Top 10 Inspiring Companies Hiring for Part Time Jobs (New Guide)

People often wonder about the possibility of successfully applying to companies that are hiring for part-time jobs. Whether you are just starting your career or you need to add an extra income, part-time jobs are useful.

Expectedly, more women are engaged in part-time jobs than men, perhaps to take care of the home. However, gender, race, age, or country of origin do not matter, and part-time jobs work for everyone.


What are Part-Time Jobs?

According to the OECD, part-time jobs are what you do for less than 30 hours weekly. Meanwhile, it covers working as an employee or being self-employed.

Yet, the Blacks have the least number of women with part-time jobs when compared to other races. On the other hand, Asian men have over 90% full-time jobs meaning only a few try out part-time jobs.


part time unemployment rate

Source: Labour Market Statistics: Full-time, part-time employment – common definition: incidence


For instance, there are several categories of people who should try part-time jobs;

  • students can do part-time jobs to augment their expenses
  • employees who have recently been laid off
  • graduates who are yet to get a regular job
  • a skilled worker who has extra time for extra income
  • women or moms who need to stay at home
  • individuals who need to study alongside their work

Furthermore, recent statistics have shown that earning extra cash from a side hustle may be the answer you seek. Later in this article, we discussed some of the topmost benefits of working on a part-time basis. On the other hand, this article discusses the most rewarding part-time jobs for you.


Benefits of Choosing Part-Time Jobs

Meanwhile, there are different reasons why people opt for part-time jobs they can do from one. Let’s quickly dive into discussing some of these benefits at your disposal with part-time jobs. You can enjoy the following advantages when you pick up Part-time jobs.

  1. Part-time jobs allow flexible hours of work
  2. A more simplified hiring process
  3. Highly competitive pay that is commensurate with your effort
  4. Part-time jobs allow you to create different gigs from different skills and earn independently from each one
  5. Part-time jobs help you to retain your self-esteem
  6. You can remain productive, which is a satisfying feeling
  7. It keeps your cash flow fresh and incoming
  8. More so, it opens the door for other opportunities at interviews
  9. It is easier to balance work and life with part-time jobs than long term ones
  10. Part-time commitments help you to rediscover your skills and talents that would otherwise be useless
  11. Working as a part-time employee of companies also teach some work culture of corporate establishments
  12. You can improve your sense of community, networking, and teamwork
  13. It gives a glimpse into different sectors and business niches
  14. Part-time jobs give you the confidence to answer the question of ‘what do you do?’
  15. Part-time jobs hire workers based on skills and productivity rather despite having no experience.
  16. Finally, part-time jobs can grow into full-time jobs.


companies hiring for part time jobs


Top 10 Companies That Are Hiring Now For Part-Time Jobs

1.    Amazon

The global eCommerce company needs to partner with several skilled individuals worldwide for different tasks. Although the company is physically located in Washington, they boast over 800,000 employees and a net sale of over $280 billion.

Some of the most common part-time jobs Amazon is hiring for include:

  • Working as an affiliate marketer for Amazon products
  • Media assets manager
  • Technical operations manager
  • Product evaluator

Work for Amazon from Home


2.    GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the largest internet providers worldwide, serving corporate entities and individuals over the years. The company provides web domain and server hosting to startup businesses that grow and manage their online presence.

Currently, GoDaddy is hiring for the following part-time positions

  • Software development engineer – full stack
  • Product manager for websites

Work with GoDaddy from home


3.    HubSpot

In corporate digital marketing, HubSpot is a company to beat as they focus mainly on inbound marketing and sales. More so, the company creates an amazing virtual workspace, particularly with regular corporate cultures to help companies.

You can work from HubSpot in the following positions:

  • Contract recruiter for tech and growth recruiting
  • Technical lead and reliability engineering

Work with Hubspot remotely


4.    Kaplan

Kaplan provides educational services with the idea of driving knowledge far and wide. The for-profit institutions span across different cultures and areas. Meanwhile, one outstanding quality of Kaplan is its presence in over 30 countries worldwide.

