How to Get Top International Relations Jobs (5 Simple Steps)

By definition, International Relations is a broad field of study that deals with the interactions of Nation-states. At times, it may involve Non-Governmental Organizations and Intergovernmental Organizations such as WHO or the UN. Therefore, this article analyses international relations jobs of significance.

Students who enroll in International Relations major have to offer courses like History, Economics, and Politics. Other important subjects to prepare for include World Languages and Geography.

Again, International Relations, like other Liberal Art degrees such as History or Philosophy, opens you up to several occupations.

Besides, it will provide you with a broad knowledge that will have your journey in different career fields.


Available Degrees in International Relations

I. Bachelor’s Degree

Like many professional jobs, international relations jobs require a minimum of a Bachelor’s major degree to make an entry-level.

A major Bachelor’s degree provides fundamental training skills in Politics and Language for international students. However, you can still get some similar positions based on specific skills you build while in college.

Overall, a bachelor’s degree major is the first important step in earning a Master’s degree in International Relations.

II. Master’s Degree

A Master’s in International Relations major is a higher and more-specified degree with its own experience. An opportunity to study international relations pitches you for important issues like economic development, human rights, and others.

With your Master’s degree, you have wider career opportunities in government branches, private companies, and NGOs.

III. Doctorate Degree

Apart from a Master’s degree, you can also earn a Ph.D. from a reputable university. However, pursuing a Ph.D. may only be important if you want to pursue a university teaching career in International Relations.


get top international relations jobs


Top 8 International Relations Jobs for Developing Countries.

A major concern of students who want to earn a degree in International Relations major has been the career prospect. They want to learn what they can do with their degree after school.

We are committed to answering that question with this article. Kindly find below some Top 8 careers in International Relations.

If you study an International Relations major, whether bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degree, what career path can you follow?

Where can you possibly work as an international relations graduate?


1. Diplomat

A Diplomat is a person appointed by a government to conduct negotiations between two parties. Usually, they maintain economic and political relationships between one country and another.

As a Diplomat, you need to be skillful in managing delicate situations as well as managing people. More importantly, you need to be knowledgeable in Economic, Political, and even Social matters.

The average pay for an entry-level Diplomat with less than a year of experience is $50,000 per year. On the other hand, Diplomats with over one year of job experience earn a minimum of $71,500 per annum.

Note, however, that the salary earning depends on the employer, the employee’s convictions, and the years of experience.


2. Intelligence Specialist

As an International Relations degree holder, you can also work as an intelligence specialist. Some of the available positions include the Nation Security Agency, military, or navy in your country.

This position allows you to work with classified information that requires analysis and compilation from various sources. Besides, your job is to prevent attacks from internal or external enemies.

The average pay for an Intelligence specialist is $77,195 per year.


3. Lobbyist or Negotiator

A Lobbyist is an organization/body representative that influences the government’s decisions in favor of his organization.

As a Lobbyist, you have the ability to propose new laws or propose the amendment of existing law.

However, working as a Lobbyist holds great potential among related jobs in International Relations.

It also requires great research and communication skill. Meanwhile, the average pay of a Lobbyist is $87,500 per year.


4. Political Analyst

A political Analyst mostly works for the government, and their major roles are to;

  • Analyze policies, laws, and government decisions.
  • Advise the government officials, media, or political parties.
  • Predict election outcome or political situations.

The average pay of a Political Analyst is $94,000 per year.


5. Communication Specialist

Nonprofit organizations like Red Cross Society that provide services across the world do offer a communication specialist position.

The major roles are to create working communication strategies and write content for social media networks.

More so, the average pay per year for a Communication Specialist is $55,000.


international organization jobs


6. Public Relations Officer/Specialist

A Public Relations Specialist is a person appointed by an individual or organization to promote their reputation.

Besides, these professionals act as bridges to improve the relationship between their employer and the general public.

Organizations that employ Public Relations Officer/Specialist include Amnesty International and other institutions.


7. Policy Officer

A Policy Officer’s role covers a range of duties depending on whether they work for a public or private organization.

Moreover, these Policy Officers play an advisory role for their organizations. Besides, they develop, review and implement policies for their assigned area of work.

As one of the international relations jobs, the average pay per year for a Policy Officer is $64,321.


8. Teaching and Research

If you love to venture into the academic sector, you can take a teaching role at a University College.

Generally, you need to obtain either a Master’s or a Ph.D. degree to take such a role.

Meanwhile, the amount earned by an average lecturer of International Relations ranges between $45,000 and $79,999 per year.


5 Vital Tips to Get International Relations Job

1.     Learn an International Language.

Clearly, one of the fundamental requirements of getting an international job is learning an international language.

Apart from the English language, some of the available language options are French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

Moreover, you should add proficiency in any of these international languages to get an international job.

After learning the languages, you should pass their qualification exam and submit it for interviews.


2.     Earn Advanced Degree (Master’s or Ph.D.) in International Relations.

As a matter of fact, a master’s degree is considered a top requirement for all international relations jobs.

Advanced degrees open a wide range of opportunities for students’ skills and experience. Also, it allows for a more specific discipline with in-depth knowledge.

Moreover, students learn important skills such as research, writing, planning, organizing, and quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Because there are skills that employers look out for during the recruitment process.


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3.     Do Research on International Relations Careers.

Researching different careers is important in understanding the characteristics of each job that interests you.

Practically, one of the useful websites to search for International Relations Jobs is

Meanwhile, APSIA stands for the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs.


4.     Gain Relevant Work Experience

One easy way to gain work experience as a fresh graduate is to get internships from multinationals. Therefore, you should search and apply for internships in different organizations.

Moreover, gaining experience this way definitely complements your degree as relevant work experience, especially for graduate students.

In addition, this experience exposes you to the nitty-gritty of such jobs, your roles and increases your knowledge.


5.     Apply for International jobs Online

One of the surest places to get international jobs is online job boards. Apart from the popular job boards that regularly post international relations jobs, you can also apply for jobs via LinkedIn.

Read all the terms of the job posting carefully and select the most relevant ones. Next, submit all the required documents and wait to hear the good news.

Moreover, you can read here about some of the available jobs for international applicants.


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To be successful in any career in International Relations, it is important to develop the right skills. Apart from proficiency in your native language, learning another language is also crucial. Other essential skills include communication, persuasion, and negotiation, all of which will serve you well along your career journey.

Is there any career path you have in mind? Let’s know in the Comments section below.


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”what is international relations jobs” answer-0=”International relations jobs refer to international positions that are available to qualified individuals from other countries that involve a relation between nations” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”what jobs can you get with international relations?” answer-1=”With an international relations major degree, you can work as a Diplomat, Translator, Intelligence Specialist, Lobbyist or Negotiator, Political Analyst, Communication Specialist, Public Relations Officer/Specialist, Policy Officer, or Teacher/Researcher” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”what kind of jobs can you get with international relations degree?” answer-2=”With an international relations major degree, you can work as a Diplomat, Translator, Intelligence Specialist, Lobbyist or Negotiator, Political Analyst, Communication Specialist, Public Relations Officer/Specialist, Policy Officer, or Teacher/Researcher.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”what are international relations jobs” answer-3=”International relations jobs refer to international positions available to qualified individuals from other countries that involve a relation between nations.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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