Top 10 Car Rental Business Software to Use (New Guide)

If you’re aspiring to start a car rental business, you’re on the path to owning a super lucrative business. Also, it’s a delight that the car rental business, using software, has not yet reached its full potential.

In many developing countries, the business emerged as one of the new-age ideas that gradually generate a reasonable income. Mind you, it’s not a guess; it’s a fact! Hence, there’s still enough room for aspiring entrepreneurs to join the moving train.


What is Car Rental Business?

With a software option, a car rental service is one of the most sellable business ideas in this entrepreneurship age. Though the business has been around for ages, it has gradually transformed into a dependable revenue-generating company.

That’s not all; drivers earn high income from the service, however, with the aid of efficient car rental business software. Before you read further, know that this article is not only for expert drivers. Also, it is perfect for aspiring but qualified drivers seeking to get more innovative software to work more efficiently.

Truthfully, the car rental business can be overwhelming, especially if you get a good number of orders each day. So, do you get what I mean by the word ‘overwhelming’? Now, let’s make it a little bit clearer.

For instance, the Car rental business requires the following knowledge areas or features:

  • Rental management
  • Fleet management
  • Booking/reservations management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Quotes/estimate
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Vehicle grouping, and others.

More so, you will have to do all of these excellently if you want to have itch-free operations. Besides, the question is: How can you do all that without an all-inclusive management system?

Furthermore, the answer is straightforward. Except you have versatile car rental business software, it is almost impossible to run a car rental business successfully. Or, perhaps, I should use a less scary word – hectic.


top 10 car rental business software


How to Run a Car Rental Business using  Software?

Car rental business software helps integrate all the essential tools required for excellent car rental service on a single platform. Often, I call it a one-piece car rental management system.

Drivers are leveraging on an efficient one-piece car rental management system experience enhanced customer service. In addition, such drivers can be sure of increased profitability.

Whether you plan to venture into airport cab, Uber, or regular taxi services, you can make a considerable income. Besides, running this business doesn’t involve much capital to start.

Moreover, all you need is an excellent verified car with premium insurance and easy-to-use car rental business software. Boom! You’re just a ride away from getting your first pay.

Also, you can be sure of witnessing a rapid rise in your customer base as you deliver excellent services. How do you think your customers feel having an easy-to-use, all-in-one software to relate with your business?

Satisfied. Of course. Therefore, one of the guaranteed ways to attract more customers is making it easy for them to deal with you. 


What are the Top 10 Car Rental Business Software to Use in 2021?

So, what are the top-notch car rental business software to use in 2021? That’s what we are going to unveil in this write-up. Therefore, I’ve compiled a detailed list of the top ten resourceful software to make your car rental business easier and profitable.

Again, before we start unwrapping the list, note that this selection comprises top car rental software in different developing countries worldwide. Hence, no matter where you live across the world, this list will serve your needs. 


1.      HQ Car Rental Business Software

HQ is an all-inclusive car rental business software that works for all business sizes and models. Besides, it offers comprehensive fleet management, booking/reservation, and customer services.

While HQ car rental software improves customer experiences, it boosts back-office efficiency. More so, the software comes with several unique features that make most drivers rate it as the best overall.

HQ car rental software is easy to use. Also, it comes with incredible customization options that enable customers to maximize the software’s potentials.

One of the highest points of this software is that you can access it using any web browser. Conversely, it’s perfectly compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Moreover, it’s easy to download, update your rates, record car maintenance expenses and check real-time availability.   


  • Free 14-day Trial
  • No Credit Card required
  • Multi-OS compatibility
  • 9% Guaranteed uptime
  • No Setup Fees


how to use the car rental software


2.      RentSyst

This software automates car rental services with total control and comfortable order processing. Besidesm it is designed to give users an optimum experience.

Moreover, RentSyst stands at the second position on this list because of its outstanding versatility. Most drivers claim that it is the best when it comes to managing a large number of orders.

Furthermore, due to its capacity to manage massive orders, most people think it’s only for large car rental businesses. On the contrary, that is not a natural bias. In other words, whether you control a large fleet or a few cars, RentSyst can work for you perfectly.

This car rental software makes order management simple. Don’t worry about organizing your billings & invoicing; this software is efficient enough to guide you. It comes with a tailored, user-friendly system and advanced features to give you the optimum user experience.

RentSyst allows users to have a different taste of auto business. Moreover, another fact is that this car rental business software is more than a management system. Any driver who has once used the software will share similar thoughts about its advantages.

Besides, RentSyst is a perfect software for the car rental business because it helps users increase revenue. Isn’t it fair enough to call it a profitable car rental software? Well, unless you have a better word.

You can use RentSyst both on your desktop, laptop, or mobile devices. That action can aid in earning maximum benefits from all processes.


  • 30 days Free Trial
  • Regular Software Updates
  • Hotline Help Desk Customer Care
  • Modern interface
  • Multi-OS compatibility


3.      Easy Rent Pro

Easy Rent Pro is one of the most efficient car rental business software out there. Its multilingual features make it useable for people of different languages. Based on reviews from users, this window-based software enhances efficiency and profitability.

That means it allows you to make proper management and maximize profits with ease. Can you imagine how users feel about that? – Satisfied!

To be factual, experienced software analysts suggest Easy Rent Pro is the most effective software for the car rental business. Though it’s taking third place on this list, the low-cost software is always recommendable for versatility!

Easy Rent Pro comes with advanced features and custom-made functionalities. A few of which include Rate Management and Quickbooks integration. Additionally, it also allows fines management, fleet management, rate tables, quotes/estimates, and reservation management.


