euros, a reasonable income for such a part-time job.


4. Proofreading

If you are interested in correcting errors, whether spelling or typos, you may register as a professional editor. Many Freelancing websites offer people how to proofread articles and other related posts.

From an external look, proofreading may sound challenging for unskilled people. But the fact is that a basic grasp of the English language can identify errors that require correction.

This task may not cover thorough editing, but proofreading? Of course. It implies that if your text requires comprehensive editing, you need more than a proofreader—you need an editor.

You can be hired as a Proofreader part-time and get a handsome payment.


5. Virtual Assistance

You can also work as a virtual assistant on a part-time basis for different companies from the comfort of your home. Many famous companies now hire virtual assistant to expand their tentacles globally.

These companies train interns and young associates in the area of virtual assistance. Virtual assistants are a set of people with some skills and specializations.

But they are often very friendly and have access to ready information about the company even though they are not physically present.

Fancy Hands, 99 Dollar, Time, and others are among the companies you can register for virtual assistant jobs. Also, remember that geographical location is not a limitation in securing a career as a virtual assistant.


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6. Garbage Collector

From her job as a garbage collector, I heard of a woman who had done many exploits just weeks ago. As a garbage collector, it is an expectation for you to always be awake and alert, even before daybreak.

The primary requirement for this business is to be physically fit and maintain healthy personal hygiene.

However, if you know how to drive a truck, you earn more money from the accessible business. Garbage companies hire truck drivers, while one can start their own garbage collection company.

On average, you can earn a reasonable income of over $30,000 from this job and even hire hands over time.


7. Website Development

If you are creative, website development is a part-time job requiring no formal experience. The only thing you will do is show your creativity and acquire specific artistic skills.

Coursera and Udemy offer online training classes for people interested in website development. So, you don’t have to undergo formal training to be a website developer.

All you need to secure a job as a website developer is to display what you can do. Due to its high demand, you can earn between $22,500 and $132,500.

8. Scooping Ice Cream

Scooping ice cream at social gatherings and events is another fascinating job that doesn’t require any particular skill. There is always a first time to start, and you can build consistency that makes you better.

If you are interested in social jobs, you may want to consider making ice creams. You can make the best of your sales in a college or high school area, where your customers can be of different ages.

Also, there are social gatherings, picnics, exhibitions, and all to set up an ice cream stand.


9. Chat Agency

Chat agency is an integral part of customer service. Being a chat agent makes you an intermediary between the customer and your company – employer.

You take customers’ complaints and queries as a chat agent, reporting directly to the company.

However, the only difference between customer service and chat agency is the latter is principally through chat.

The former comprises all verbal communication between a company representative and a client.

You do not need a particular skill or experience to get this job. Instead, you can work from home as a part-time employee for customer chat.

However, note that tech companies prefer chatbots to human Chat agents with the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Chat agent companies include Needle, Arise, The Chat Shop, etc.


10. Home Rent 

If you have extra rooms in your house, you may like to rent one of the places. Travellers and vacationers often require this service.

This opportunity may earn you some extra money, especially during festive periods. Just put your home on the specific market during such times and earn.

Market your residence on ideal websites like Airbnb, FlipKey, and Homestay.


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11. Micro Tasks

Micro Tasks, also called micro jobs, may not be very lucrative part-time jobs with no experience at first. But you can be sure of your steady income if you have several such employment.

Besides, many online marketplaces provide short tasks for interested users. Your job is to check on the company’s website where you register and select any suitable responsibility.

However, due to their low income, micro jobs require solving many tasks to earn more.

Some companies offering short tasks include Clickworker, Amazon Mechanical Turk, and many others.


12. Online Moderation

Although this part-time job demands no experience, you must be an individual with vast social media knowledge. In other words, as long as you can handle most social media platforms, you can work as an online moderator.

Companies like the Social Element, Crisp Thinking, ModSquad, and ICUC offer online moderation.


13. Animal Care

If you love to care for pets, register with Holidog to care for cats and dogs. Pet owners can require someone to walk their dogs.

Rover and DogVacay are other dog-sitting websites for you to secure a part-time job even with no experience.


14. Essay Scoring

As a college graduate, you can apply as an academic evaluator. In one way, your competence as a student affords you to work as a test evaluator or an essay evaluator.

Applying for part-time jobs, including this, requires no experience, just that you must graduate from one college or the other.

Measurement Inc. Review requests for at least a four-year degree, while WriteScore requires a minimum of a two-year college degree.


15. Veterinary Assistance

If you love a pet and take care of them, apply as a veterinary assistant at any clinic. There are professional health workers, but they need veterinary assistants to help them.

Many veterinary hospitals offer applicants opportunities to learn on the job while they earn. However, such assistants must be animal lovers, while the professional will give them the other needed guidance.

Besides, you must earn an academic certificate to work as an assistant.


16. School Bus Driving

With an average annual income of $25,000, school bus driving is a part-time job that does not demand any experience.

Some of the criteria you must have include no criminal and driving records. Also, drivers must have the right attitude and patience.

You also enjoy some privileges such as holidays when the students are on break.


17. Housekeeping

You can apply for a job as a housekeeping aide on different platforms, usually by physical application. Also, you must be available during weekends when people need help.


18. Making Deliveries

If you can drive and navigate specific environments, you can apply as a company’s delivery agent. A typical class of companies that require drivers are logistic companies.

Also, these companies make things easier by providing a vehicle for delivery. The large organization demands delivery agents who can easily reach their customers.

Therefore, they require that applicants should get familiar with the locality.

DoorDash allows delivery agents to make deliveries with their scooter, motorcycle, or car. In comparison, the other companies include Instacart and UberEATS.


19. Freelancing

Over time, Freelancing has become one of the most consistent ways of making a steady income. Besides, Freelancing shows your prowess in creative writing as well as research.

Also, if you have a skill in editing, proofreading, and others, Freelancing can help you make some extra cash.

Websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer allow you to meet clients who give you jobs and pay at completion.

Some platforms allow you to display your skills to sellers needing your expertise. And the more you perform excellently, the more you earn.

Besides, some tasks include writing website content, blog posts, editing and proofreading, project writing, etc.


20. Real Estate Broker

You can become a real estate broker and earn your license after completing a 60-hour course online. Besides, you can get a chance to make more money as you expand your referral network.


21. Work as A Construction Laborer

As a high school graduate, you can apply for a labourer part-time at Side Walks Plus Ltd. With this job, you can earn a reasonable amount of money for your sustenance.


22. Cleaning and Errand Job

These jobs may not be a significant asset on your resume, but they can be a great way to do more. You can select one from these websites to apply for cleaning and errand jobs that pay good cash.

Here are a few sites to choose from:

  • TaskRabbit provides services that include events and party planning.
  • JobRunners are into administrative support, delivery, public handyman work, home cleaning, and delivery jobs.
  • Bellhops provide strictly moving services.


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Conclusion on Part-time Jobs

The labour market seems frustrating to some people who have formal education. However, many available part-time jobs require no experience but through which you can earn extra cash. Therefore, Job seekers, fresh graduates, interns, and unskilled applicants can take advantage of these part-time jobs. In a few cases, they may need to build specific skills to be valid in these jobs. Equally, they will make more money from their jobs.

Which of these job options above do you think you can do?

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