Top 10 Companies that Offer Legit Work from Home Jobs

In recent events, there is a need to search for jobs that offer more flexibility. These jobs should then place less emphasis on physical location but on efficiency. As a result, top companies around the world now provide legit work-from-home jobs to proven experts.

Some of the companies that fall in this category limit the people that can apply to certain countries. However, there are still many others that are open to applicants all over the world.

You also need to know that these companies are in various fields and areas of specialization. Therefore, you will likely find one that is most suitable for your ability.

It is quite evident that the current globalization of industries will demand the use of virtual professionals to solve problems. Below is a compilation of 13 of the best companies offering you work-from-home jobs that pay handsomely.


Apply to Companies for Work from Home Jobs

  1. Appen:

Appen is a publicly-traded company with headquarters in Australia but with branches in the US and UK. The company manages data for technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

Their workforce comprises of over 1 million contractors and provides job opportunities for citizens in over 130 countries.

The company offers flexible jobs on a part-time basis and work from home to clients. Moreover, the variety of their duties include data collection, testing, and processing.

They also give out jobs such as transcription, linguistics, marketing, translation, and media format conversion into machine learning data.

Appen is a numerous award-winning firm with an enviable reputation. Apply for any of Appen’s over 180 million jobs and get paid.


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  1. Rev:

Rev is one of the leading platforms for a tripod of services: audio and video transcription, captions, and foreign subtitles. Besides, some of the outstanding qualities of Rev includes upfront pricing, secure online order, quick and top-notch delivery.

The work of Rev is also a technology-driven platform with suitable software and versatile customer service delivery.

The company employs talented extraordinary millions of people from all over the world. However, the company is physically located in San Francisco, California, and Austin.

The capital mission of the firm is the freedom for their workers to work from home and earn money. Also, you decide how much time you intend to spend on the selected task per week

For more accessible work, Rev designed different apps for different tasks, while the platform remains very secure for integration. As a new applicant, you will get adequate training before you can be approved for work from home tasks. The average pay is about $1 per minute of work, and you receive your payment every week.


  1. Figure Eight:

Figure-eight provides diverse projects you can help with and get paid well for any task. At the same time, they refresh the tasks page, so you get various jobs each time you return.

Register with Figure-eight to discover various tasks you get paid for after registration and verification.

The available tasks may include social media post categorization, content moderation, audio transcription, and spot vital objects in an image. Furthermore, to begin, take the following steps:

  1. Select a project from the task wall of display
  2. Read the instructions carefully
  3. Complete the task and get paid
  4. Keep tasking and keep doing your best to maintain an excellent level

The company completes tasks for other top companies such as Adobe, eBay, Oracle, TESCO, Giphy, InsideView, and Bossanova. Also, their work chain includes

  • Collection and preparation of raw data
  • Data processing by human intelligence and machine learning
  • Presentation of the annotated data


  1. Liveops:

Have you ever imagined not having a limitless virtual call center with high efficiency? You can be that agent that receives a call from the comfort of your couch on behalf of top companies. That operation is remote work from home with coverage of many industries.

Liveops work in finance, utilities, insurance, retail, health, travel and hospitality, direct response, and telecom industries. Apart from customer service tasks, they also offer jobs in digital strategies like lead generation and interactive voice response.

Join over 20,000 independent home agents handling over 114 million calls per annum. Also, the company sources for exceptional talents and gives them the flexibility to choose their work rate. They can, therefore, earn money using their skills and without leaving their homes.

Working with Liveops allows you flexible vacation, career development, excellent health benefits, and financial wellness. Apply for Liveops right away.


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  1. Lionbridge:

An integral part of every business is the localization, which affords it to reach beyond its immediate locality. In reaching various locations, there’s a need for translation in multilingual expression. Linguistics with Lionbridge speak over 350 languages across the world, as the firm is founded on remote work.

For instance, a health company will want to reach more people effectively without any language barrier. This communication requires remote workers from Lionbridge to test your product virtually or interpret it into other languages remotely. In other words, Lionbridge can employ you for translation, interpretation, and testing, all through the work from the home system of operation.

Lionbridge also has the backing of thousands of companies around the world, and you can be part of that feat. Work from home jobs can become interesting with companies like Lionbridge that translates 273 million words in each month.


  1. Fiverr and Upwork:

The two companies above are quite distinct but are similar in offering freelance jobs to talented individuals across the world. Apart from Fiverr and Upwork, other freelancing platforms include Freelancer as well as PeoplePerHour. Read our article on Freelance Jobs that are available anywhere in the world.

These platforms pay from $5 to several thousand, depending on the size, technicality of the task, and your negotiation. Typical functions on the freelance platforms include writing, translation, transcription, voice-overs, logo, SEO, graphics, website design, and many more.

As a single mom or student in need of good pay, consider any of these freelance sites. If you deliver excellent jobs, you stand a unique chance to earn more as you work from home.


  1. VIPKid:

Can you teach the English language online? What if you can earn money doing it virtually from your own home? With VIPKid, you can decide your schedule to teach kids one-on-one and get paid. So, if you have a passion for teaching young children, you enjoy that vocation and earn money for it.