  • Free 30-day Trial
  • Unlimited customer support
  • Multi-OS compatibility
  • Perfect for global operations


4.      Rent Centric

Rent Centric is a top-notch car rental business software that provides all-in-one solutions to the car rental business. With this software, you can get a first-class car rental, motorcycle rental, RV rental, and P2P rental services.

This easy-to-use software works excellently on mobile devices. It allows you to keep track of your cars on your smartphones and tablets. With this fantastic feature, you can be sure that your vehicle is safe.

This software fully-features automated tools such as digital signature agreements, automate driver’s license input, snap vehicle inspection, and more. Moreover, these out-of-the-box features make the software a vital tool for car rental businesses of any size.

What differentiates this software from others are the specialties. In addition, they include self-service car rental, car sharing function, and most modern car rental technology.


  • 30 days free Trial
  • No training needed
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • No contracts
  • Multi-OS compatibility


5.      Cars+ Internet 

This car rental business software is first known for an unbeatable speed. Without a doubt, it’s one of the fastest and most innovative car rental software available. Also, the one-touch function will help give you an all-out satisfactory user experience.

Aside from speed, this top-notch software is a customizable management system for car rental businesses. And if you own a large fleet, you don’t have to worry about multiple bookings.

This software is efficient to help you record bookings from different locations and manage accounting and reporting suites.

Furthermore, it would help if you were glad to know that Cars+ Internet is flexible enough to lodge all kinds of sales-driven requirements. Yes. That’s fascinating!

If you dream of operating new channels, Cars+ Internet is your best option. No matter the level of your business, this software will work perfectly for you.

Cars+ Internet also features Billing and invoicing, fleet management, fines management, split billing, car tracking, and more.


  • Free plan available
  • Multi-OS Compatibility
  • No credit card needed
  • Car insurance and inspection notifications


6.      Navotar Car Rental Business Software

Navotar is a resounding name amongst car rental business software. Many drivers prefer this cloud-based software because it fits the need of any size of car rental business. Moreover, Navotar is a unique fleet management software suitable for both independent and franchise car rental companies.

This versatile software focuses on critical requirements of the car rental business. Its emphasis is on allowing users to experience easy operational activities. Novator is user-friendly software. In addition, you don’t need special tutoring to use it.

The software for car rental features contract, booking, invoicing, reservations, and other fantastic functions. You can take advantage of its flexibility and customize it to suit your unique business process. 


  • Accounting and dealership integrations
  • Signature pads
  • Driver license scanner
  • Multi-OS compatibility
  • Simple user interface


7.      RentWorks

RentWorks is a feature-rich software with over 100 report options. That’s makes it a vital tool for car rental businesses. In addition, the software also features specialty add-on modules to allow easy customization. I don’t know your best feature, but the ability to personalize your software is a real deal.

This software is designed for car rental business operations that need advanced functionality to handle high volumes. Moreover, RentWorks helps users to create a custom workflow. It also automates fleet management and enhances your reservation speed.

RentWorks stands out among other car rental software for its incredibly advanced features. Besides, it offers cloud services, desktop-based software, and IOS and Android apps. Hence, it is suitable for all devices.


  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Hotline customer support
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Equifax credit reporting
  • Accident claims manager


register your car for hire ride


8.      ScheduleBull

ScheduleBull is web-based software for car rental businesses that allows users to rent a car with a few clicks. Also, this all-in-one car rental business software works as hotel, hostel, and car rental software.

It also allows users to perform diverse tasks via its cloud-based system. Meanwhile, ScheduleBull users can compare room databases, contract generation, automatic reports, and website management with this platform.

One of the highest points of this software is that it quotes considerable prices for its users. ScheduleBull also features Fines management, billing and invoicing, rate tables, fleet management, split billing, vehicle tracking, and more.


  • One-click organizer module
  • Integrated calendar with reminders
  • Track damages insurance and expenses
  • Simple user interface
  • Stores users flight data
  • Vehicle maintenance schedules with an alert


9.      Ecalypse Car Rental Business Software

This unique software for car rental business automates business to prevail in the competing market. Moreover, Ecalypse is compatible with new-age car rental businesses struggling with building a sizeable customer base. Why? Because It helps increases efficiency and profitability.

This software comes with exclusive features that enable users to concentrate on sales and improve the success rate. Due to its exceptional user-friendliness, this premium car rental software connects the business with its customers.

Presently, this car rental business software is in operation in over 60 developing countries worldwide. Isn’t that incredible? Its clientele is also increasing every passing year.


  • Electronic Signature capabilities
  • Automated reservation
  • Vehicle online tracking system
  • Built-in planner and task manager
  • Integrated auto check system and GPS tracker


10.  Booking Tool

Booking Tool is a cloud-based car rental business software designed for fleet management reservation, scheduling, and dispatching.

This new-age software is an easy-to-use buy loaded with incredible features that make operations easy. Similarly, a few of the features include payment processing, GPS tracking, billing, and invoicing.

This car rental business application majorly focuses on security. Users can rest assured of their safety and that of the vehicle. By the way, the software is PCI compliant. It runs weekly vulnerability and security scans.

This unique software is one of the most affordable car rental software with low monthly rates and no contracts.


  • GPS trackers
  • Automated reservation distribution
  • Reporting options for employees and vehicles
  • Finally, Integration with account systems and payment processors.


On a final note…

You can have the best of your business if you work with the best aid. Also, the above list contains top-rated car rental business software from different parts of the world. Lastly, you can efficiently use any of them on any device and anywhere to manage your car rental business operations.

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