Presently, Kaplan can hire part-time workers for the following job positions;

Work for Kaplan remotely


working from home on part time


5.    Oracle

There is no doubt about the stature of Oracle as programming since its inception in 1977. As a software company, Oracle offers integrated cloud applications, engineered and platform methods. In addition, they hire both full-time and part-time workers.

Some of the part-time jobs that are remotely available with Oracle includes the following;

  • Consulting manager
  • Principal consultant

apply for oracle remote jobs


6.    Appen

There is practically no way not to mention Appen as one of the surest ways to earn more from part-time jobs. Moreover, this company offers various services for different skills, from translation, transcription, to data collector.

Below are some of the current part-time jobs available with Appen;

  • Social media evaluator
  • Search engine evaluator
  • Translator
  • Data collector

Register for Appen’s Remote jobs


7.    Lionbridge AI

Lionbridge is a very robust platform for localized language translation that gives out part-time jobs to competent individuals. Besides, the robust part includes the fact that virtually they offer jobs to different countries from different continents.

Lionbridge offers part-time jobs in different areas, but the commonest includes;

  • Data annotators
  • Social media assessor
  • Map quality analyst
  • US research rater

Lionbridge AI remote jobs


hiring for part time jobs


8.    HIA – Health Information Alliance

HIA offers healthcare consultancy services for Health Information Management (HIM). Also, they provide resources for teaching hospitals, clinics, community health centres, and other health facilities as provided by the law.

HIA current Part-time jobs include the following;

  • National cardiovascular data registry abstractor
  • Certified tumor registrars
  • Core measures abstractor

apply to HIA work from home


9.    Stride

Families, students, including children, and teenagers have a great chance with Stride’s web-based interactive classes for an effective learning process.

Also, the platform ensures suitability for the unique needs of students both online, in-person. Meanwhile, Stride allows a combination of teaching methods.

The most recent remote, part-time jobs you can do from home include the following;

  • Physical education teacher
  • Arts teacher
  • General science teacher

Work with Stride from home


10. Pearson

Pearson is an international learning platform with different content types such as tools, products, and services. Also, this platform is specially made for people with interest in all kinds of learning for both educators and learners. Therefore, as an instructor, you can work part-time with Pearson.

  • Test administrator
  • Course facilitators for finite math and human resource management

Work with Pearson from home


finding part time jobs at home


Why Companies Hire Workers for Part-Time Jobs

Clearly, you can apply for part-time jobs near to you even with no experience. However, you must be ready to convince the company of your competence level in meeting their needs. Consequently, we have compiled the foremost reasons why companies hire part-time workers rather than full-time workers.

  1. Part-time workers provide the needed skills under a reduced cost implication. 
  2. Apart from skills, companies get the right experience by offering part-time jobs.
  3. Part-time jobs enhance creativity because workers can create their own work environment for better results.
  4. These work from home or part-time worker provide relief for overused full-time workers.
  5. Diversity of skills and purposes for different skill areas and workforce


Finally on Companies hiring for part-time jobs

We can continue to list companies hiring part-time jobs, but it matters less if you can’t work for them all. Rather, you should focus your mind on a few at a time and apply for the jobs. At the same time, you should ensure you have the specific skills that match these job requirements.


While many jobs abound in this category, let us know which one can serve you best or is the easiest.


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Who is hiring for part-time jobs?” answer-0=”Some of the top companies hiring for part-time jobs include Amazon, Google, Facebook, Oracle, HIA, Appen, Lionbridge AI, Stride, and others” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”What should I write in a message to a hiring manager?” answer-1=”In your message to the hiring manager, simply show and prove the relevant skills why he should hire you” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”Which part-time jobs pay well?” answer-2=”Payment on Part-time jobs depends largely on the company, nature of work, required skills, time, and other factors” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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