Get started with VIPKid and meet over 100,000 teachers teaching over 700,000 children in over 5 million classes per month. Moreover, it is the largest global teaching community, as verified by Blomberg, Business Insider, Fortune, Forbes, The Economist, and CNBC. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Sign up by completing an online form
  • Review some material and create a demo lesson to test your ability
  • Enter the global classroom for online teaching
  • Engage a current teacher in a mock class
  • Sign a contract and start teaching

You can earn between $15 to $22 per hour on VIPKid, while the only medium of communication is the English language.


  1. Concentrix:

Concentrix is a global organization that recruits people to work from home all over the world. They give out tech-driven tasks to over 90,000 employees from 40 countries and six continents of the world. You can work with Concentrix if you fit into healthcare, insurance, technology, energy, transportation, e-commerce, retail, and other exciting specializations.

Besides, the required tasks from work from home employees include marketing, technology, analytics, consulting, lifecycle, and finance management. Most bilingual employees get more jobs since the company’s coverage reaches globally across many languages.

Concentrix makes it very easy to build your career in a specific area, and you earn while doing so. They have professional support programs even for virtual workers through which you can learn and make money at the same time. Start by registering with one of the top companies with work from home jobs for you.


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  1. Amazon

You might marvel why it took us so long to mention the giant Amazon virtual works, perhaps because it is not tricky to think about companies like Google and Amazon readily. Besides, our focus is to introduce you to companies you might not promptly know pays handsomely.

Howbeit, it is one thing to be an Amazon or Google user while it is another to earn from them. Instead of a physical office location, Amazon reaches customers virtually through qualified work-from-home workers. Get ready to impress your employer during the interview process, and you can earn continually.

More so, Amazon helps to connect the right companies with the right employees. These employees can work in support, digital, management, logistics, health, finance, e-commerce, and technology services. Apply for Amazon virtual jobs and earn money from this tremendous opportunity.


  1. Working Solutions:

The Working Solutions platform offers call center jobs to independent contractors from all over the world. Also, you can earn up to $30 per hour on Working Solutions for bilingual agents. It also approves up to 30 chosen languages from various parts of the world.

On the other hand, there are data entry jobs you can do from home as the positions become available. Through omnichannel customer experiences, Working Solutions executes contact center outsourcing to verified freelance workers.

The work from the home system helps multinational companies quickly meet customer expectations.  Also, you get to earn more with comfort from your sofa and at your own pace. Apart from customer service, this approach can further be efficient in managing company sales of products and services.

Businesses who learn to outsource some aspects of their companies to the right channel build more efficiency than others. Join the Working Solution team that helps companies to meet their goals.


Here are extra three Companies you may also like to consider applying to

  1. Livingston Research:

If you are capable of formal writing such as academic assignments, Livingston Research may be your best bet. You can now make money easily through and with an opportunity to pick from a variety of orders.

For a start, LR tests your writing ability and adherence to their strict writing standards. Some of the outstanding benefits of joining this platform include the following:

  • A wide range of writing orders on diverse topics
  • Get paid up to $10 per page
  • Flexibility in choosing your available period
  • Pick any task you want whenever you are free
  • Use of mobile app to get real-time orders and responses
  • Mentor-mentee relationship from designated team managers
  • Full and secure payment platforms such as PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill

Presently, there are over 5100 online writers from 37 countries on LR, writing more than 500,000 pages. In a month, an average writer earns $800. Earn more money, and don’t miss orders as long as you install the mobile app.


  1. Kelly Services:

Kelly is known for connecting great companies with great people through their work from home system. Almost all the Fortune 100 companies use talents according to the recommendation of Kelly.

At the same time, talented people can connect with Kelly for an opportunity to develop new skills. The approach of work at Kelly allows the growth and flexibility of these talents in independent ways. Also, there are four categories of workers, including temporary, gig workers, freelance, and contract workers.

Kelly further provides helpful resources to both clients and freelance workers. Besides, there is an integrated platform for registration of diverse industries for efficiency and achievement of company goals. Join the workforce of over 500,000 employees that help Kelly rake in several billions of dollars every year.


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  1. TTEC:

As the best is usually reserved for the last, here is another big game in the world of freelance workers. TTEC helps talented folks to work and earn from the comfort of their homes. The company is already a global brand with tremendous customer experience.

Also, the organization built a high level of loyalty that attracts young people who like to develop their careers. Take a ride with TTEC and experience an advantageous and flexible job execution as part of a big deal.

They also present different career paths, including customer relationships and business support in a closely-knit work environment. The available areas for work include Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. Learn more from TTEC and start earning, especially if you think you are ready for the new challenge.



It is very vital to note that many of these top companies have a strict way of testing your competence. Also, they are very competitive since more people are vying for entry into the company. Nevertheless, they also offer training to competent applicants for the work from home jobs and expect a perfect and timely delivery.

Therefore, the onus lies in the client’s hands to carefully execute any given task with due diligence. At the same time, the work-from-home job approach tempts employees to be lazy. You will have to maintain very high discipline to keep up with good performances.

Freelance or work-from-home jobs allow you to think differently, out of the box, in providing solutions. Moreover, instead of sulking under the body of dissatisfying employment, why not explore other options with more flexibility. Leap and start earning!

Have you handled any work from home jobs before? Share your experience!

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